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Super FEXP Master Topic

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1 Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:18 pm


This topic is for discussion of Super FEXP and updates on it's progress, not for my ragefest or anything else.

Bolded classes have not yet been added.
Italic classes need one gender or both to be added.
Underlined classes still need permission and are not added yet.

Tier 0’s
001: Recruit (Female only, want male)
002: Journeyman (Male only)
003: Pupil (Male only)

Tier 1’s
007: Myrmidon (M/F)
008: Mercenary (Male has throw sword, female doesn't.)
009: Thief (Male is complete, female needs all animations and map sprite)
011: Peashooter (Female only, Char's class, unsure if permission given for general public use?)
012: Archer (M/F)
013: Nomad (Male only, want female)

015: Soldier Yeti (Male only, unisex)
016: Soldier GBAFE (Male only, unisex)
017: Lieutenant (Male only, will add Wendy's palette eventually)

019: Wyvern Rider (Male unisex)(Only needs javelin frames)
020: Pegasus Knight (Female only)

022: Fighter (Male only, want to add female)
023: Brigand GBA FE (Male only)
024: Brigand Redone (Male only)
025: Pirate Yeti (Male only)
026: Pirate GBAFE (Male only)

028: Axe Knight (Male only, want female)
029: Lance Knight (M/F)
030: Sword Knight (M/F)

033: Troubadour (Female only)
034: Cleric (Female only)
035: Priest (Male only)
036: Curate FEPlanet (Male only)
037: Witch Scion (Female only)
038: Monk (Male only, want female)
039: Mage (M/F)
040: Sorcerer (M/F)

Tier 2’s
042: Swordmaster (Male only, needs female and customized female Astra frames)
043: Hero (Male only, needs throwing sword animation and all female frames + map sprite)

045: Assassin (Male/Female added, needs throwing knife animation)
046: Rogue (Male only, want female but will have to be FC?)

048: Sharpshooter Char (Female only, still need permission from Char for public use?)
049: Sniper (M/F)
050: Forest Knight FE8 (Male/Female needed)
051: Nomad Trooper (Male only, want female)

(Please note, there are many halberdier animations that have been made, and I would like to include all of them in Super FEXP. Whether I can do that or not depends on whether the authors give permission or not)
053: Halberdier Yeti (Male unisex)
054: Halberdier Dei (Male unisex?)
055: Halberdier The Good Guy (Male unisex?)
056: Halberdier MK404 (Male unisex?)
057: Halberdier The Blind Archer (Male unisex?)
058: General (Male unisex)
059: Great Knight (Male Unisex)
060: Paladin (Male/Female)

062: Wyvern Knight (M/F Needed)
063: Wyvern Master (Male unisex)
064: Falcoknight (Female only)
065: Wild Griffin (Male unisex, sheet needs to be finished before insertion)

067: Warrior (Male only, I’d love to get a female custom though)
068: Berserker Hawkeye (Male only, maybe a female later?)
069: Berserker Generic (Male only, but I really want female too)

071: Valkyrie (Female only)
072: Bishop (M/F)

075: Mage Knight (Female, need to add male)
076: Sage (M/F)
077: Earth Sage MaraMara (Male only, no idea if I’ll get permission, possibly not)
078: Shaman (Male only)

081: Wizard (M/F)
082: Summoner (Male only, cannot summon because we don’t know how to code the skill yet)
083: Axe Spirit Generic Summon (Male only)

Tier 3’s
085: King Zephiel FE6
086: Archsage Athos FE7
087: Dark Druid Nergal FE7
088: Necromancer Lyon FE8
089: Phantom Lyon’s Summon (Male only)

Storage Classes
091: Tent T1 FE7
092: Transporter FE6/7

Revive Ally Classes (The Revive Ally ability has not been coded yet and may not for a long time)
094: Bard FE6 Elphin
095: Bard FE7 Nils
096: Dancer FE6 Lalum
097: Dancer FE7 Ninian
098: Dancer FE8 Tethys

Various GBA FE Lord Classes (There are lots of edits to Lord battle animations, so those edits can go in the alt sections)
101: Lord (Roy T1)
102: Lord (Roy Alt T1)
103: Master Lord (Roy T2)
104: Master Lord (Roy Alt T2)

107: Lord (Lyndis T1)
108: Lord (Lyndis Alt T1)
109: Blade Lord (Lyndis T1)
110: Blade Lord (Lyndis Alt T1)

113: Lord (Eliwood Original T1)
114: Lord (Eliwood Revised T1)
115: Lord (Eliwood Just4luls T1)
116: Knight Lord (Eliwood T2)
117: Knight Lord (Eliwood Alt T2)

120: Lord (Hector T1)
121: Lord (Hector Alt1 T1)
122: Lord (Hector Alt2 T1)
123: Great Lord (Hector T1)
124: Great Lord (Hector Alt1 T1)
125: Great Lord (Hector Alt2 T1)

128: Fencer (Eirika T1)
129: Fencer (Eirika Alt1 T1)
130: Fencer (Eirika Alt2 T1)
131: Fencer (Beta Eirika T1)
132: Noble (Eirika T2)
133: Noble (Eirika Alt T2)

136: Lancer (Ephraim T1)
137: Lancer (Ephraim Alt1 T1)
138: Lancer (Ephraim Alt2 T1)
139: Conqueror (Ephraim T2)
140: Conqueror (Ephraim Alt1 T2)
141: Conqueror (Ephraim Alt2 T2)

All Monster Classes (None of these are added yet, but the Crawler will be the first)
150: Bonewalker (Weapon Trinity) T1
151: Bonewalker (Sword and Lance Only) T1
152: Bonewalker (Bow Only) T1
153: Bone Paladin (Weapon Trinity) T2

155: Centaur (Axe only) T1
156: Minotaur (Axe and bow) T2
157: Cyclops (Axe only) T2

159: Gargoyle (Lance only) T1
160: Stonegoyle (Lance and axe) T2

162: Crawler (Originally called Bael) T1
163: Giant Spider (Originally called Elder Bael) T2

165: Dire Wolf T1
166: Cerberus T2

168: Zombie T1 (Revenant Beta Animation)
169: Revenant T2
170: Entombed T3

172: Mogall T1
173: Arch Mogall T2
174: Gorgon T2

All Dragon Classes (Though obviously not wyvern classes)
177: Mamkute FE6 T2
178: Mamkute FE6 Alt T2
179: Mamkute Myrhh T2
180: Mamkute Morva T2

182: Ice Dragon FE6
183: Fire Dragon FE7
184: Dracozombie FE8

187: Cherub Custom (Flying spellcaster)
188: Angel Mage (Custom magic/staves flying spellcaster)

There's a lot I still need to add. If anyone wants to help in any way, I'll take what I can get. If you decide to format a sheet for any of these classes for insertion into FEXP, let me know so that I don't have two doubled up sheets, one that I made and one that you made.

I'll cross out classes listed above as I add them, so there will be some visible sign of progress.

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2 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:20 pm

Mercenary Lord

What about custom classes? Can I put anything I'm planning to make here?


3 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:26 pm


This is the super FEXP topic, so anything to be inserted specifically into super FEXP, not my ragefest, goes here. Ragefest entries go in the ragefest thread and there alone. Therefore if your customs fit with default FE, yeah it can go here.


4 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:01 pm


I have a custom battle animation for Brammimond ; so if you want! Also; I have done Dark Druid (but need fixes; because that was when I didn't have templates) and the map sprites for him (I think his left and right poses when he walk is a bit buggy; but I don't know..)

And I done Eagler faces from Fe7 too.

Edit : Forgot to say ; when the Dark Druid has played; the grey as been done by me a few months ago; so..

5 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:05 pm


I don't need faces, really. I'm gonna format the entire library of FE6, 7, and 8 faces myself so those aren't a big deal.

If you can send me the Brammimond and Dark Druid battle animations though, I'd probably crap myself in happiness! Just upload them in .png format and post the link here on the topic. I won't actually need the animation data as I'll animate them myself, just the FEXP formatted sprites.


6 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:17 pm


Ok; no problem ! ^^ I added some random sprites too (Hello Kishuna and Merlinus..)
and a Valkyrie sword that I just finished to do in fexp format.

But Brammimond fexp isn't finished and false; so I've included his animations in a folder.

Here is the link : http://dl.free.fr/iAJLyGArC ; have fun!

Edit : I've soon finished the Bael! So I upload him and give you a link when I finished ^^

Edit 2 : Here he's : http://dl.free.fr/qjkd0Wjg5 ; I didn't have the time to test it; so..But he can have bug because sometimes; it were difficult because of his pose. Anyways; enjoy! (for the map sprites; I have no templates so..)

7 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:05 pm


Uh, no offense but those are I think spanish/brazilian pages and I can't read anything on them. Can you use something like mediafire.com or something similar in english?


8 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:13 pm


http://www.mediafire.com/?lblbkte1uwzlnab ; here Smile I included the Bael too. I tried to remplace colors for the elder bael; but that don't work for all the colours.

9 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:27 pm


Ooooh troubadour sword is actually super cool Very Happy I think this will be great to integrate into FEXP, but are you planning to make a valkyrie sword animation as well? In fact, a valkyrie and mage knight sword animation would be best, so that if we get multiple promotions working (My highest scripting priority currently) we can easily promote the troubadour.

Another thing, the troubadour you made is different from the one in FEXP, so either you need to add frames for it for healing, or you need to convert it to look like the one in FEXP, otherwise I can't use it without making it it's own class, and then I might as well make it a female Sword Knight lol.

Some other tips:

Make the backgrounds transparent, and don't use gradients in the same frame as the battle sprite. As an example:

I can't reposition the sprite inside the gradient animation without it looking ugly. Always keep the gradient seperate so that I can move them around and reposition as needed.

All the rest of this is great though. I'll be able to save some significant time so I appreciate the help Smile


10 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:38 pm


I didn't make them; but just find. Although; in the futur; I plan to learn for create some.

Yeah I thinked of make this a different class; and would be chosen ; example :
Cleric : -Troubadour
-Swordel (I didn't have any imaginations..XD)

That's just the problem with him. He need some edit for remove the spell ^^

And no problem; I have another sprites; but that's cutsom from fe10 (Greil, Ike, Black Knight, Dragons..)

Edit : I forgot to say I don't have more fexp format. And i'm a bit decouraged; because Greil has the animations of : -Axes; Sword; Aether with axe; Aether with sword; Hand axe; Critical for all of these weapons..

11 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:43 pm


Oh well if you didn't make them then that's fine. I'll need to get permission from the author of the brammimond sprite, and also the author of the sword troubadour before I can put them in FEXP.

Whatever other sprites you find just send my way, I'll try and make sure I get permission before including them though.


12 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:47 pm


I just found them. So I don't know the autor; but I remember the troubadour was free to be used.

However ; the Brammimond was free to be used; but the autor is unknown ; so..

13 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:48 pm

Mercenary Lord

Put the Greil sprite up. I could probably do something with it. eventually


14 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:53 pm


I can do a reverse image google search and find just about anything. If I can't find the author, I'll just list it as unknown and "Permission sought" or something like that. Some sprite sheets have been around for years and the author probably wouldn't care, but I try to be careful about that.


15 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:31 pm


Ok; http://www.mediafire.com/?rtpa2hd2hh9r7o4 => Greil and BK; Ike. ^^

Yeah Klok; I understand. But if some authors are found; I'm sure they will be happy to contribute to a big project; no? ^^

16 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:43 pm

Mercenary Lord

Every single one of the Greil sprites are JPEGs.


17 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:50 pm


Oh wow, all three of these are amazing! But dammit, none of them have magic sword frames :V

Also, Ike's animation is cut off because it was specifically designed for a GBA screen, that's saddening. I wonder if there's a sheet for this animation though?



18 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:55 pm

Mercenary Lord

I have that somewhere, actually.

All the same, the entire Greil sprite is in JPEG format, which pretty much blows the chance of using it.


19 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:14 pm


Aw crap, didn't even notice that.

I'm going to be contacting some people on [=url=http://emblemspriters.deviantart.com/gallery/]this page[/url] and seeing if they'll let me add their stuff to FEXP. Some of it is extremely impressive, particularly any work on this page. While it's not all perfect, the sheer amount of sprites many of which are fairly custom begs a second look.


20 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:24 pm


I have that in png ^^ http://www.mediafire.com/?c0u8nshoccil0ru
This is greil in png.

21 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:32 pm


I. Love you.


22 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:33 am


For the Ike animation try asking Kitty of Time about it, I remember him having that in his sig on FEU. At least I'm pretty sure it was him. I remember the most random things...

23 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:51 am


Female Thief map sprite:



There's a female thief animation in FEP too, but I don't know how to put it in FEXP format :/


EDIT: I aligned the map sprite for the female thief the same way the male thief is aligned but if there is something wrong lemme know

24 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Fri Feb 15, 2013 12:57 pm


Today; I did the Bael Map sprite and tried it. The Bael move is buggy for the right (and left) and in the up. But I'm not a expert so..

So; here's the Bael. (I tried to do my best; but they're something I can't fixes x))

Edit : Eirika beta; that I didn't have time to finish (sorry for the size)

25 Re: Super FEXP Master Topic on Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:17 pm


Oh wow, you're really making this easy for me xD

I updated the OP with a new list of classes, and whenever I add a class I'll change the list as needed.

Edit: Please TAKE NOTE, due to the fact that I have completely moved and reorganized every single class in the editor, it will take me a long time to reassign all their animations, all their movement values, and all their class stats, as well as the other little things that can go wrong when you do this. This will delay not only the release of Super FEXP by a month or longer, but also the release of my ragefest by an equal or longer amount of time.

The classes I listed in OP are all planned for super FEXP. Classes intended for my ragefest only are not included, though the list is privy to additions and changes when needed.


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