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FE8x - Bralot

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1 FE8x - Bralot on Sun May 08, 2011 2:58 pm


Once again, I'm just copying and pasting. (Credits to GC for this)
Bralot was once a soldier of Frelia named Caspian who, at a young age, married his sweetheart, Elena. Tempted by war, he left her to join King Innes in his campaign against Carcino, promising to return in a year’s time.

While at war, he indulged as soldiers often did, eventually losing sight of his morality, and seeing people as objects to be claimed or killed. At the height of the campaign, many Frelian's colonized into territory annexed from Carcino. Elena, eager to be closer to her husband, was among those who did.

Caspian decided to return home two years after he had departed, having enjoyed battle very much, and having been hailed with many honorifics for his valor. By now, he is practical and blunt, with little in the way of apathy or compassion. It was at this point that Renais unexpectedly entered the conflict, liberating Carcino almost entirely unchallenged. But driving the Frelians out of Carcino involved displacing Elena and the rest of the colonists, many of whom resisted. When Caspian arrived at Elena's colony, he found that Renais had removed them by force. There were many casualties, his wife among them.

Ignited by a new passion, Caspian traded his assets to a specialist who stole for him the identity of a Renais servant named Bralot. Poised in the heart of Renais, motivated by guilt and a need for revenge, "Bralot" will not rest until he drives Ephraim's bloodline out from the throne of Renais - through any means necessary.

A man that lost everything, Bralot's objective is all that's holding him to sanity. His loyalty is to himself and his goals, and anyone who gets in the way (be it positively or negatively) will ultimately suffer the consequences.

"Casualties of war are only numbers. Crimson water in your tracks. It is only when you return home and find someone else's footprints in your family's blood that you realize what you have done to so many, and what you have to make sure will never be done again."
After this point is where FE8x begins. There's a bit more explanation under "The Story of Magvel" as far as how things in the game go. After a while, I'll upload the portraits of Bralot/Caspian.

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