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FE Map Creator By BwdYeti

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1 FE Map Creator By BwdYeti on Mon Dec 08, 2014 6:34 am


So, Yeti released his FE Map Creator in Serenes Forest and I'm posting it before Klok does?

Anyway, here you go, /copy paste:

Yeti on Serenes Forest wrote:

Fig A: a generated, random map

An FE tailored map creator, that can also generate random tiles to fill in empty space in your map or create an entirely random map. The generation rules can be edited, too. It also allows locking specific tiles, such as a castle or mountain range, that the generator should not modify and merely build around, as well as drawing in generic terrain types, which it will turn into fitting tiles of that type during generation:

Fig B: pin some tiles in place, let the program generate the rest around them

Fig C: miracles

Supports opening and saving .mar files for inserting the maps into roms, and can open Tiled files. It can also create an approximation a map based on an image and the tileset used, if you just have a picture and not the data file.
The vanilla GBA FE maps and tilesets, as well as map generation rules for each tileset, are included in the download so you can immediately jump into map making.

Special thanks to Pi for ripping all the GBA FE maps, which I referenced to generate the initial tileset rules.

FE Map Creator download zip

You'll need .NET Framework 4 to run it, if the program doesn't work you probably need to download that:
.NET Framework

So that's that, I could probably take my time to see how this works (and you can see it obviusly in the images themselves) but I'm lazy now.


2 Re: FE Map Creator By BwdYeti on Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:03 pm


Wow that breaks the forum so bad lmao


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