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Dragon Reign

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1 Dragon Reign on Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:22 am


I'm not sure if this game fits the fourm but I wanted to share the latest demo with you guys and girls.

RPG Maker used: RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre: Fantasy

Abstract: Dragon Reign: This game is a fantasy adventure where you go to different places. It is also a remake of my Eternal Destiny I just changed the title to fit the story better. The game will feature my own custom artwork and I�€™ll try to make it the best I could.

Not met to be rude or trying to be but please respect my story and DO NOT judge it before you play the game. I DO NOT care if its cliché.

-Story Prologue-

One thousand years ago in the world known as Vallan the Dragon of Darkness lived a castle called the Castle of Rubius. It was that it caused monsters to roam the world. The monsters would attack towns, villages, and cities once every month.

However there was a young prince named Clovis who vowed to venture through the Castle of Rubius and destroy the dragon once and for all. The only to kill it though was with the legendary Dragon Sword that was hidden in the Shrine of Dakota for centuries. Clovis managed to obtain it though and went to the Castle of Rubius that had twenty floors. No one ever made it to the final floor though to fight the Dragon of Darkness. However with great effort Clovis made it to the last floor and managed to slay the dragon once in for all or so everyone thought.

Afterword the Dragon Sword seemed to have lost its power, but Clovis returned it to the Shrine of Dakota regardless.

Now that it has been one thousand years the Castle of Rubius reappeared about ten years ago and the monsters came back and began to roam the world once again attacking towns, villages, and cities once a month at least. This met that the Dragon of Darkness was back. So many great warriors, and knights tried to conquer the Castle of Rubius but all failed and never made it to the final floor.

What many of them fail to realize is that they need the Dragon Sword to even put a mark on the Dragon of Darkness.

Main characters:

Please note I am not good at explaining my characters, so please at least give my game a chance.

Age: 21
Raina is a knight for King Clo in Star Morn City. She is very cheerful and caring. Raina has great skill and swordsmanship. She does all that she can to protect the kingdom and city from the monsters.

Age: 27
Jaclyn is Raina's best friend. She is a very strong and skilled warrior. They have known each other forever.

Age: 19
Singal is King Clo's son. However he hates his father for not believing in him and telling him has no skills what so ever. He is a lot stronger than his father thinks and can wield a claymore with no problem.

Age: 30
Matthew is bow man for the king's forces. He is another friend of Raina. Matthew does all he can to make sure no one breaks in the castle.

Age: 30
Brenna is Matthew's wife. However she is very skilled at healing and supporting people. She is the nurse for the kingdom. (She is not in this demo)

King Clo
Age: Unknown
King Clo is the King of Star Morn. However no one is allowed to see him or even has except his son and his most trusted knights. Even when he does venture outside he wears a helmet that cover his whole head and face. No one is allowed to get close enough to take it off even curious little children don't bother. For some mysterious reason he still looks young.

Screen Shots:

Screen Shots:



YanPac Hud

Yanfly Message System

Yanfly Party

Yanfly Menu

Yanfly Party Sized Menu

Battle system like the Tales of series by misty_rain http://kilisamenosekai.web.fc2.com/

If you are interested in using the battle system in your game here is a link to its demo at the author’s site:


RPG Maker 3 for PS2
RPG Maker 1 for PS1
BGM 05 from RPG Maker DS (Not Used yet)
Paradise of Rubble from Tears of Tiara (Not used yet)
Enterbrain RTP
Character Sets: RPG Maker VX Ace Generator
Face Graphics: Me
Cut Scene Artwork: Me
NOTE: I uploaded the game and audio file seperatly so it would download faster

Make sure that you download both the Audio and game file and extract the Audio file into the game folder.

Audio file:


Game file:


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So many hot unshaded boobs Very Happy


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LOL!!! The artwork was drawn before I learned how to properly shade I just didn't feel like redrawing everything. Anyway glad it makes you happy Smile

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