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Changing Battler Colors? Plus free Mugz!

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1 Changing Battler Colors? Plus free Mugz! on Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:46 am


Alright so I 've started some edits for my first ever attempt at creating anything with regular FEXP. I'll put those below for you guys. I plan on using most of my RL friends to create the characters in-game with maybe some special additions from my favorite FE6-8 characters. I've been using GIMP to edit mugs and whatnot but I'd like to know how I can recolor battle animations for specific characters to make them stand out in the battle phase.

I'm assuming to recolor the battler I'll just pluck a copy of it from the Battler archive, recolor, rename it for the character, and paste it right back in there. Is this the same story for battle animations? And I'd probably have to recolor for weapons too? How do I set a specific battle animation for an actor? Idk not too sure and I haven't the time to fiddle with it, work work workk. Here's two edits I've made thus far and a WIP, feel free to use them! Just keep the names xD!  

Me! Very Happy James. FE6 - Ja boy Lance

Wendy, My girlfriend. Heart FE8 - Marisa

My good friend Alex. WIP FE7 - Sain
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