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Klok's Elemental Swords FE5 Hack

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1 Klok's Elemental Swords FE5 Hack on Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:12 pm


I really only titled my hack this because it's one of the defining parts of the gameplay, it's not a great title but whatever.

Welcome to my new FE5 hack! This is sort of the spiritual successor to FE5R, except less random and more of a focused hack. Please keep in mind this is not a rebalance hack. I hate those, rebalance usually has the same connotation as "make it boring", and nothing is worse that a slight stat change boring hack. No, this hack will make FE5 a bit harder, though not by Super Thracia standards, and it will sacrifice some parts of the story for the sake of gameplay. As an example:

Character Spoilers!:

Leif! Where's your Light sword, buuuuddy?

Oh, you silly! The boss of chapter one stole it! Yes, you will have to fight to earn your new and improved magic swords in this game! (More on those shortly)

Oh no! Fin lost his Brave Lance too!

Oh silly, you let some generic soldier steal it from you, pathetic! Also, note the new enemy lineups. The chapters aren't as simple as they were before, expect a wider and more diverse enemy force. (Though the names for enemies on each chapter may not be 100% consistent. Meh, it's about the gameplay in this patch!)

Take note that Fin is no longer the sole wielder of Brave Lance, as it's now B rank, but he's the only person who can wield it until chapter 10ish, unless you do crazy grinding on another Lance user. It's still sort of his, but others have the option of using it too.

Othin is the same class as Vanilla, though his stats and growths are a bit different. Now he's more of a high power, criticalling death machine. He doesn't double as frequently but he's better than Marty by every stretch of the imagination.

Havan is now a very odd thief, coming with low SPD but high BLD. He's more of the "steal weapons off slow enemies thief", while Lara (your only other thief) is more of the "steal every item and dash to every chest before others" thief.

Eyvel is quite a bit different from Vanilla, I lessened her SPD and SKL dramatically, along with a slight nerf to STR, in exchange for better skills and a dramatic increase to BLD so she's a significantly more competant Capture unit. Also, no fire sword, more on that in a bit.

Tanya as a Soldier was so goddamn great, I decided to leave her as one! She doesn't have the wrath+prayer combo like in my LP, but a +2 movement, elite and Killer Lance combo makes her amazing for dealing with the new multitude of swordsmen the player will definitely be facing! Fin is still a better unit overall for capturing, however.

Dagda is the same as he was in my LP. Nuff said.

Marty is somewhat the same as vanilla, however his growths have increased dramatically (except for SPD and LCK, those are still practically nonexistant) and with his starting Hammer, he's perfect for capturing the starting boss to get the Light Sword, and he's great for capturing those other heavyweight enemies. No longer a liability, he's now a true asset!

Alright, let's talk about new features!

-Enemies all have 1 or more movement stars.
-Player units either have 1 or more movement stars, or if a unit has none it will gain either a +1 movement boost, or a +2, depending on varying factors.
-All "elemental" magic swords now have infinite uses! More details on those soon.
-Varied enemy lineups on every chapter!
-Significantly harder bosses!
-Hopefully no gamebreaking glitches!

I don't want to spoil too much, but here's a rundown of the magic swords. Read this if you like spoilers and you don't want to have fun finding their effects out for yourself.

There are a total of 9 Magic Swords in the game that have been altered. All have infinite uses and can be wielded by Leif, Eyvel, Machuya, Fergus, Nanna, Mareeta, and Olwen. There are some variations in who can wield what sword, but in general all of these characters can wield one or more of the swords interchangably.

Light Sword: Leif, Eyvel, Machuya, Fergus, Nanna, Mareeta, Olwen.
9 MT, 60 HIT, 12 WT, 5 Crit. Can be used as an infinite Torch. Gives +10 LUK. 1-2 Range.

Fire Sword: Leif, Eyvel, Machuya, Fergus, Nanna, Mareeta, Olwen.
5 MT, 60 HIT, 12 WT, 0 Crit. Can be used as an infinite use Pure Water, which boosts Magic damage and Resistance by +7. 1-2 Range.

Dark Sword: Leif, Machuya, Fergus, Nanna, Mareeta, Olwen.
8 MT, 80 HIT, 12 WT, 0 Crit. Brave Weapon. Gives skill "Awareness"/"Nihil". 1 range only.

Mareeta's Sword: Mareeta only.
12 MT, 65 HIT, 6 WT, 20 Crit. Gives no skills. 1 range only.

Earth Sword: Leif, Machuya, Fergus, Nanna, Mareeta, Olwen.
7 MT, 55 HIT, 14 WT, 0 Crit. Drains HP. Can be used as infinite use Vulnerary. Gives +5 DEF. 1-2 range.

Thunder Sword: Leif, Machuya, Fergus, Nanna, Mareeta, Olwen.
7 MT, 80 HIT, 12 WT, 15 Crit. Infinite use Antidote. (It zaps the infection away!) Gives +5 SKL. 1-2 range.

Wind Sword: Leif, Machuya, Fergus, Nanna, Mareeta, Olwen.
9 MT, 70 HIT, 9 WT, 0 Crit. Gives skill "Charisma"/"Charm". Gives +5 SPD. 1-2 Range.

Beosword: Leif, Machuya, Fergus, Nanna, Mareeta, Olwen.
10 MT, 70 HIT, 25 WT, 20 Crit. Gives skills "Wrath" and "Ambush". 1 range only.

Blagi Sword: Leif, Machuya, Fergus, Nanna, Mareeta, Olwen.
15 MT, 60 HIT, 15 WT, 0 Crit. Effective against armors. Gives skill "Prayer". 1 range only.

Since you lose Eyvel in chapter 5, I'm thinking of making the later game swords usable by another unit, and I haven't decided yet who that unit will be. Since Felgus was reclassed to a non-sword user, I'm definitely dropping him, and I will choose a better replacement(s) at some point.

I'll be releasing this on Klokreations when I'm comfortable with the level of progress, and I'm already close to that now. I also need to make sure the gamebreaking bug doesn't show up again. With that in mind, klokking out.


2 Re: Klok's Elemental Swords FE5 Hack on Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:38 pm


This is like a FE7if version for Thracia776.

3 Re: Klok's Elemental Swords FE5 Hack on Tue Jul 23, 2013 12:16 am


That's almost insulting lol. FE7IF is overall a horrible romhack on the quality level of Super Thracia. It's not balanced, it's just bloated enemy stats for the sake of "challenge" and in fact all it is is tedium incarnate. I'm actually trying to make the player play more slowly and make more strategic decisions instead of just rushing in with their best units, or the opposite extreme of being unable to stave off the enemy onslaught without major hax.


4 Re: Klok's Elemental Swords FE5 Hack on Tue Jul 23, 2013 9:01 am


I didn't mean by it's difficulty... but by how the enemy possess good weapons in early gameplay.

5 Re: Klok's Elemental Swords FE5 Hack on Tue Jul 23, 2013 9:07 am


And Fe7if ain't even that horrible. It's just a romhack involving a life or death type of strategy where the player pits its mind on how will he make the next move. It's JP after all.

6 Re: Klok's Elemental Swords FE5 Hack on Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:51 am


I played FE7if, and I actually thought it was pretty terrible honestly. I'm gonna have to agree with Klok's assessment of it. I just found myself getting really pissed off at it. And it's not even because of the generic enemies. It was the bosses on the freaking thrones that made me just get too tired to ever want to replay it again.

It's a perfect example of a great hack but a horrible "game" so to speak.

7 Re: Klok's Elemental Swords FE5 Hack on Tue Jul 23, 2013 12:13 pm


In my LP, the only bosses that gave me trouble were the Legault boss chapter and the boss on chapter 23. Otherwise, not much of a problem. I was already abusing the rng the whole game so they were usually easier than the main enemy force since they were immobile.


8 Re: Klok's Elemental Swords FE5 Hack on Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:05 pm


That's why it is a life or death strategy... It's a romhack that turns Fire Emblem into a game worse than hell. Kinda like the IA and the builds of the enemy is meant to piss off the player. But it can be easy if you level your characters like a boss ( choose only the characters that you would bring until the last chapter ) or patch with the EZ mode ( I did since I'm a LOL ).

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