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FT:BLH - Merc Lord; The Heroic Mercenary

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1 FT:BLH - Merc Lord; The Heroic Mercenary on Thu May 12, 2011 4:58 pm

Mercenary Lord

My real name is pretty close to Leon, but Leon is cooler. So live with it.

This is me.

Now, the bio.
ML is a thirteen-year old 'hero' who was abandoned at age five, when his parents were killed in a typical bandit attack. His real name is Leon, but he likes his alias better. For five years he lived on his own, fighting for survival and prosperity. He is very cynical and dry-witted because of this. He has a very good heart, but also a fierce hatred for any bandit. As a result, he is a little reluctant to join the band of thieves. He was born in April as well as Primus, and has the thunder affinity.

At age ten, he was taken in by a mercenary force, and as such, was trained in the ways of the merc. During one of their many dangerous missions, Leon saved the life of the team's leader, earning him the title 'Hero' in the group. The leader trained Leon in the way of the axe.
But soon after, a merc on the team got jealous, and killed the leader, painting the crime on Leon. He was driven out, and has wandered since.

Ironically, the murderer was a warrior/sorcerer, (Trent), and Leon joins the band in the hope of coming across the traitor once more, and wiping him out.

[A cool chapter would be having to fight the team Leon was in. Wink wink.]

Anyway. Leon is best with swords, but he is proficient with axes as well.

Leon believes that any enemy can be brought down with a sturdy blade and a group of loyal friends fighting with it, as well a hefty dose of strategic planning.

Did I forget anything?


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