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Fire Emblem: Elibe x Magvel

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1 Fire Emblem: Elibe x Magvel on Mon Mar 04, 2013 12:42 pm


Elibe VS Magvel is a reimagining of Blazer's fairly popular hack, Sacred Contention. It will come with the release of Super FEXP and will be a part of the "full package" deal.

Feature list:
- All Fire Emblem 6, 7, and 8 characters.
- The FE6/7 side (Elibe) will have vastly more units and firepower than the FE8 side, so the FE8 side will have continuously spawning allied zombies that will attack the Elibe side.
- You will be able to choose whether to play as Elibe or as Magvel. If you choose Magvel, the zombies will be uncontrolled allied units.
- Difficulty levels, more on those in a bit.
- Stats that will be much closer to what each character will actually get in their respective games.
- There will be FE4, 5, 9, 10, and etc skills in the game, I promise each class will be carefully balanced and every unit will be unique from one another.
- All classes from all games will be represented. Some characters like Eliwood may have new or altered animations.
- There may be a future expansion where all the characters are at their recruiting level and stats, instead of estimated 20/20 stats. This is highly tentative though.

Zombies will appear on the FE8 side only. Since the FE8 side will have far less characters than FE7, it needs some sort of filler units, and this will also make each side play differently from each other. The zombies will spawn slowly, but continuously, and their types will vary as the game drags on, slowly getting tougher and tougher. If you're playing the Elibe side, the longer the game drags on, the harder it could be to win. If you're playing as Magvel, your beginning turns will be significantly harder than your end turns, because the zombies will be your best disposable weapon and they don’t start appearing frequently until the endgame.

Difficulty modes!

There are three planned difficulties for each side, and each difficulty will make the game play differently.

Easy Mode: Elibe
If any of your lords die, it's game over. Zombies will spawn slowly for the Magvel side and you should be able to beat FE8 easily if you rush quickly. There will also be no FoW at all. Occasionally, there may be rain which will slow progress, but it won't be often enough to be much of a threat.

Hard Mode: Elibe
If more than 10 of your units die (This number will probably be changed later based on playtesting) it's game over. If a lord dies, it's also instant game over. Zombies will spawn more quickly for the enemy and they will be more of a hindrance than they were originally. The enemy main force will have more legendary weapons also. There will be continuous FoW, and the occasional rain will be much more of a hindrance than it originally was. There may also be slight snowfall which will reduce both sides to a crawl.

Impossible Mode: Elibe
You are granted a single unit death accommodation, and after that it's game over. This goes for lords as well as regular units. Zombies are a major threat and some zombies will be super effective against certain unit types. The main enemy force will have ridiculously smart AI and will quickly try to kill the weakest unit it finds. There will be continuous Thracia FoW, and rain and snow will fall so often that having a turn without them would be more rare than a turn with them. To make this mode somewhat fair, there will be shops where you can purchase items and you'll have lots of money to buy the necessary items. However, it's called impossible mode for a reason. Very Happy

Easy Mode: Magvel
If any of your lords die, it's game over. Your allied zombies will spawn rapidly and may be able to overwhelm the enemy force without you lifting a finger. I'll try and balance it so that's not the case, but anything can happen. There is a max of 30 zombies on the field at any given time, mainly so it doesn't lag FEXP too badly. There is no FoW and very limited amount of rain.

Hard Mode: Magvel
If more than 10 of your units die (Not counting zombies, and again this number is subject to change) or any of your lords die, you will lose. Zombies will spawn more slowly but will be more powerful. There is a max of 10 zombies on the field in effect. The enemy force will have many long ranged tomes that are also effective against zombies and dragon types, so beware of getting too close within range. There will be continuous FoW in effect and rainfall will appear more often, with the occasional snow also.

Impossible Mode: Magvel
You are granted a single unit's death reprieve, and after that if any units die, it's game over. Allied zombies will be extremely rare and there will be a max of 3 on the field at any given time, but they will be extremely strong and be able to take a serious beating. Thracia FoW will be in continuous effect, and there will be ridiculously constant rain and snow that will impede both sides significantly. There will also be shops and armories and you'll have plenty of money to stock up on essentials, but otherwise it is still called Impossible Mode for a reason!

Classes and Balances

In Sacred Contention, lords were pretty awesome. Ephraim could take on multiple of the enemy's strongest and survive to tell the tale, as an example. However, in Elibe VS Magvel, lords will be significantly more powerful than your regular units. This is not only to increase their survivability, but also so that there is an incentive to take risks and put lords at the frontlines. Lords will have PRF weapons with infinite uses that grant sizable bonuses to certain stats (Lyn's Sol Katti might give huge boosts to SKL and SPD while the Mani Katti will give boosts to DEF and RES) and are balanced so that they don't actually hinder the lord greatly. Using a regular or S ranked legendary weapon would be an inferior choice to their lord weapons, in other words.

In addition, lord weapons will be effective against dragons, and for the Elibe side, the undead also. All weapons that were previously effective against cavalry and armored units will retain that ability, IE; the Wolf Beil/Rapier and etc.

Both sides will have a "Final Boss" or a "Base Defense Force", as it were. For FE7, this is the Fire dragon, and also the FE6 Dragon, Idoun. (I haven't actually played FE6 but I plan to make it a point to do so prior to making this game) For FE8, this means the Demon King, and two Dracozombies. The BDF will not be able to move and will remain stationary. Both sides will also have Mamkutes, in Elibe's case this means Fa and in FE8's case this means Morva and Myrhh.

'Unique' Classes:
Each side will have unique classes, such as the Archsage and Dark Druid and King for FE7, and the Necromancer for FE8. I will be rebalancing each of these unique classes so that one side is not ridiculously more powerful than the other (IE: Dark Druid uses anima and dark while Archsage uses anima, light, and staves) and all unique classes will also count as "lord" units for the sake of balance. Therefore, Elibe may have more lords and unique classes, but also more units that result in an instant game over if they die. Also for the sake of balance, Mamkutes and Dragons do not count towards this instant game over clause. However, as every enemy unit will possess the ability to seize your gate, if they manage to slip past and kill your dragons, they will probably take your gate and you'll lose anyway.

Playable Enemy Units:
Sacred Contentions had many playable enemy units on both sides to even out their rosters, but this will not be so in Elibe VS Magvel. The Elibe side will be Playable Units only, with a few exceptions such as Nergal, the Fire Dragon, and etc. FE8 will still have a bunch of Enemy Only units, but their stats will make them mostly unusable. For FE8, the Zombies are your best weapon against the enemy forces, as in the higher difficulties they will have HP into the 100's and higher and will be valuable meat shields. However, for the Enemy Playables that FE8 does possess, they will have high weapon levels if at least so you can give them Silver and Brave weapons on Impossible Mode and then they won't be 100% useless.

There will not be any Dancers or Bards. FE8 only has one, Tethys, and FE6 has I think 4 or 5, so it would be horribly imbalanced. Plus, FEXP has no AI for Bards or Dancers, and a "Move Again" skill/command is not in FEXP.

Assassin VS Rogue:
There will be little use for Rogues on either side, as stealable items won't exist, however Rennac will stay as a Rogue since that is his default class in FE8. All thieves will become Assassins upon promotion, making the Elibe side difficult to fight, indeed, as they have three assassins from FE7 and I think 3 from FE6? I'll have to look into that number. Enemy units from FE6 and 7 won't be making an appearance though, so sadly there will not be a Jerme on the field. *cries*

Wyvern Knight VS Wyvern Lord:
All FE6 and 7 Wyvern units will become Wyvern Lords, no exceptions. FE8 will have Cormag as a Wyvern Lord, but the enemy playable units that are of the Wyvern class will be Wyvern Knights. An example is Valter, and also Cormag's brother, whose name evades me for some reason.

Pegasus type units:
All Pegasi units on both sides will become Falcoknights. There is no triangle attack in FEXP though, so sadly you will not be able to use your 6 fliers from Elibe to do double triangle attacks on every unit you see xP

Summoner VS Druid units:
All dark magic users in Elibe promote into Druid, no exceptions. Knoll will become a Summoner, though the Summon skill does not actually function correctly in FEXP though I might be able to remedy that prior to Super FEXP's release. Ewan will be a Druid simply because there aren't many Dark Magic users on the Magvel side compared to Elibe.

Great Knight VS General:
There will only be one GK in this game, and that is obviously the one from FE8. I forgot his name and this is embarrassing. All other units will be Generals, including all the other FE8 Knights and all FE6 and 7 knights as well. There might actually be a GK enemy playable on the FE8 side, but if there is than I forgot his/her name already.

First, this is a unique part of the class balancing. I'm going to be adding in Sword/Lance/Axe/Bow Knights into FEXP (Not to be confused with the equivalent Sword/Axe/Lance/Bow Armors) and then changing each of the Cavaliers from FE6, 7, and 8 into one of those classes based on their stat and ability spread. For example, Kent will be reclassed as a Sword Knight, Sain as an Axe Knight, and Lowen as a Lance Knight. Then, I’ll promote them into Paladins and give them S rank weapon levels based on their weapon proficiencies, a B in their established second proficiency, and a D in their weakest proficiency. As an example:
Kent: S swords, B lances, D axes. (He’s bad with slow heavy weapons, good with light fast ones)
Sain: S axes, B lances, D swords. (He’s a powerhouse that crushes anything, he’s bad with swords)
Lowen: S lances, B swords, C axes. (He’s well balanced and a solid defender. Axes are slow and open him to attacks)

Berserkers VS Warriors VS Heroes:
These will follow the same conventions that FE7 established. Pirates and Brigands to Berserker, Fighters to Warrior, and Mercenary to Hero. Ross will become a berserker though, because I feel it’s the most fitting class for him and while Warrior is an okay choice too, his SPD growths make him cap out too quickly. Also, crit bonus FTW.

Skill balances:
For the most part, stats are very important in any encounter, however there will also be skills that every unit on the field has. Those skills will be very balanced, except for the BDF, which will have very high stats and very good skills, making them tough to defeat, especially on Impossible Mode. I already have a solid idea of what I want to do with skill balances; you can find those balances in the MoH topic on Serenes Forest. I’ll be redoing some of those balances however as after doing some playtesting, a few didn’t quite fit the mold perfectly as I’d hoped.

The Map Itself:
I have a solid idea of how I want the map to look, and after some debate this is what I came up with.

Yes, this is probably the most beautiful piece of art you’ve ever seen, but please tear yourself away from my fantastic Microsoft paint photoshop creation and examine it more closely.

I imagine Elibe as being on the left, while Magvel is on the right. Zombies would spawn in the center randomly in one of the 8 locations indicated by the yellow diamonds. As you can see, the map is symmetrical, though not exactly drawn to scale as there would be quite a distance to travel to get from one side to the other.

The two bases are indicated by their respective purple icons… and that’s about it. Shop and armories would be on each side, in various places…

And that’s about it. If there are any questions or criticisms, feel free to address them.


2 Re: Fire Emblem: Elibe x Magvel on Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:45 pm


Really excited about this, good work

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