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When we get 1,100 posts a month, it fills my heart with gleee Very Happy! Therefore, since our forum is doing so well, I have expanded it significantly, added more boards, renamed a board or two, changed some descriptions, and now I'm looking for feedback about how everything looks.

In case you haven't been around for the last month, here's a note of some of the changes I've made.

Removed the Anime Discussion board from view due to lack of activity, made new buttons for the forum and a banner (Not me personally but you get the idea), and added an Introductions forum.

Added a Forum Games board due to popularity, and re-added the anime discussions board, but renamed it to Media Discussion. Since we have so many gamers and TV viewers, it makes sense to not limit the board to just anime. In addition, I renamed Art and Writing to Creative Showcase, where you can post not only artwork and writing, but music also. This is important, because in the past quite a few music threads were posted in General Discussion. Now they belong in Creative Showcase, don't you forget that. (J/k seriously it's a simple thing to move a thread.)

In addition I moved a lot of threads related to gaming and media to the new media discussion forum.

In case you're wondering, General Discussion still has a point! Aside from being the place to talk about anything else not related to the various subforums, you can also use it for the Spam Thread and as a place to discuss random nuances of your life.

The forum gets only busier every day! I am getting so excited Very Happy


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