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1 NOTICE FOR NEW MEMBERS on Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:00 pm


If you're new here, you may not be familiar with how our chatbox works. At the top of the forum you'll see this ugly looking box when you log in that resembles this:

Click me:

This is the chatbox. When someone is logged on but you are not, you will see names on the left hand side that say something like...

And etc. If you see this, it means that there are users online. To log in and say hi to everyone (We do enjoy a good chatbox discussion), click the Log In button on the right, located here:

This will log you in and you may speak with whoever is online.

If, however, you wish to speak with people and there's nobody online, you can just log in and idle in chat. Most of our members use the chatbox a lot here. And I do mean, a lot. If they see you logged in, they will probably jump online and at least say hi and see if you need anything. This may not happen for a while, and if not then you can try again later.

The chatbox will kick you out after 15 minutes of inactivity. To negate this unfortuitous action (I have no idea what that word means), simply type something into chat every so often, before the 15 minutes runs out, so that it may reset. Most people prefer typing dots, like so.

Klokinator: .
Yoshi: .
Mewiyev: Quit typing dots you fucks.

You can type smileys or whatever, anything will reset the 15 minute timer. Some people like to idle in chat all day so periodically they'll just type dots and wait until something interesting to them gets discussed.

Anyway, that's how our chat system works, hope to see you in there soon Smile


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