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[FEXP] Newbie asking questions

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1 [FEXP] Newbie asking questions on Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:34 pm


1. I've added animations to the Social Knight class for sword attacks with little difficulties - I have yet to add a critical hit animation, but the normal attack animation is there. However, when attacking units with a sword the social knight now flashes/goes transparent on hitting the unit, and remains that way until the end of the animation. I noticed that the social knight lance attack animation does not have this issue, and whilst it does double up on sprites (one holding the weapon and an underlying one not) per frame for part of the hit and return animations, this doesn't last for the entire length of the attack animations past hitting the target. Is it as simple as that, or am I missing something more?

2. Not exactly a question, but in the Ultimate guide, affinity and gender selection by MaxSP appear to be mixed up. On topic, is there going to be a new version containing more information - like how to add new animations, or anything about supports (even why they don't work) - at any point?

2 Re: [FEXP] Newbie asking questions on Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:21 am


1. Right click on each frame and there should be an option to remove filtering or something. I don't have rmxp so I can't take screenshots but this is an issue all of us have had. Generally you wanna remove the filtering on the first frame, copy paste that frame over and over for the next 30/whatever numbers, then change the image index to the next number 1 by one until the animation is complete. Hopefully someone else will see your post here and provide a screenshot example because it's been over a year since I used fexp lol

2. I was aware of that but I was too lazy to fix it and FEXNA is coming eventually so I won't bother with that. Thanks for pointing it out though!

And no I won't be adding any more to the tutorial, ever. I'm done with FEXP for the immediate future, maybe Mr. Galleom on Serenes Forest will pick it up and add to it though? He's the one expanding FEXP right now.


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