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FT:BLH - Charlotte; Generic Gunner Girl

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Class-Sniper (Can't dance lol. Maybe I'd just have an item (OR A BOW LOL.. Wait, 2-range refresh would be a good idea) that buffs or allows movement reuse?)
(un)favored Stats-
Low HP
Low Strength
Mid-low Skill
Average/Mid-High Speed
High or very high Luck depending on how we're doing that
Low Defense
Relatively Low Resistance
Low or very low Constitution
(So basically her bases are pretty awful, though not unusable, but she starts at like level 1 and has good/great growths. Kinda Esty)
Strafing at least, maybe more or less depending on what they do
Weapon Levels-
Bow-Maybe like D?
Possible Weapons-
Iron Bow-6 MT, 85 HIT, 5 WT, 0 Crit, 2 Range, 45 Use
Blaze Bow-10 MT, 80 HIT, 8 WT, 15 Crit, 2 Range, -- Use, Deals magic damage

She's basically some random civilian who gets dragged into the conflict, choosing to join Clock's side when she hears his story. Despite being genuinely interested in the FE-XP, she warns that it would be best to wait for the Ye-ti to show them how to use it. Though barely able to read, she is often seen writing notes that happen to disappear. Perhaps too cheery and aimlessly talkative, she generally tries to help in the few places she can, but...
Later in the story, it's revealed that she has ties to Trent and was sent by him to investigate the theft of FE-XP. Despite being unaware of the true mastermind behind the evil plot that she doesn't know is evil, she is able to convince Clock's team that, while annoying, she means them no harm. Her boss conversation with Trent probably involves something of betrayal and her pointing out that "it's for your good and ours!"

-Char Clone Traits-
Outfit that is predominantly red in color-Duh
Not the main character-Clock fills that role
Status as The Ace.-Not THE Ace, but her Strafing skill makes for one heck of a fighter.
Being an Enigmatic Minion with her own hidden agenda, capable of betraying her allies at any moment given cause.-Betraying Trent, to be exact, though she does a good job of seeming to each side like she's with them.
A recurring joke is that in the original anime, Char's Zaku is described as being three times faster than a regular Zaku* ; a Char clone will often reference their speed being multiple times that of the protagonists'.-More likely than not during the battle with Trent xP
Uses a fake name or Secret Identity. -To be specific, a shortened version of her full name XD

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Love it XD I'll use that for sure. The bio made me lol


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