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Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread!

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1 Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Wed May 25, 2011 9:20 pm


Hey everyone, a couple of years ago I had this thing going on RRR where I'd review stuff, like movies, or anime, or games, or pretty much whatever I felt like.

Today, I'll be doing a side-by-side comparison of two of my favorite anime's. They are "Mahou Sensei Negima" and "Zero No Tsukaima" (Familiar of Zero, in english).


Both have very similar art styles, both are comedic and have actually made me laugh out loud. Both have very quirky and memorable characters. (Though in Zero No Tsukaima, the character Kirche has really large breasts, and I feel that it somewhat detracts from the story. Season three is especially sickening in this department.) Both are based on mages and other worlds and things of that sort and they both have great storylines. Also, both feauture a key main character dying that you would not normally expect. They are very very similar but differ in execution.

Let's take a technical look at the two series before I continue on specifics of the storyline and ratings and such.

Mahou Sensei Negima:
26 episodes, two seasons. Only japanese subtitles currently available.
Excellent theme song, very catchy and singable.
Half hour episodes.
The first 18 episodes are character driven with only medium to mild interest in action, and the second half is mostly based on emotion and/or action, with a mere two filler episodes. (Both are quite excellent though, imo)
This show is complete, with room to add more but I know of no plans to do so.

Zero No Tsukaima:
37 episodes, 3 seasons. Only japanese subtitles currently available.
The first season has an -okay- theme song, but I think that if my memory serves correctly, there is a different theme song for season 2 and/or season three, and it's much better.
Half hour episodes.
The first season is extremely action and character oriented. In this department, it excels. However, season 2 begins to delve into stupid crap though the end of season 2 is probably the best anime episode of all time. That being said, season three is shit, though it hints that if they made a season 4 it could get back on track.
This show is "complete" in that no more is planned, but I'd be pissed if they didn't add more.

Now let's move on to storylines.

Mahou Sensei Negima is about a 10 year old boy teacher who is secretly a Magi, and he needs to complete his training and become a full fledged Minister Magi by taking the lowest scoring class in an all-girl school and making them... well... better than lowest lol. This is definitely one of those anime's that is in the "Harem" class, as it involves a single male character with hordes of females falling madly in love with him. In this anime, magic is not well known in the world at all, and probably about 99% of the Earth doesn't know it exists, so he tries as hard as he can to keep his identity secret.

This anime has some interesting parts, especially the "Pactio" which is where if he kisses a girl while they are in a satanic pentagram etched on the ground, that girl becomes a physical fighter to help protect him while he casts spells. It's quite unique, but naturally the whole kissing part gets to be a bit overplayed what with all the girls chasing after him.

This anime is a very very good anime, and I'd say it's excellent, but it doesn't have enough emphasis put on action for the first two seasons. That being said, it's a very good watch and earns an 8.0 on my tier of awesome. The excellent theme song sure helps. I never tire of hearing it. Also, the entire show ends quite well, though it was such a good show that I wish it was a lot longer. 2 seasons is almost unfair ;w;


Zero No Tsukaima is another anime that relys on magic and fantasy, and also heavily uses the typical harem style of anime with many women chasing after the main male lead, though this isn't very noticable in the first season, but unmissable in the third season for sure. The story starts with young Louise De La Valliere, a girl on a planet that is NOT Earth. (The name of the planet evades me) Louise is an extremely cute girl that I like a lot, though her personality is completely chaotic, and not in a good way. Her character isn't stable, as one minute she'll be kind sweet and gentle, and then the next she'll fly into a stupid ditsy rage over literally nothing.

The best part of this series is easily the first season, but if you watch it past the first season, you must watch it to the end of the second season as this is potentially the most moving scene in any anime of all time. I wanted to burst into tears when I saw it, it was that profoundly sad. The problem though that I have with this series, is that it has such amazing potential but watching past the end of season 2 is such a huge letdown that even though I want to give it an 8.0 rating, I have to drop it to a 6.0 if the series as a whole is considered. Good thing I plan to never watch the third season again 8D

I'm getting ahead of myself. Zero is known as the Zero Louise because she is incapable of using magic very well. In fact, she has a 0% success rate. :| Eventually, it becomes the day for "Second year familiar summoning" which is the day when all magic school students must summon a familiar/pet/slave/best friend/all of the above that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. It may only happen once in their lives and it is a profoundly important day. While her friends all summon dragons and wyverns and flame chameleons, she proves her ineptitude by summoning a young Japanese boy named Saito Hiraga.

Keep in mind that Saito is from Earth and this is a completely different planet. This results in extreme lulz. Also, after an important part in the second episode, many different girls fall in love with him (It wouldn't be a harem anime without it) but unlike Mahou Sensei Negima, there are many other male characters so it's a bit more balanced in that regard. Not counting the 4shame third season I said nothing.

This anime deserves an 8.0, but the third season is barely even 5.0 rating, so I'll ignore the third season. This series is 8.0. If you have the time, go to the sites mentioned at the outset and watch both of these animes as they are quite good.


Mahou Sensei relies on a lot of harem humor, however there is not one single episode that I dislike, and it has 26 episodes to watch. I genuinely like all of the characters with one exception and it does a good job of pacing itself. More action would have been appreciated in the earlier parts, but it was still quite good. If you dislike annoying squeaking voices, be warned that all of the girls in this anime are 14 years old or younger, and more than a few can grate on your spine, though they're all still great.

Zero Tsukaima has a lot more to offer in the magic and action department, but as a result suffers in character development. Kirche is hands down my least favorite character, and if her boob size had been halved and less emphasis placed on breast size throughout the whole anime (It's mentioned in almost every episode >.>) this anime would have been a lot better. Remember girls, bigger does not =/= better. Also, what could have been a 7.0 anime deserves a heartfelt +1 point by the season two ending. I'm not kidding, you could cry.

This has been a Klauk review. Hi.


2 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Wed May 25, 2011 9:29 pm


Bah, harem anime. So unrealistic in a bad way. (I like good unrealistic anime)

Anyway, your review style is pretty good. It covers the general stuff so that those of us who haven't watched these shows don't feel too spoiled. (That said, I could care less about spoilers) So kudos to you.

3 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Wed May 25, 2011 9:45 pm


Yeah I have like 2 years of experience, though my writing style has drastically changed in these last two years so I'm a bit more focused, though I notice that my ADHD still takes ahold at some times Razz


4 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Fri May 27, 2011 7:21 pm


Once again, today I'll be reviewing some more animes and giving my personal and professional opinion of them! However, I decided that I need a better and more informative format than I've been using in the past, so I've worked it out like this:

1. Title of the anime, along with alternate titles if necessary.
2. Basic storyline with no spoilers. At all.
3. Technical aspects. These are broken down into...

-Number of episodes and seasons.
-Episode length. In general, only 30 or 60 minute anime is available.
-Dubbed, subbed, or both? Good, bad, or medium quality?
-Anime type. Action, drama, ecchi, mystery, comedy, romance, or maybe harem? (Harem seems to be the type I watch a lot for some reason and I usually hate it too, damn paradoxes. >.>)
-Theme song. Is it golden or craptastic?
-Art style. Interesting, average, or bland?
-Music score. I've noticed that some animes (Death Note, Elfen Lied, Mahou Sensei Negima, among others) have outstanding music to go along with most if not all scenes and set the mood quite well, while other animes do not.
-HYIF. This is the "Holds Your Interest Factor". Is the anime interesting or does it just feel like it's dragging on? Is it paced well? Etc etc.
-Filler episodes. Most animes have them, but some have more than others, and a select few seem to rely almost solely on them. Are the fillers at least funny or interesting? Take note that fillers don't advance the plot typically, but some animes use them to achieve a character development goal instead, like Mahou Sensei Negima which excels in that regard.

4. Character development VS Plot/Story development. Does the anime do one or both right? Does it fail badly in one or both regards?
5. Action VS Emotion VS Humor VS Intrigue. How does the anime fare in these regards? Is it suited for only one or two, or does it handle all 4 adeptly?
6. Novelty VS Rewatchability factor. Is it only interesting to watch the first time, or does it hold many interesting secrets that lend it a second or third or possibly more viewings?
7. Major spoilers. Reading this section could spoil some really good parts of the anime, if they exist.
8. How does it end? Ever see an anime with a crappy ending that makes no sense? Ever see one that ends perfectly? This'll tell you how I felt upon finishing the anime, and trust me nothing pisses me off more than a crappy ending. >.> Death Note episode 37, I'm looking at you.
9. Final Score, seperated into art, music, characters, plot, pacing, and overall score. Last notes also go here.

And yes, I will use this for every anime I review.


1. Title
Elfen Lied.

2. Storyline
Elfen lied is one of those animes where it's easy to spoil an important secret, because it's really short but it's just crammed with action and story.

Elfen Lied is about a girl with horns on her head that can kill people around her with -apparently- telekinetic abilities. The true secret is not revealed until around episode 2 or 3, so I can't spoil too much.

Eventually she meets a nice boy who gives her a home along with his female cousin. (Oh yeah this falls into the harem category. Ugh >.>) In spite of being semi-harem, it's not really about that and the story itself is heartbreaking and beautiful, though most people get turned off by all the blood and gore. It's quite shocking the first time you see it.

3. Technical aspects.

-This show has 13 episodes and is only a single season long.

-Each episode is about 20 minutes long after excluding nonexistant commercials and theme song and credits.

-It is available in both dubbed and subbed. While I personally prefer dubbed when available, I admit that it is horrible sometimes. However, the dubbed on this anime is excellent. (Minus one rant-worthy character to be explained about later)

Be warned that episode 10.5 is an OVA and is only available subbed, so the voices are completely different. Skipping it is fine though as it's a filler and not necessary or even relatiely interesting to wach.

- This is action, mystery, harem, humor (Few and far between but it's genuinely funny when it happens), and contains a L.O.T. of blood gore and nudity. There is no sex at all, but the nudity is quite rampant so if you're not into that, don't watch it.

Also, there are slightly disturbing lolicon-like scenes involving little girls I think a total of three times, however these advance the story and generally reveal why certain characters act the way they do. They also show why some characters act differently and show the outcome of sexual abuse. You've been warned.

-The theme song is okay, but humorously enough, the opening sequences are actually huge spoilers. Oh and even the opening theme song has nudity in it. Yeah. Personally I think it's a pretty song, and the song actually plays a freaking part in the story! They did a good job with it.

-The art style is beautiful and well detailed. If you watch Death Note before watching this show, you'll realize just how dark and cold DN's colors are compared to Elfen Lied. Everything has pretty pink and red and colory colorful COLORS! That being said, don't let the pretty colors put you off, this is not a childs anime. It is gritty and heartwrenching.

-From what I recall, there is not much music throughout the anime, but when used it is perfect for the scene. The main opening theme is used most often, and I think it has a total of 4 renditions used throughout, some with singing and some without.

-The HYIF is extremely good, though at times you might think the show is getting boring because it'll take a whole episode to reflect on something that happened in the past. These are actually key moments and show the main male and female leads roles and how they are the people they are.

Other than that, you will never be bored with this show.

-There is only one filler episode and that is the 10.5 OVA. I've never watched the whole thing, but I've glanced through it, it's not important. Since it's subbed I can't really enjoy it.

4. Character/Plot/Story development.
Every single character in this anime is well crafted. There is only one character that I hate, and not because they're evil but because she's annoying, and that's the female cousin, whose name evades me. She has a voice as a child in the past that makes me want to rip my face off.

Otherwise, I love all the characters. This anime does a p.e.r.f.e.c.t. job of blending both story and characters together, and in the end it is a rare gem not usually found. When it ends, you will feel satisfied and all questions will be answered. Still, I wish it was a hundred episodes longer.

5. The 4 main parts. A.E.H.I.
Action is so intense you'll cringe when you see bodies explode, and everything in the action department makes sense and isn't overdone either.

Emotion is extremely gripping in this anime and there are moments when you might cry! Sometimes though, like the female cousin for example, they overdo it with the excessive crying and she comes off looking like an ass. Probably intended, but seriously I wonder if the japanese just have crying girl fantasies or something.

The humor is rare, but it happens so rarely that when it does happen, it's actually funny! For real!

Intrigue is never lacking. Every single episode is key to the plot, and when you realize the full truth that's in the 13th episode, you'll feel like a dumbass for not figuring out so many things sooner.

6. Novelty VS Rewatchability factory.
This is an extremely novel show and when you watch it the second time, a lot of life gets lost, but on the other hand once you know the things you learned from the first run, some parts are far more enjoyable the second time around.

7. Major spoilers.

This show is like a spoiler fest. Learning that Lucy is her name, that she has inviible arms, learning how she breeds, learning that there's more than one and that the Diclonius are atually bred to kill all of humanity, these are huge spoilers! And having read them, you now can't enjoy the anime! Hahaha! Oh and she killed his family. Just saying. :|

8. How does it end?
This show has a great ending. A whole bunch of people die in a bloodbath! 8D Well that being said, it closes most story holes very well, however it leaves room for a sequel should the producers ever want to make one. That being said, I was quite satisfied with 13 episodes of pure win.

9. Final Score.
-Plot. Perfect plot, everything works out perfectly. 10/10!
-Characters. You'll love them all, except for that female cousin. I wished she would die in episode 3. >.> 9/10!
-Art. Spectacular! This is a rarely seen gorgeous gem of an anime! 10/10!
-Music. Actually even though every scene has fitting music, IF music is ever used, there isn't really all that much music. When used it's awesome, but it's rarely used so um... 8/10.
-Pacing. There are a couple sudden stops and a few slightly awkward timings, but otherwise you learn all of the important plot twist right when you should, so I give it a 9/10.

The almost kiddie porn parts are a bit disturbing, IMO, and I could do without them. Then again, they do advance the plot, but the producers didn't have to be so graphic. Because of this, it takes away a whole point from what I want to rate as my first 10/10 anime. Therefore, my final score stops at 9/10!

If you're under 18 don't watch this, and if you're easily offended by female nudity, especially little children, or even a fuckton of blood and gore, the same goes for you. Otherwise, watch this if you haven't, because it's a really rare gem!


1. Title.
Gunslinger Girl.

2. Storyline.
It is the near future, in Japan. An organization pretending to be a branch of the Social Welfare division has started putting cybernetic implants inside of young girls 13 years old or younger. Basically they hunt for girls in critical condition in hospitals, then they heal them and replace all damaged body parts with cybernetic parts. Ohhhh come on, you can figure out how it works.

The story is very slow going, and I nearly threw my pc out the window when I realized that episode 2 was just a rehash of episode one, except not the short quick kind, but the long boring kind, with 5 extra minutes thrown in. I don't make this stuff up. :|

3. Technical aspects.

-This show has 13 episodes and is only a single season long. Thank god...

-Each episode is about 20 minutes long.

-I'm pretty sure it's only available in subbed format. If a dub exists... I could care less. I can't really say if the subs are bad or not, but the dialogue itself is pain inducing. More in a minute about that.

-I guess this is supposed to be an "action" anime and also somehow be called a "mystery" as well. The action is good... if it happens. It's not really harem, even though it has a lot of girls in it. The girl-guy ratio is around 1:1. Maybe 1.4:1

-Theme Song is blarghly boring baby beaters. I hate it.

-Art style is nice. They use a lot of fog lighting and it's a bit hard to see at times, but otherwise the characters are okay.

-I could honestly care less about the music score but not much jumped out at me.

-The HYIF is about a 3/10. There are a few rarely interesting parts but the whole thing just took forever to watch. It was slow, depressing, and there was little that made me say OMG WOW FUN!

-Honestly it feels like the whole thing is a filler series. I'd say watch it if you've watched all the good anime. You might not have noticed, but I pretty much hated this anime.......

4. Character VS Plot development.
This is one of those series that promises to be an interesting show, and has an interesting storyline that could easily be a hit, but in the end it's so boring that I wanted to watch a filler episode of Naruto. Yeah it's that bad.

Character development is beyond sub-par, it's bland, dull, boring, yadda yadda. I understand that these are supposed to be cybernetic girls with no emotions, but come on at least their trainers could have been interesting or something. Even the main female lead was duller than a rock, I wanted to kill her myself just to end her suffering.


5. AEHI.
This show is not interesting to watch the first time, and though it might somehow contain a mysterious secret that unlocks the second time you watch it, I'm not ready to smash my computer into fragments because it is rage inducingly bad. Action? Barely. Emotion? lol. Humor? ... Um no. Intrigue? There's a very tiny bit but I'm just glad it was only 13 episodes long.

6. Novelty VS Rewatchability factor.
It's shit either way.

7. Major spoilers.
The main girl is actually 400 years old and is secretly an alien from Mars posing as a human girl. She let's herself be transformed into a cyborg so that she might attain an amazing power and someday take over Earth!!!!!


Acually I wish I could spoil something interesting about this story but there's only one thing that can be spoiled. Get ready here it comes.

super awesome spoiler time:

one of the cyborg girls that i hated anyway gets killed around episode 9 or 10 or something i don't care she was a whore anyway

8. Ending
It sucked. I have a feeling this shitty show was cancelled after the first season or something.

9. Final Score.
I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on this part.
Characters. -4/10 They sucked
Plot. 3/10 Wasted potential is worse than something I know will be shit. >.> Hi Naruto filler episodes.
Art. Decent. 6/10
Music. Whatever. 3/10
Final Score. 2/10.

Don't watch this show. I heard from a few people that it was good, but it's not.


1. Title.
Heroman. Yeah that's really the title, reminds me of that bad SNES game.

2. Story
The story for this show is just amazing. In a not very far future western USA (Omg Japanese Anime that is American made or something??? WTF) a young boy named Joey finds a broken robot toy that walks and talks. He takes it home and fixes it, and is very proud of his cool new toy. However, at about that time, a powerful alien force called the Skrugg decides they're gonna invade the planet.

A bolt of lightning strikes the toy, and thus Heroman is born! Joey becomes the controller of Heroman, and together they fight to take out the alien force!

3. Technical Aspects.

-This show has 26 episodes and spans 2 seasons. Each season has a cool theme behind it and each introduces new powers and abilities, some way cooler than others.

-It has 20 minute episodes and they go by quite fast.

-I think it's only available as subbed, but the subs are excellent and easy to read. It helps that this is actually an Engrish anime and they use American names like Joey and Denton. There are quite a few english words thrown into the dialogue too so it's extremely easy to follow.

-This is raw action, pure and simple. There are a few mysteries involved, but even though it's action heavy it fixes the semi-lack of mystery with amazing pacing. It does not suffer from most traditional Japanese stereotypes, like high pitched girls voices or absurdly large boobs. In fact there's only a few girls in this anime and the Male to Female ratio is somewhere around 2.5:1. Maybe this was western developed after all?

-Theme song is excellent and features a lot of engrih. I personally think it's an excellent theme.

-Art Style is definately western based. That being said, it retains a few anime traditions, like pretty flashy girly eyes, but without the obnoxious Japanese female stereotypes as mentioned previously. Also, all of the powers and abilities are animated superbly.

-Music score is great, and ever 4-5 episodes when Heroman learns a new super ability, after he beats the shit out of a baddie, there's this humorous sequence where he folds his arms together and a power-rangers esque sound happens. You gotta hear it for yourself to believe/understand it.

-The HYIF factor is superb, but prolly only an 8/10. Specific parts don't come to mind, but I recall a few sequences really dragged on, like the final battle sequence for example. A few bad guy fights also drag a little bit, but it usually makes the final beatdown more satisfying.

-I recall little to no filler episodes.

4. Characters VS Plot and Story.
The characters in this show are all quite lovable, though Joeys girlfriend is a bit annoying sometimes. She is cute though, but then again what female lead in an anime isn't? Joey himself is a bit of a whiner on just a couple occasions, but he lost his dad so I guess that excuses it. >.> Give me a fucking robot and superpowers and I won't whine. Why?

The plot itself advances every single episode and the final episode is what you always waited for and very exciting once it happens. I actually rewatched it just before writing this review, just to be sure.

5. AEHI.
The action is a 10/10.
The emotion is a 8/10. They overdo it a bit with Joeys girlfriend whose name evades me.
The humor exists and it can be funny, but I never lol'd, not really. 7/10.
The intrigue is an awesome 10/10! I was always waiting to see what would happen in the next episode. What powers come next? What bad guy is ready to get whooped? Etc etc.

6. Novelty VS Rewatchability factor.
This is more of a novelty show. The final episode deserves a good extra viewing or two, but after you watch it the first time, it's not quite as good the second time.

7. Major Spoilers.
It's a great show and due to having only a few exciting plot twists, I don't wanna spoil anything.

8. Ending.
It has a perfect ending. Room for more, but closes it all perfectly. I like closure, it's my thing. 8D

9. Final score.
Plot. 10/10. It's a great plot. Simple, and to the point. None of that dumb filler crap.
Characters. 9/10, all are awesome, except for Joeys girlfriend whose name again avoids me lol. She's fine and she's cute and all, and she even has a great voice actor, but personally I just didn't dig her very much.
Pacing. 9/10. There's one part about being attacked by dogs while they were kids, and personally it's the one major hiccup aside from an overdramatic final battle scene that bothered me. It was just redundant and lame, and they used it a total of 6 times throughout the anime. Once or twice to get the point across would have been fine, but c'mon. Overdone.
Art. 10/10. Everything stands out and everything is handpainted. No reused scenes at all, and I hate it when they reuse those.
Music. Every scene has great music. 10/10
Final score. 10/10.

Keep in mind that even though I give it a 10/10, it's not my favorite anime. That title goes to Death Note, which I will eventually re-review. This show isn't nearly as great the seond go through, but for me Death Note is always fun to watch. And for me, it's the rewatchability factor that counts.

Watch it.


5 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Sat May 28, 2011 4:38 am


Ya, Elfen Lied....I stopped watching after the first episode because the gore turned me off =/ The first 10 minutes or so was like WTF.

These reviews are more in-depth so I'll read them when it's not 1:30 am

6 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Sat May 28, 2011 9:43 am

Mercenary Lord

Do you take requests?


7 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Sun May 29, 2011 1:03 am


Sure ML, I can take a request. I might even take it, unless it looks bad. What's the title?

Also, I have a few animes that I wanna watch next so your request will have to be put on hold.


8 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Sun May 29, 2011 1:04 am


Primefusion wrote:Ya, Elfen Lied....I stopped watching after the first episode because the gore turned me off =/ The first 10 minutes or so was like WTF.

These reviews are more in-depth so I'll read them when it's not 1:30 am

Um. Watch it. Potentially one of the best animes of all time lol. Yeah it's gory and even I didn't like it at first, but the gore actually makes it good, and you realize this the second time you watch it.

Plus between you and me, the goriest part is easily the first episode. Most of the other ones aren't as bad, but the first is designed to shock you.


9 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Sun May 29, 2011 2:03 am


Whenever Ao No Exorcist (The Blue Exorcist) is all aired, and subbed, and whatnot, I suggest reviewing it, or atleast taking a look at it. It's seeming a bit slow in plot movement right now, though, but I think it'll eventually pick up into something a bit more fast paced. (Also, warning: it's based around the bullsh- theory of "God Vs. Devil/Demon") But it's still pretty good, and the irony of it is also not as bland as some animes.

If you like blood/gore, zombies, apocalypses, harem, ecchi related stuff, I suggest Gakuen Mokushiroku: Highschool of the Dead. It's only had 12 episodes, and appears to have been discontinued, or something (even though it's shouldn't, it wasn't bad at all). The only /update/-related thing to the series is the "Drifters of the Dead" OVA that's recently been posted, as a separate series; it only has one episode, and I haven't bothered to look at it, it's probably just a punny little spin off.. The manga itself is continuing forth, however.

10 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Sun May 29, 2011 2:18 am


I prefer completed animes with conclusive endings when possible, then again what's the point of reviewing something that everyone else has already seen? That's why DN wasn't my first review with the new format... because most people have seen it.

I'm not much into zombies or undead lol. Elfen lied is the only gory anime I watch, but that's because it's sci-fi, which is my favorite.


11 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Sun May 29, 2011 2:24 am


I dun watch sci-fi a whole lot. But Ao No Exorcist fits into that catagory (Upon completion, at least).

12 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Sun May 29, 2011 4:26 am


I would say you should review Yu Yu Hakusho (My all time favorite anime) but I'm not sure if you want to watch all 112 episodes (er, I think that's how many there are). Oh, and if you do, you should realize the first 4 or 5 episodes are lame.

Hmm, I'm not sure what to suggest since I don't watch that much anime. Lupin the Third is always funny though. Very Happy

13 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Sun May 29, 2011 12:29 pm

Mercenary Lord

What about robot zombies?
Those are actually pretty cool.

And I hate zombies. Hate them.


14 Re: Klauk's Super Cool Review Thread! on Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:17 pm


I wrote some reviews on my workdays, so here they are for your enjoyment!


1. Title
Eden of the East.

2. Basic Storyline, no spoilers.
Eden of the East, simply put, is about a young man (20-ish) who has somehow lost his memories and has a phone with ten billion yen on it. For some reason he is a "saviour" that was chosen to put Japan on the correct path to fixing all of it's problems.

This show was high on my tier of "want to watch" lists, and that's the reason I was so disappointed, but more on that in a minute.

3. Technical aspects.

-This show has 13 episodes and is only a single season long. If there's another season available, please let me know.

-It has about 20 minute episodes.

-It is available in both dubbed and subbed. I quite enjoyed the dubbed voices and there was not even ONE character with an annoying voice. Very rare. I offer no opinion on the subs.

-This is one of those animes that does NOT fall into the harem category. (Fucking whew) It is a drama and suspense and mystery all rolled into one. In that aspect it excels, I was constantly trying to find out what happens next and I did not see the ending coming.

-Theme song was pretty bland. Some rock music with abstract art, nothing special.

-The art style was interesting, and as usual the main female lead was pretty cute. She was also quite believable too. The anime seems to have a slow framerate or something though, as some scenes are painfully slow and others are just too fast. Better FPS would have solved this problem.

-The music wasn't that great. In some scenes it really stood out and was a bit annoying, and in others I don't even remember music. Then again, I was distracted by painful dialogue most of the time, so forgive me if I'm wrong about the music. >.>

-The HYIF was pretty good. Finding out what happens with the ten billion yen and learning about Juiz was interesting and a very unique concept. That being said, some scenes were painful to watch, at best. More on those in a bit.

4. Character Development VS Plot and Story development.
This anime is very plot driven. Many characters were kinda bland, actually. Probably my least favorite character was the "Johnny Hunter" AKA the chick who chops off a guys penis. Whenever a penis is referenced in this anime, and it happens often, it's referred to as a "Johnny". This makes some scenes unbearably unpleasant to watch.

Refer to the spoilers section if you're curious. Be warned that it's a pretty sizeable spoiler.

5. AEHI?
This anime had a FEW, very very few action scenes. They were put together pretty well though so not too bad. Then again, they weren't epic.

Emotion was pretty good. They tried pretty hard in some scenes and it comes off a bit cheesy, but otherwise it's about average.

Humor is rare, and it doesn't always succeed, but there were a few genuinely funny scenes. (If only I could remember them? >.>)

Intrigue is where this anime excels. Wondering what will happen next is probably its biggest pull, though the dialogue isn't too great. If you like mystery animes though, this is probably one of the better ones, though not the greatest by a long shot. (*Koffdeathnoteorelfenliedkoff*)

6. Novelty VS Rewatchability factor.
This show is completely novel. There are no good romance or emotional/actionish scenes that bear a second viewing. Once you've seen it the first time, all of the mystery and intrigue is gone and it's not very fun to watch it a second time.

7. Major spoilers.
Be warned, there are quite a few but I'll stick to only a couple that bear mentioning.
klik if ur dumb:

There is a scene where the Johnny hunter chick first meets the main male lead in a hotel room. (Both of their names evade me) He asks if "you were hurt by a johnny and that's why you like cutting them off?" and she says yes. He then says "Maybe I can give you some johnny loving?" and the whole scene is painfully awkward to watch. I'd have felt better if he'd just said "YO BITCH LEMME SHOVE MY DICK IN YOUR HOLE OKAY?!" even though that would have been the other extreme.

In addition, whenever a naked male character is shown (All "NEETS" are male and apparently naked, though I don't remember ever hearing what a NEET actually is defined as, nor why they're naked...) they blur out his dick with this white blurry cloud thing. It looks pretty pathetic and it just adds even more to the awkwardness of the scene. Normal pixelation would have been a LOT better. >.> The opening scene for this anime is a good example. It starts the whole thing off on an awkward spot, with him standing there naked.

8. Ending?
Like I said, is there a second season? It kinda ended a little weird, what with him not actually having won the "game" and it wasn't really that conclusive.

Very big spoiler of sorts?:

He asks Juiz to make himself a king of Japan and she does. I don't see how this accomplishes anything as his balance reaches 0 which means the Supporter is supposed to kill him? Assuming the supporter doesn't then this would mean that as king he'll somehow win the game. If the supporter does kill him... then uh... wtf?

9. Final score.
Plot. 8/10, great concept with the ten billion yen and all, but they suffered in the dialogue department. Also, the Johnny Hunter was pretty lame at best and I detract points for that.

Characters. 5/10. The main female lead was okay, but most of the other characters were pretty bland. Also, there's this one scene with like zombies leaping out and hugging and loving all over him and I didn't get it. They could have done a lot better than that filler part, unless there was something important I missed?

Pacing. 6/10. The actual main story was paced perfectly, as well as revealing bits of his past, but a lot was going wrong with explaining NEETS and Casual Monday (I think that was the day?) and a few elaborations could have done better. Plus, boring dialogue.

Music. 5/10. Nothing jumped out at me or stirred my emotions. This makes it average.

Art. 7/10. There were some good sequences, and the main female lead is pretty cute, but that's obligatory for an anime. Otherwise, it wasn't fantastic.

Overall score. 6/10. This is disappointing, because I heard a lot of great things about this anime but it was just so awkward and painful to watch. I would love to see the concept of Juiz and the ten billion yen redone though, as that was very interesting.

I would recommend watching this anime if you're bored, if you like mystery, or if you just wanna kill time. In any case, don't expect an enormous amount and you'll be better off for it.


I will repost this review as well as a massively lengthened comparison between Zero no Tsukaima and Mahou Sensei Negima on SoS. Await me there, my loves!


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