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A half-crazy idea? *weapon fusion*

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1 A half-crazy idea? *weapon fusion* on Wed Oct 23, 2013 5:28 pm


Hello !

I had an idea concerning my fan game, and it's something I obviously cannot do all by myself (sadly, there's only a few things I can :/ )

So, all the story is about two blades: Lifebane/Deathbane, which are the two half of the fire emblem. Since fire burns without prejudice or questions, and kills just as much as it allows rebirth, I thought about slicing it in two, literally.

But, those weapons would fall in the enemy's hand at some point, and that enemy would use them to create the Fire emblem.

Now, since never in the history of FE (or at least for all I know) someone used to weapons at once, I wanted to create a system that would allow for weapon fusion. I don't know how to balance the thing in game, but it still looked like a good idea to me. Aaaand if I am to fuse two weapon together, why would I not multiply the fun by creating several combinations? (Much like heroes of might and magic III: Shadow of death artifacts)

Of course, it's actually impossible in fexp (for all I know, eh!), and since development is erm... dead, it's almost pointless to think about scripting it, if such a thing is possible anyways.

About the combinations, if I am to keep things logical, a super weapon made this way would take 2 inventory slots, be heavy, etc... Whatever! -><- I really think it would add a whole new dimension to the game, and trying to find all possible combinations through the main story / paralogues can be fun. Soooo, how does it look? Is it worth the effort?

2 Re: A half-crazy idea? *weapon fusion* on Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:29 pm


I...have no idea how you would do this, the scripting would be intense, and it really doesn't seem like it'd be balanced.


3 Re: A half-crazy idea? *weapon fusion* on Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:11 pm


I agree... It would be fun, but I am at a thousand of light years of being able to think about scripting that monster.
But about balance, my guess it wouldn't be a problem. I'll just have to create a new weapon for each possible combination and make it slightly better than the actual weapons, yet heavier. the only real unbalanced thing would be the fire emblem, since it would give both Sol and Luna (or at least a modified version of those skills) to it's wielder, have disastrous strength, etc. But then, it's the weapon of the big boss, and it can't make indirect attack.

Of course there's also the fact that some combination will break the weapon's Triangle, but it's nothing dramatic, except when facing a great knight, since they are planned to increase the positive effect of the weapon's triangle, so breaking it would be horribly effective against them. I'll find something to make it right Very Happy

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