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Giving PRF weapons their own class animation

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1 Giving PRF weapons their own class animation on Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:03 pm


[4/4/2013 4:46:04 PM] Klokinator: Hey, offhand, do you know how to make weapons use custom animations for characters
[4/4/2013 4:46:09 PM] Klokinator: like lyn/sol katti
[4/4/2013 4:46:13 PM] Klokinator: and eliwood/durandal?
[4/4/2013 4:46:42 PM] Klokinator: I imagine the process is similar for FEXP and your FEXNA and someone asked me but I'm not clear on how I did it
[4/4/2013 4:47:06 PM] BwdYeti: in FEXP?
[4/4/2013 4:47:17 PM] BwdYeti: don't you just set the unique flag
[4/4/2013 4:47:20 PM] BwdYeti: on the weapon
[4/4/2013 4:47:39 PM] Klokinator: uh
[4/4/2013 4:47:44 PM] Klokinator: so you set it to prf
[4/4/2013 4:47:45 PM] BwdYeti: wait is that not a flag
[4/4/2013 4:47:47 PM] BwdYeti: uhh
[4/4/2013 4:47:48 PM] Klokinator: set it to the character
[4/4/2013 4:48:17 PM] BwdYeti: oh I didn't make it a flag yet
[4/4/2013 4:48:18 PM] BwdYeti: ololol
[4/4/2013 4:49:43 PM | Edited 4:50:33 PM] Klokinator: so it's not doable in FEXP as of current public release?
[4/4/2013 4:50:39 PM | Edited 4:50:37 PM] BwdYeti: edit http://puu.sh/2u0vq
change it to something like
return @element_set.include?(some number)
add a element with the number (name it Unique or something)
add an animation bitmap with -Unique at the end instead of sword/lance/whatever
add a Battler Image Setup entry for the class with the weapon type key as 8
[4/4/2013 4:51:01 PM] BwdYeti: THat should be everything
[4/4/2013 4:51:20 PM] Klokinator: Thatshould work
[4/4/2013 4:51:35 PM] Klokinator: I will probably need this when I get to lord animations in Super FEXP anyway
[4/4/2013 4:52:46 PM] BwdYeti: and then you'd have to check if (weapon.unique?) or something in the part that checks what animation to use

So if you wanted Lyn to have a unique Sol Katti animation, follow Yeti's instructions as seen above.



this link seems already expired. can someone repair it?


Nope. Puush expires after 3 months now, it's gone.


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