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FE8x - Janten and Banon

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1 FE8x - Janten and Banon on Sun May 08, 2011 1:28 pm


I'm just going to copy and paste everything I have so far on the lords in here.

Basically, this topic will cover everything about the main lords of Fire Emblem : Twin Blades. These are Janten and Banon, Ephraim's grandsons and the princes of Renais. Also, they are both swordsmen, which is where the name Twin Blades comes from.

Unit Description
This is your typical lord. You know, high speed, low defenses, etc. The difference is, though, that Janten isn't a fencing Lord like others(Marth, Roy, Eirika. You get the point). Janten's fighting style is more like a myrmidon's. Not that it's a big deal, but it's fact. He comes in wielding a special sword that I have named Reinfel. So if you were hoping for a Rapier, sorry. This is a light sword with the same bonus damage as any lord's unique weapon: Cavalry and Armor. Only big difference between this and the Rapier is the Icon, basically. So why no Rapier? This is yet another reason for the title Twin Blades. Janten's Twin brother Banon wields Reinfel's counterpart, Reinthor.

On his first birthday, it was predicted that he would bring great evil into the world, and be the fall of Magvel. The people demanded he be killed, and while his father was on the verge of agreement, Janten's mother begged her son's life be spared. For love of his wife, the King did not destroy his child.

Janten grew up to be an immature and irresponsible young man, who, after being looked down upon by his elders, took up a laissez-faire attitude. Used to running from his problems, or else talking his way out of responsibility, he is the very model of what a proper prince should NOT be. In all respects he pails in comparison to Banon, who is kind, responsible, and a competent soldier. A constant headache for his parents and his tutors, he skipped most of his lessons out of spite. While he is quite popular among others his age (especially among women) he is only truly friends with his cousin Cecil.

While very young, Janten grew to love the story of the Great Sealing and secretly models himself after the tale's hero: the legendary Grado. But history did not go entirely like the tale that was told to him, and with no mentor to steer him in the right direction, Janten has taken in not Grado’s true spirit, but his own ideals and convictions about glory, war, and love.

Though he pretends not to care, he is driven by a depressive need to prove himself to his elders, especially his father. His unfortunate destiny simultaneously saddens and drives him; above all else, Janten wishes to achieve glory as his hero did, and thus prove the prophecy wrong.

When the stakes get high, and responsibility finally comes to rest on him, he sees it as a chance for renown, and gladly accepts his perceived task. Throughout his travels, however, he will come to learn that there are far more important things to fight for than glory.

"Ever since I was young, they told me that I would bring Magvel to its knees. I almost believed them until I learned about Grado and the Heroes of the Sealing; a group who did the impossible, defeated all odds, and saved their world. Great men, whose deeds made them immortal. I want to be like them... I want to do something worthwhile. Even if it means giving up my life to prove the Virad wrong, I don't want to just disappear... I don't want to be forgotten."


Unit Description
Banon is more similar to Ike than he is to any other Lord. He possesses high strength but lower speed. As stated above, he wields the counterpart of Reinfel, called Reinthor. It is stronger but slower, so the blades resemble the Lords who wield them. These blades are -Prf- level, which means they can only be wielded by one unit.

Banon is one year away from his coronation. He is a devoted general and a skilled soldier, with a strategy first way of thinking. Having traveled on campaigns with his men, handled political councils, and kept his country safe for several years as a military general, he is used to being in control and trusting in himself.

Janten's impulsive and carefree nature conflicts with Banon's own rigid way of thinking; as a result, he puts his brother down while at the same time tries to teach him. His mannerisms remind Janten too much of their father, and so the two are far from friendly.

Banon has been preparing for his crowning since before he can remember, and given his usual attitude, he follows noble conduct to the letter. While it is possible (difficult, but possible) to persuade him in matters of the state, or matters of battle, he will not budge when it comes to the devotion he has towards Renais. Loved and respected by his people, his country, and his father, he is perceived by others as the archetype of a hero. But there is a darkness inside of him, just as strong (if not stronger) than any other man’s.

"Every man is searching for something, and all of us have a choice to make: to follow the path of light, or to walk through life in the shadows. Though here on Magvel, the spoils of darkness are far greater, those who choose the heavenly trail, and live a life of heroism, often find their reward in the afterlife more fulfilling than those of their shaded cousins. Yes, I too am searching for something. And just because I don't know what it is yet, doesn't mean I don't know which path I'll take to get there."


Other Info
Anyway, you're probably wondering about Sieglinde and, more so, Siegmund, the Sacred Twin Weapons of Renais. These weapons are only able to be wielded by Janten and Banon, and only after they have promoted. This means that they can wield lances.

There is also a still unnamed flanking kind of attack unique to the lords.

Either lord can launch this, and they must be in a flanking position to the enemy. x2 damage. auto 100% hit. Simple.

This would be a pain to animate, though. Since(let's say Janten launches this attack) Janten would start on the left side of the platform, Banon on the right, and the enemy in the middle. They'd raise their blades vertically into the air. Then simply(or maybe not so simply) Janten would attack the enemy, landing on the right side of the battle platform. Banon would launch his attack and continue to move left until he's off the screen. The enemy would then flinch back to the left side of the battle platform where he belongs. Any other attacks involved in the battle would be conducted normally.

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