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Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade

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1 Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade on Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:23 pm



So yeah. Another work in progress! Yeaz! Very Happy
*cut the crap, please*

Oh, erm.. Right. I am new around here, and I have been testing FEXP for some days now. Naturally, I wanted to create my own game, which will be named: Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade.

(basically, the lifebane blade IS the fire emblem, so my game is called Fire Emblem: Fire Emblem. I know, genius)

Before I begin with the story, you must know that the goal I have here is to create some sort of an anti episode, which will make links to many Fire emblem games and recurring themes. Two obvious links are the main protagonist and the archer Noah, which are a direct reference to Roy and Wolt, and the character Alexander who is an enigmatic leader of a mercenary group. He has the class Hero, and wields a two handed axe.

Have you guessed already? Yup, it's Greil. And the mercenary group is called Great Isles Mercenaries.

Greil Mercenaries
Great Isles Mercenaries.

Similar! Very Happy
Okay, enough futilities, here we go with the storyline!

Spoiler: The story so far:

The story takes place on an altered world map, which will be a mix of Elibe and maybe Magvel. (Awakening has done the same with Valencia and Archanea) The continent, named Terith, is inhabited by both Humans and Dragons, each one representing a half of the great Goddess, Naga.

The Human lived a long time under a great empire, while dragons prefered separate communities, each one exchanging it's knowledge. Approximatively 50 years ago, the empire fell appart, unable to carry it's own weight. This lead to a great war among the different human nations, each one striving to take control of the human territories. But no one succeded, and the land has been separated into countries.

But, one territory remained without any lord to govern it: The Western Great Isles. No nation had an army powerful enough to invade the Isles and protect their land at the same time, so the locals found their own ways of survival.

Knowing the Great Isles would be in need of some sort of militia, An ancient soldier named Alexander founded a mercenary group to defend the territory. May it be against brigands or a full scale invading army, the Great Isles stood ready.

One day, a bandit group attacked a far away village, and the mercenaries arrived too late. When they saw the smoke coming out of the village, many refused to advance in the ashes. But Alexander and his second in command (not named yet, sorry!) entered, and saved what they could.

This is how they found two orphans, too young to even know their name. They took them, and they have been raised as members of the mercenaries. With time, they grew strong enough to really become fighters. The real story begins with the final test.

The story will be long, and quite sad. I hate it when everything is too easy, so expect hardships Very Happy
The plot will be all centered on the Fire emblem, it's purpose, the human and dragon nations (there will be a huge war, later known as the scouring! Very Happy)

Also, I planned to create 8 heroes with unique weapons which we will see from time to time. So yes, expect Athos to be present with forblaze! And Roland with Durandal, of course. But if they do appear in game, it shall be briefly, and some of them won't even fight. Must keep the mystery around them Very Happy

At last: a screen shot of the prologue:


So, how does it looks so far?

2 Re: Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade on Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:13 pm


You should check out Primefusion's mapping tutorial. It's pinned in the tutorials board, and it'll really help improve your mapping.

I can't really critique this much. It doesn't sound great but it's your first project, and everyone has terrible first projects. Even me Razz


3 Re: Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade on Sun Aug 04, 2013 7:44 am


So I will be expecting Idenn on this Fire Emblem game.

4 Re: Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade on Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:59 pm


Ouch -><-

Well, the map has been updated, so hopefully I made it better, and not worse :3
I already knew about Prime's tutorial, yet I think I am still having some problems with mapping. I mean, with *%?&*)$ mountains.

And, about the scouring, the game will not tell the story of the war, and never will the player control one of the eight heroes.

Also, magical knowledge will be more advanced than the actual spells in Fe6 and 7. This is due to the dragons being the creators of magic, and since they lost the war, A big part of their work was lost.

The war will not only divide dragons and humans, there will be a bunch of different factions. Aaaand here they are:


Naga's Cult:
The religion, at the time, was all about praying to Naga, the half dragon, half human goddess, and the respect of her creations. Since it was a human only cult (the dragons did not care about a structured cult, and preferred revering the goddess at home) the Church found itself in a strange position when the war begin.
Either they joined with the human alliance and betrayed themselves, or that same alliance was to take down every of their church, stone by stone. In both case, it was the end of the cult.

Human Alliance:
Haven't you guessed yet? it's only the many human nations, united against the dragons. And no, there is not eight nations. Not much to say here in fact :/

Anima mages:
Not really a faction, but since non divine magic is related to dragons (powerful mages have 1 or 2 dragon scales) they were to be considered enemies to the alliance.

But, the three schools divided, each with a different point of view of the world...

Thunder: Not willing to be branded as traitors, they quickly developed dragon-killing magic, and promised to put it to good use.

Fire: Outraged by the Alliance's term, they kicked both other schools out and fortified their position. They continue to tap into dragon's knowledge, and were decided to kill anyone who would come near their beloved tower.

Wind: with only a handful of followers, the wind users tried to contact some of Naga's cult remnants, and evaded trouble when possible.

Dragons: I definitely needs more documentation on this one, because I haven't finished Fe6 yet, so for now, there is nothing more I know than this: some will be divine and others magic users. Will they be in the same team? I don't know. logic will decide when I have more info :3

And please, if there is a major mistake in there, tell me! :3
And consider that the story is not taking place on the actual world of fire emblem, it's 100% alternative, so things may be different. a bit?

5 Re: Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade on Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:55 pm


No reason to be bothered, it looks like it's your first project and I'm dead serious when I say everyone has pretty bad first projects. If it makes you feel better, my first three hacking projects didn't have custom maps, events, mugs, or really anything of a redeeming quality. The fact you have a custom map, events, and etc shows that you are willing to learn and that you have potential. Just don't let it get you down. Get used to working on this project, release it, I'll playtest it when it's ready, and maybe you can use the critique to make the next project even better!


6 Re: Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade on Wed Aug 07, 2013 2:04 am


Thanks, I do feel better now ^^

Well, I somehow managed to ''finish'' the prologue... There is still a lot of work to do, but it's all about things I can't do yet (spriting, among other little things)

In any way, I am grateful that Fexp exist, it makes my life so much easier Very Happy

7 Re: Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade on Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:54 pm


Here's an image of the actual prologue map, just for comparison. I do not know if there is something wrong, I did many tests with the tiles and... Well, here's the result!

Prologue: The Great Isles Mercenaries:

And look, the events joined the party this time :3
the two brigands at the bottom left are actually enemies, but the event shows them as Allies. However, they have the correct colors in game, so it does not matter in the end, right? ^^
Aaaand there's also a similar situation with the monk, except he's in the other team.

About the other team, is there a way so set a BGM for the little thing? In the test map, the info does not have a ''other team'' theme, and I had no luck trying to set it myself :/

8 Re: Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade on Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:57 pm


Not gonna lie, I don't mind that map at all. I know that Prime (the professional mapper on the forum) would tell you that the roads are too straight and they connect too solidly (generally roads will be more curvy and will have patches where they don't fully connect, at least in FE maps) but I really like the layout of that map. Lots of cool ways you could give the player interesting strategic choices to make, a really solid start on your game Very Happy

Besides, my first two FEXP maps were made for practicality anyway, so I know what you're going for here.


9 Re: Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade on Fri Aug 09, 2013 5:13 pm


Thanks ! Very Happy

The big and straight road is a necessary evil tough, since it connects the Jormund port and the biggest city of the Great Isles... (biggest according to the Great Isles does not mean much, but still Very Happy)

But now that I think of it, the roads to the northern villages does not need to be so ''perfect"...
Maybe there is something I can do about that :3

10 Re: Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade on Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:19 am


It really was an improvement and I like the new map. The only thing I have to say is what klok said, some of the roads are too straight, make them more curvy like the south ones and it will look better. Keep up the good work Smile

11 Re: Fire Emblem: Lifebane Blade on Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:27 pm


Hey! I just realized that erm... It's been about near one month since my last update already, so i'ts just to say that this work in progress is still in progress, even tough I am waiting for FeXNA to continue the whole thing... (or at least a solid confirmation if it will be realeased or not Very Happy )

I am now working on the story, which is super important (necessary,dahh!) anyways. It's already somewhat complicated, so my greatest challenge will be to put it all together so that everyone understands what's going on...

As I partially explained earlier, the world will have many religious and political problems which would most likely tear the human alliance appart, if it was not of a full-scale war with the dragons (immediate extinction threat is nice to unify nations and people it seems.. don't know why)

Blargh. I have also ''finished'' the map of the second chapter, but I have several problems right now, but since it's probably not the best place to ask questions, I'll do so in my existing question topic, just to keep things clear here ^^ (why am I talking about my problems then?)

I believe that is all Very Happy

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