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The "Shit to do" list

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1 The "Shit to do" list on Thu May 12, 2011 1:21 pm


Poor Terra, we run her ragged. Anyway, this is the list of shit for her or anyone else to do, rather than just doing randomly what we feel like. Let's keep it organized.

Devils Tear needs cleaning. Bit too dark.
PLEASE fix the shaman animation again, for the forum game at least. Seizure shaman is really hilarious, but let's keep it looking pro Wink
This is no big rush, but since Aureola was already renamed Starfall, maybe consider adding in the original FE7 Aureola, eventually. Luce too, if you have the time. Spells are important to add.
Something still doesn't look right about the Hell's Gateway spell. Still needs some cleaning lol. Also, Hell's Gateway is a little long of a title, maybe shorten it to Devils Cry. Oh no I didn't...

BEFORE you go adding any spells though, the editor is gonna get cluttered. I moved a whole buncha weapon slots to free up space, and you may need to to repoint the spells. It'll take a whiiiiile... But I'm only doing it for the forum game lol. (On the other hand, if spell and weapon pointers are based on names, then no harm no foul it should work fine.)

More to be added later. I'm moving for good today, so I'll be busy 24/7.

Edit: Wtf? The weapons dropdown menu in the database on the actors tab in the database only goes to 200. That's stupid! Must be a way to get past that....


2 Re: The "Shit to do" list on Thu May 12, 2011 4:01 pm

Mercenary Lord

Wat about me?


3 Re: The "Shit to do" list on Thu May 12, 2011 4:01 pm


Let's put this into a list format for easy reading:

- Clean Devil's Tear
- Fix the Shaman animation
- Import the original FE7 Aureola Animation
- Fix Hell's Gateway animation
- Repoint stuff
- Make maps
- Move into new apartment

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