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1 Getting Started Help! on Tue Sep 16, 2014 11:08 am


Alright so I just got FEXP yesterday after going on a spree of completing several old fire emblem games. I'm a modder with basic knowledge of triggers and gameplay mechanics but FEXP has me dazed and confused! My mind is blown with the possibility of making my own fire emblem game but I don't have the slightest clue where to start. I'd like to start simple and make just a very basic level, map making will be super easy, but it's the rest that has me restless.. I unfortunately cannot afford microsoft office as I just paid my rent and I'm super poor, so I can't read the ultimate tutorial. Sad I'm interested to know how similar the mechanics are to an actual fire emblem game. Can I add third tier unit promotions? Is there actually a battle phase? and How can I create dialogue between characters as seen before each level of a fire emblem game? I'm in love with the universe of Fire Emblem and the original RPG turn based strategy genre and I'd really like to start my own project. I mostly just need to know the amount of skill required and how to get started. If you feel I'm asking too much please redirect me to a page where my answers are held instead of typing it all out yourself.

I just joined the community today in search of some real help from real folks. So hello all I'm James! Thanks for your feedback. Smile

2 Re: Getting Started Help! on Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:30 pm


You can torrent microsoft office, you know.

I mean, I could totally answer your questions, but I haven't touched FEXP in over a year and a half, I'm helping with FEXNA which is a vastly superior engine, and I would have to reopen FEXP and get used to it again just to answer questions that I already wrote a massive guide for. I'm not feeling the desire to do all that, so try and torrent microsoft office so you can read the guide?


3 Re: Getting Started Help! on Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:39 pm


Ahh alas I can, not on the girlfriends laptop! I think I can make an exception for this. Unfortunately I ran into the problem of !Hanging Script! on Super FEXP So I'm using this normal version now. I'm starting to get a feel for everything event wise, but my two main questions remain of, how do I create a class? I'd like to add some fan classes and maybe some of my own work but I'm not sure what all frames I need, I'm assuming I can import them to Materialbase once I have the sheets but do I need to make a new class chart? and secondly! (which I think i'm on the verge of figuring out..) is the whole mugshot dialogue conversation thing.. I'm not sure where exactly mugshots are held and does the face animation just happen when a character is talking? I'll probably spend the whole day today just toying around with it and seeing what I can do. Just looking for some guidance. xD

4 Re: Getting Started Help! on Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:07 pm


There's a almost a whole chapter about handle the mug dialogue / creating a class in the tutorial. If you don't have Word, you can find the PDF version on the same web site and Adobe reader is free.

Except everything covered by the tutorial, I have some personal tips:

1. Class state cap/move type/skills are very easy to setup. The most important (hardest?) part is to create sprite sheet of battle animation/map animation. The battle sprite sheet FEXP can recognize must be 192*n wide X 192*m height, with each single sprite in a 192X192 grid, and all the sprites must be allied PERFECTLY! Map sprite has other requirement as well. You have to figure out how to make a RMXP style sprite sheet.

2. You don't have to worry about the mouth/eyes closing/opening thing at all. I think the only thing have to worry about is, how to ally the mugs so they look normal in game. For some reason the FE mug formatter doesn't always give me prefect allayment and I do it manually sometimes.

3. Some basic understanding about RMXP is very helpful.

I have no idea about how to do romhacking so I can't tell the similarity between romhacking and FEXP. Hopefully these would help.

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