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A few questions about supports and portraits.

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1A few questions about supports and portraits. Empty A few questions about supports and portraits. on Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:39 pm


I am new to Fexp, and I have an idea how most of the stuff works, but I do not know how to do the supports. The script has the affinity and affinity boost sections filled, with the support section empty. Can someone tell me what goes into that section, and where the supports go if they are in a different area like the text folder? Also,for those who working on Fexna are the way of doing supports the same, or with the release of said program being around the corner, is it useless to learn how to put in supports in Fexp now?

Also how important are custom portraits? I am not a very artistic person, to put it nicely, so I cannot do anything outside of editing an already made character. Is it the type of thing that would ruin the game, or as long as the game is good it doesn't really matter? I ask because most of what I've done hack wise I never planned on public release, so I've never really thought about it, but with Fexna coming out soon I might want to do something in the community, but I don't want to put a lot of work into something and then the community disregard it because of my inability to draw.

My final question, is it possible for someone to make a character creating program? You know, something for those who can't draw well, or those who don't want to spend a lot of time on a boss or a non-generic npc that has one or two lines then is never seen again. I know the answer is probably no but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.


As far as I know, supports aren't functionnal in Fexp, and since the project is no more supported (developped) it is likely that it will never be the case. So, unless you want to script it yourself, you'll have to wait for FeXNA | FeDE.

Custom portraits are SUPER important. without them, people playing your game won't be able to like (or hate) your characters, and then, no matter how good your story is, they won't care. So yes, the lack of custom portrait would annhilate the game's quality.

Aaaand, if you can't draw it yourself, (wich is also my case, spriting's haaard) it's a nice community here, if your project is promising enough, maybe someone will accept to help you! Very Happy

And about that final question... Nope. Coding such a thing would be a waste of time anyways! I mean, creating an actor in fexp is relatively simple and is absolutely not time consuming, even more so for a character that would only be in a cutscene.

As an exemple: If you want to create a character in a scene, you just have to create a portrait with his or her name and place it in the ''faces'' folder of your fexp project, then call it in a text as follows:

(the syntax is most likely unexact, I am not at home right now)


Anyways, just take a look at the tutorial section, there's a nice tut on cutscenes. (and there's all the required info inside Fexp too, commented in Fire emblem message script I think)


Alright, thanks for telling me that. I'll look more into the spriting community here later on after Fexna is released. Also, I meant a Portrait Creator Program, but I personally don't see it happening. Sorry I wasn't clear enough.


oops, looks like I was wrong here. Well, it does not change much I think...
But such a program would be limited, no? Maybe it would be better to simply create a spriting tutorial... In fact, I don't even know if there is one already, maybe I missed it? Who knows... Wouldn't be the first thing I missed, and obviously not the last Very Happy

But now, all I can do is wait for Fexna / FeDE. 'wish I could help, but scripting is not really my thing.. I tried to learn, but I lack some motivation ^^


Yeah, I tried learning to script a while back, but quickly realized I was over my head.

Anyway, how do I go about getting people interested enough to help me with portraits, animations, and cutscene images? Is it as simple as telling people of my idea for my project, or would it be best to make a demo of said project?


It's always best to use placeholder mugs and work on the game itself first. If you have no skill at all with art, then it's going to be really hard (Took me 4 years to get a good team going) but it's doable if you have willpower.

Also there aren't many people here who'll sprite for you, serenes forest is much more reliable for that.

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Klokinator wrote:serenes forest is much more reliable for that.
I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean since no one on SF (or pretty much anywhere really) will make you art based on an idea. I'd also suggest working on getting that demo going, and once it's nice and solid, then put it out there and there should be some good interest.

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