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Olvalm Chronicles

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1Olvalm Chronicles Empty Olvalm Chronicles on Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:24 pm


For 4000 years, wars has raged across the continent of Olvalm. That is until the last one, when the Twenty Five Year Treaty, a treaty to be signed every twenty five years by the youngest member of the royal families, was introduced. For fifty years it has kept the peace between the countries of Maerwynn and Hythia, but as the third treaty signing approaches, rumors of the king of Maerwynn being poisoned and the first born prince's death arise. If war breaks out again, is it as simple as one side conquering the other, or is something more sinister happening behind the scenes?

Olvalm Chronicles 1Olvalm Chronicles 2Olvalm Chronicles 3Olvalm Chronicles 4Olvalm Chronicles 5Olvalm Chronicles 6Olvalm Chronicles 7Olvalm Chronicles 8Olvalm Chronicles 9

I'm not sure if I'm going to upload a patch for this or not yet as I'm planning to switch this to Fexna when that comes out eventually. I will however record the three chapters I have and upload them later on.

Edit:This was going to be 41 chapters, but that is too much. It is now 23-33 chapters depending on how I feel at the time. I am keeping the progress report as it is a nice way to show how much is left. I did not count the rom chapters I've done

Progress Report:

Prologue: 0/3
Act One: 0/10
Act Two: 0/6
Route Split A: 0/10(May become it's own game)
Route Split B: 0/4
Side Chapters: 0/10

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2Olvalm Chronicles Empty Re: Olvalm Chronicles on Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:41 pm


The pallete of the mugs are looking bad. Try FE8 colours to recolour the hair, body and that kind of stuff.

Other than that, those aren't bad mugs.

3Olvalm Chronicles Empty Re: Olvalm Chronicles on Mon Sep 08, 2014 4:21 pm


This looks like it has a solid start to it! While the portraits and maps may need work, having a solid amount of progress under your belt is a good way to recruit help in the departments you need help in.

41 chapters seems like a TON of work though. I encourage you to rethink your approach.

4Olvalm Chronicles Empty Re: Olvalm Chronicles on Mon Sep 08, 2014 5:48 pm


Yeah, maybe split it into 2 games.
Another (small) issue would be grammar. Like going back and revising sentences, typos, etc. Unless such things are done on purpose, in which case keep 'em.

5Olvalm Chronicles Empty Re: Olvalm Chronicles on Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:07 pm


Yeah, that was the first time I actually did the math for the amount of chapters. Most of the time I referred to the amount of chapters as 30-36 chapters (at most) depending on the route split, which is still a little much thinking about it now. Anyway, I'm going to make Act One 10 chapters in length, and I am removing Route split C as it is essentially the same as B. Route Split A may become its own game, as it was always meant to be a sequel to one of the endings.

So it is now 23-33 chapters depending on whether Route Split A becomes its own game. I do plan on updating everything when Fexna comes out(or at least that is when the updates will more than likely be seen.)

6Olvalm Chronicles Empty Re: Olvalm Chronicles on Tue Sep 09, 2014 8:17 am


Hey good job with what you've got so far. 23-33 chapters still seems a bit much. Maybe 21-25 or 21-27 chapters in the game. But if you want to have all the details you have envisioned, you probably should split it into two games. Kinda like Final Fantasy XIII had three games to tell the entire story.


7Olvalm Chronicles Empty Re: Olvalm Chronicles on Sun Sep 14, 2014 4:05 pm


I've decided to make this a trilogy. This being the main game, the 10 chapter sequel, and a 7-10 chapter prequel to keep me busy until fexna comes out.(As I will be switching, I don't want to redo more than I have to. 4-5 are fine, but more would be off putting. The prequel will be a nice way to keep busy without adding to the things I'll have to redo.) The length will be adjusted as time goes on, but it should stay somewhere between 20-23.

Anyway, as I have been procrastinating making a video, I've decided to show of the mug's palette changes I've made over the course of the last few days.(Hopefully the Quality isn't crap or the size isn't too small.)

Udolf Before and After:
Olvalm Chronicles UdolfBefore   Olvalm Chronicles UdolfAfter

Alys Before, After and After alternative:
Olvalm Chronicles AlysBefore     Olvalm Chronicles Alys2     Olvalm Chronicles Alys2Alt

Aiden Before and After:
Olvalm Chronicles AidenBefore     Olvalm Chronicles AidenAfter

Maria Before and After:
Olvalm Chronicles MariaBefore     Olvalm Chronicles MariaAfter
I didn't do much other than her skin and hair.

I think the new ones are better than the old ones, but that may just be me. At the very least it is a start.

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