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Iron Wall Tactics

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1 Iron Wall Tactics on Wed May 15, 2013 1:53 pm



I know some of you are aware of the project I've been working on this past semester. I got to work on character sprites and portraits for my friend, Justin Livi's, thesis game. It's a multiplayer strategy role-playing game built in Haxe/Flixel, where you'll see inspiration from Fire Emblem among other things.

The end of the semester has come, and as such, so has a stopping point for Iron Wall Tactics! It's going to be in my school's senior show this week, and we're hoping this can be a time where we gather lots of feedback to improve the game over the course of the summer (and longer.) The system is going through an overhaul this summer, so any notes on how to improve the gameplay would be greatly helpful.


Iron Wall Tactics is a tactical SRPG (think Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem) with elements of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games like League of Legends.

The game features six unique classes and races, each with its own balanced abilities and role. The player must make strategic decisions regarding unit location and focus to deal the most possible damage while protecting his own units. The tiles and characters all have elemental alignments which affect the amount of damage done based upon a rock-paper-scissors triangle (Fire beats Earth, Earth beats Water, Water beats Fire). Additionally, each class has an energy alignment (Body, Spirit, Mind) which correlates to the unit’s range. The energy alignment also adheres to a rock-paper-scissors triangle and must be weighed when making decisions. Special abilities allow units to affect the enemy’s placing, deal AOE damage, and transform the terrain.



Justin Livi: Lead Designer, Project Manager, Developer, UI/Tileset Artist

Margo Sikes: Character Spriter, Portrait Artist, Tester

Evan Fuller: Writer

Play the demo!

It now has a tutorial which I know was an issue in some of the older versions I showed to all of you. Also note that this is the version that is going to be displayed in an art gallery, so if you don't move your mouse with the game open for about 10 seconds then the game will begin to reset itself. The hotkeys are also turned off, because they're buggy right now.

It's local multiplayer so unfortunately you'll have to find a second player to play with, or play with yourself (hoho.) A single-player campaign will be out eventually, along with a more full-featured multiplayer.

I'd appreciate any and all feedback you can offer, and thanks a lot for checking this out.


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Any game with Yoda is a good game. I SHOULD LP THIS OMG EXCLUSIVE YESSSS.


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