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New Maps on the Title Screen

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1 New Maps on the Title Screen on Mon May 09, 2011 5:46 pm


Okay, so Yoshi asked me to explain how to add maps to the Title screen, so, being a nice guy, I'll do that for all you rookies out there. Enjoy!!!

One thiong you could do is just put a Player Starting position on it, but I'm assuming you want people to be able to play this without entering RMXP first, so I'm going to explain this as well as I know how.

1st, choose the map that you want to have the player go to and find that map's ID#. This is Map001, Map002, and so on. This is shown in the top left of the Map Properties window. Then, go into the script and find the page called "Title." If you go to "Scene_Title," you'll come across something completely different.

Now you're on the "Title" page of the scripts. Line 139 has a script like this:
# Selecting map
    elsif !@map_select.nil?
      if Input.trigger?(Input::C)
        case @map_select.index
        when 0
          @map = [60, [1, 1]]
        when 1
          @map = [59, [1, 1]]
        when 2
          @map = [$data_system.start_map_id,
              [$data_system.start_x, $data_system.start_y]]
        @map_select = nil
      elsif Input.trigger?(Input::B)
Don't touch the part from "when 2" downward. That's not going to help anything. Under the parts "when 0" and "when 1" you see a bunch of numbers in brackets. This is what you mess with. The first number under the single bracket to be specific. This is your MapID#. The other two #'s in the double brackets are the starting tile, which doesn't even matter, as long as it's a tile that is on the map.

Now I'm assuming you want some way to change the name of these maps too. Line 219 of that same script page. You'll see something like this.
    ary = ['Trial Map 2', 'Trial Map 1']
    ary.push('Actual Map') if $DEBUG
Just worry about the parts in the quotation marks/apostraphes. You can change this to whatever you like. Personally, I changed the "Actual Map" to Test Map, since that's what I used it for.

Hopefully this is useful to you noobs rookies.

2 Re: New Maps on the Title Screen on Mon May 09, 2011 5:52 pm


Woooo, thank you.

Greatest Prime quote in existence:

3 Re: New Maps on the Title Screen on Mon May 09, 2011 5:56 pm


So this is what you needed. I've been known to misunderstand alot in the past.

4 Re: New Maps on the Title Screen on Mon May 09, 2011 5:57 pm


Yeah, and it works now. :'D

Greatest Prime quote in existence:

5 Re: New Maps on the Title Screen on Mon May 09, 2011 11:22 pm


Finally, someone else is doing tuts. This takes such a huge load off.

Now just proofread it

Thiong. lol


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