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Paran's Poetry

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1 Paran's Poetry on Wed Feb 26, 2014 2:51 pm


I'm a big poetry fan. I love poetry, almost as much as I love breathing. I'm great with it, too. Poetry is like a second language to me. I'm always rhyming. Anyways, I wanted to post some of my works on here. Anyone who wants to post their poetic skills is free to do so.

I came up with this one about thirty minutes ago. It's called One Wish.

Everyone has a wish, a need
someone to love, something to be
Maybe fame is your one desire
or perhaps power, your own empire
Some people yearn for days long passed
And also some, to grow up fast
Maybe a lover, who you watched die
Maybe you wish, to see them alive.
Some wishes are happy, some are sad
Some people wish, life wasn't so bad.
If I had one wish, I've yet to decide
What would I do, if given the ride
to wish for something, to make a dream
become reality, or stop the screams
of all the children starving today
end the hunger, to end the pain?
For my wish, I have no clue.
As for you, what would you do?
Would you wish out of spite, envy, or greed?
Or maybe you'd wish to be set free?
to live on your own, no chains, no binds?
Maybe for love, to receive some signs
that the one you seek, is waiting for you
to find him or her, with Cinderella's shoe
Maybe it's just something to do,
but if you had one wish, what would you choose?

Let me know what you thought of that piece. I've got more on the way, if you liked it, I mean.


2 Re: Paran's Poetry on Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:36 pm


It's awesome, I like (just a little) the poetry. To be honest, this has became one of my favorites Smile

Have a good day.

3 Re: Paran's Poetry on Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:40 pm


Thanks man. That means a lot. I'll be posting more up soon. Some of them are quite sad. In fact, I'll post one up tomorrow.


4 Re: Paran's Poetry on Thu Feb 27, 2014 5:41 pm


I came up with this poem at about 2:00 in the morning yesterday. It's called "The Curtain's Close". It's pretty dark, I guess...

"The Curtain's Close"

A man atop the whitest tower
Gazed upon a bed of flowers
Or perhaps, what once had been,
but now showed signs of dreadful sin.
The man atop took in this sight
as he looked down from such a height
He remembered a time, a happier one
with children and family, the life he won
A happier time it was, indeed
For all had quenched his every need
but those days had long since passed
and over the years, his thoughts amassed.
He recalled upon the smiling faces,
and knew it was one of those phases.
He wept to sleep, alone each night
hoping and praying, he'd die each night.
When he awoke, he'd cry again
Saddened he'd not been taken to them.
And now, as he looked down from that height
upon the darkened burial site,
he remembered the smiles he had seen
and saw the sunlight's brightening gleam.
He took in the air, and glanced at the sight,
Smile on his face, as he stepped off the white.
The sun dropped, the moonlight rose.
Sadness fades, The curtain's close.

Well, let me know what you thought of that one, I guess. It was a lot of fun writing that piece. I'll have more up soon, but comment, please?


5 Re: Paran's Poetry on Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:45 am


From a sleepless night
leaves deadly fright
to whence I might
lose my sight.
Darkness comes from all around
pouring through all but the ground
I try to hide but it's no use
The darkness wraps like a noose
around my throat
I start to choke
The Darkness seeps in
I'm asleep again.

It's not finished, just something I came up with because I couldn't sleep. Thank you for reading it. Enjoy.


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