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How To Loop songs on FEXP/FEXNA

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1 How To Loop songs on FEXP/FEXNA on Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:42 pm


Hello everyone, welcome to this little tutorial on how to loop songs, that means: A song where you can hear the start, and find an especific point to loop the song. It's pretty simple (I think so).

1.- First of all, we download Audacity, a good music editor and pretty easy to use. (I guess)

2.- Once it's installed, we open it

3.- We grab any music from any Videogame ost and just put it there on the track. I will be using
Shrouding Dark Cloud from Kingdom Hearts 1 Official Soundtrack. When you put it on the track, it should be like this:

4.- Now that we know where this is going, we have diferent tools. The " I " it's the editor, the magnifying glass it's the zoomer, pretty obvius right? So we select the zoomer

5.- Next, we zoom in (I use Ctrl + 1 as hotkey) until this part:

Why this part? Because all that blank space it's a little trouble when you use it in your FEXP/FEXNA game, when you play it in the Sound Test, the music will not be heard until all the blank space finish. We want to delete it so that way, the music can play immediately. How? See the Number 6.

6.- Hello, I'm number six. We pick the editor option

And select all the blank part, just like this:

After all of that is selected by your editor's tool, delete it with Ctrl + K (Why K? Don't ask me ._.; )

And It's gone, yaay :3

Pay Attention Here: Before we get to the important part. Make sure that this configuration is in the numbers right down:

7.- And now we're ready to loop songs. Play the song and find a part that you want to loop. I found the mine:

It's not like playing it and finding it, you have to see a specific spot too, like the separation of the sound peaks

See the numbers right down that I put in a rectangle? Copy them in a notepad, a paper, just copy it , that will be the Loop Start. I used the zoomer to find a specific point (nah, I just used Ctrl + 1 to zoom in and Ctrl + 3 to Zoom out)

8.- How to find the next part, keep playing the song until the same Loop Start that has played before begins again in the middle of the end, or whatever part it is, that's the Loop End (I don't know how to call it ._.; ). I found the mine:

9.- Once you found your Loop End, delete all what remains of the song. I say you delete this 'cause I think is necessary on doing it.

10.- Now that we have the loop points we can put it in the game Very Happy. Just kidding, it's not over yet. You have to see if the song loops perfectly with the loop points you have. Write the numbers in the numbers of down to see if the loop is perfect.

This should say "105596" not "105496" -_-;

Something like this will appear in the track:

As My loop sounds bad, I began to increase or decrease numbers to match them perfectly. I don't know how to explain this, but just search another point by decreasing or increasing the numbers. JUST INCREASE THE LOOP START NUMBERS

There, much better Very Happy

11.- If you found your perfect loop point. Congrats, now the most easy part. Every music sounds a little... loud. And in-game, the effects cannot be heard. We will decrease the volume. See this?

This is the Volume, decrease or increase it depending on how loud is your music. I recommend putting it on -6. But I do the next. Double Click the volume part. This should appear:

Put it on -6.5. That's what I recommend, so in-game you can hear the effects of the FE Battles, like the bow, the swords, the hits, etc.

EDIT: Depending on the song, the recomended is -9.5, you have to make it sound like the bgms that are on FEXP Bgm folder. So that way, SFX can be listen.

12.- Once all it's done, the volume, the loop points. It's time to export our looped song. Click on files and click on "Export"

Next, put it a name and on Type (I have "Tipos" because I'm chilean -_-; ) Change it to OGG Vorbis Files.

Finally, click on options and change the quality from 6 I guess? to 2.

Click on save and it will start on saving.

13.- Once that's done, go to your BGM Folder (FEXP in my case, I don't know how is FEXNA) put your song there and copy the name.

Next, we open FEXP and we'll go to the script editor.

14.- Search the "BGM Loop Points" in "CONFIGURATION"

This is where we are gonna put our Loop Points. Create a new line below the other BGM loop points. This should go like this:

'put name here' => [loop start, loop end],

For example:

And it's over.

15.- Play test, put your music on info and things. And see if the loop plays perfectly, if it does, congratulations, you learned on how to loop songs. If not... I'm so sorry, but this is the best I can explain.

Hope this tutorial helped you, I did my best on trying to explain the better I could. My english is a little bad, forgive me for my bad english. Anyway,

Have a Good Day.

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2 Re: How To Loop songs on FEXP/FEXNA on Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:54 pm


Interesting. Thanks for the tutorial. I might just consider doing it.


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