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Jesse's Art'n'Junk

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1 Jesse's Art'n'Junk on Mon Dec 31, 2012 3:40 am


I don't have a whole ton on my laptop, but I've got enough to post here.

I guess one could call me a jack-of-no-trades. I suck at doing everything XD

Mugs first, I guess.

This first one is prolly the worst, after that, they begin to look better.

He's the guy I made for the mug-making Klokolympics contest. Moving on.

The rest of these are from FE8x. For those who don't know about it, I'll be a procrastinator and find a link later.

Name: Crowe; Class: Bow Kn.

Name: Elcius; Class: Lieutenant

Name: Farsin; Class: Wyvern Kn.; Only used in FE8x Trial Map 1

Name: Fawkes; Class: Undetermined

Name: Manar; Class: Hero

Name: Stryfe; Class: Swordmaster

Next up: Maps.

Desert Map. Made for the heck of it.

Made for the Klokolympics map-making event.

Made when I was thinking about adding a 'conquer' objective to FEXP. Would involve something similar to FE4 in that you have to sieze all enemy castles.

Now for everything else.

This is a title screen I made for a FE fangame that I began thinking up before I got my hands on FEXP. I never went anywhere with it. The screen looked cool, though.

A little side-product of being interested in the FETCG for one day and being jealous of the Japanese, as the TCG was never localised. Translations exist, just not on cards, and I love Soren, so I figured "Why not?" Let's just say that I won't be making any more of these for personal entartainment, but if you want some of your own, I'll take requests.

That's it. I won't transfer my music over here yet, but feel free to tell me your opinions.

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