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Mirai Nikki Review

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1 Mirai Nikki Review on Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:17 pm


This is now my second favorite anime of all time, after Clannad and just before Code Geass. Before you even read this review let me assure you it really is an amazing anime and totally worth watching. (Even if sliiiightly disturbing)

Mirai Nikki/Future Diary

1. Basic story
Yuuki, a 14 year old boy living in Japan, heads to class one morning, enjoying the bright and sunny day. As he walks, he flips open his cell phone and takes more notes in his daily journal like he always does. "The birds are chirping. I bumped into a lady on the street a few minutes ago. Clumsy me!" as he takes this silly little note down, he heads into his class for yet another perfectly ordinary day. "Ha! There's that nerd Yuuki over there, still playing around with his stupid cell phone." say a couple classmates to each other. "All he ever does is mess around with that damn thing. Does he even have a girlfriend?"

Yuuki ignores them, he's been getting mocked for long enough about his journal, this is really nothing new. After the school day is over he heads home and lies on his bed. Feeling the familiar sensation, he closes his eyes and finds himself in the weird alternate world he's been dreaming about recently. "Yuuki, I see you have joined us yet again." says a huge man wearing a skeleton mask sitting atop a throne. "Deus, even though I know this is just a dream, I'm glad I have you for a friend." says Yuuki to the man atop the throne. "As the god of my world, even if just in my imagination, I'm really glad to have you as my friend..."

"But Yuuki, I'm not just in your imagination." replies Deus. "I am a god, surely it is within my power to appear in your dreams if I so choose? In fact... I have a game I would like you to participate in. A most interesting game... that will change the fate of the world. Are you up to it?"


Yuuki joins this game, known as the Survival Game, a game where 13 participants are selected and they must kill each other. The last man standing gains the power of God, the ability to bring any of his desires to light and to rule the cosmos in any way he desires. This cycle resets itself every so often with each god selecting his successor, but in Deus' case, he decides to make it interesting by turning it into a game. In this game, each of the 13 participants are given a diary that predicts the future in some way based on their personality, and the form of the diary varies from person to person, with a cell phone being the most common. In Yuuki's case, he gains the Random Diary, which is a cell phone that predicts random events around him not directly relating to himself.

However, he quickly gains an unlikely ally, a girl named Yuno who has a special Diary of Love that predicts anything Yuuki does and anything that happens to him. Apparently Yuno has been watching Yuuki for a long time and she desperately wants him to love her, but will their love be realized? This is further complicated by the fact that she seems to be against him gaining any friends and that she is uncannily good at combat, despite being only the tender age of 14 years old. She kills without blinking, and something is desperately off about this girl.

(Even though I say that, I personally find Yuno to be fucking adorable and I find Yuuki to be an annoying-as-fuck main character.)

2. Technical aspects
-This show has 26 episodes and I think it is 2 seasons long though I'm not sure. It is available only in Subbed format, and I regrettably watched it in a rather low quality video format.
-This show is action, mystery, supernatural, time-prediction, and romance all mixed into one. It's probably one of the best animes ever despite having one of the shittiest male leads I've ever seen. Goddamn I despise Yuuki.
-The art style is maniacally good. While there are many still frames, combat is action packed and very interesting.
-This show boasts possibly my most favorite or at least one of my most favorite opening scenes of all time. Season 1 actually spoils so many things in the series in its opening video, but it does it so subliminally well that you can't even tell until you've actually watched the series.

-The HYIF on this show is perfect. There are no slow spots. Ever.
-This show has exactly zero filler in it. Even if you happen to THINK something is filler, I assure you it is not.

3. Character development.
The characters in this show are quite good. Yes, I absolutely despise Yuuki as an awful male lead that is annoying and whiny and stupider than a cement block, but his stupidity allows you to truly love Yuno for being such a great female lead. In fact, Yuuki isn't really even the main character, Yuno is. Yuuki's backstory is nowhere near as interesting as Yuno's, and Yuno has many awesome secrets that make the show even BETTER the second time you watch the series. (I saw it three times in one week XD)

Yuuki has his diary that predicts random events in the future. He is a complete wimp who does not, contrary to an average anime, become a total badass as the show goes on. Unlike other animes, such as Zero no Tsukaima, which have a male character that slowly learns to better himself, Yuuki starts as a wimp and only pulls a miracle out of his ass a couple times. Really, if Yuno wasn't there he'd be dead over and over and over. To be fair, in the end of the anime he does improve a tad but I promise you an annoying male lead from beginning to end.

Yuno, the sexy pink haired barely-legal-in-taiwan girl, has one of the most amazing backstories and also the best plot twist(s) ever in this anime. Somehow Yuno is a fantastic killer who defends Yuuki over and over again with her trusty hunting knife, even doing fantastical things that probably defy the law of physics. (Like deflecting 20 thrown knives out of midair with her own knife.) Her incredible love and devotion to Yuuki are rather inexplicable, even given her backstory, but we need a shitty character to contrast her total badassery so, whatever. She also has some sexy ecchi scenes thrown in, just for a kicker.

Deus Ex Machina, the poorly named god of the universe. I say "poorly named" because 'Deus Ex Machina' means to pull an inexplicable win out of your ass at a crucial moment, basically. As a god who is dying and [SPOILERS] gets his ass kicked by a mere human [SPOILERS] he's rather unimpressive, though still a really cool looking god. He gives Yuuki and Yuno much advice on their quest to win the survival game, and is overall a pretty okay character.

4. AEHI.
Action in this show is pretty cool, though the story that leads to every fight is usually even better than the fights themselves. The fights are bloody and brutal though, this show does not censor blood. Also, you really should make sure you get the uncensored version of this show because there would be a few scenes they censor in the ragular version of the show that's released publically.
Emotion is rather high, and finding out Yuno's past is both horrifying and tragic. Anything regarding Yuuki's "tragic" past is forced and pathetic though, fuck that kid and his retarded wish to see the stars with mommy and daddy, the damned spoiled brat.
Humor is mostly nonexistant, though there's probably a couple things I missed.
Intrigue is excellent, with three major plot twists, two of which you literally will never guess, ever. Unless you are a god.

5. Novelty factor.
This show is awesome the first time you watch it and the plot twists hit home base hard. The second time you watch it and afterwards, it will be even better all the way through because a few inexplicable things Yuno does are made more clear after the first watching of this show.

6. Ending.
The ending itself, as in the actual end episode is really not as great as the ending for Code Geass, but it leaves room for future seasons, not that I really want to see them. They did a stellar job with the show so a sliiiiiightly sad ending isn't too bad. Besides........... fuck Yuuki.

7. Final Score. This is divided into 6 categories:
Plot Speed: 10/10 there are no slow parts or filler.
Plot Originality: 10/10 diaries that predict the future are exactly as awesome as a Geass and a Death Note.
Art Style: 8/10, if this show is truly amazing in 720p or better, I would definitely raise this rating a bit. I didn't enjoy the visuals much though because I kept getting walls of text and had to pause everytime they showed a future diary and the text was translated into caption. On top of that, if someone spoke while the future diary text was showing, their text was not visible which was insanely frustrating. MAKE SURE TO GET A VERSION WITH GOOD FANSUBS OR YOU'LL HAVE A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THE SUBS.
Music Score: 10/10, I want this OST, and the opening song warranted a download of the video off youtube.
Character Execution: 8/10. I hated Yuuki. Everyone else was great though.
Japan Memes: 9/10, mostly avoids all memes!
Final Score: 9/10!

Despite getting a lower score than Code Geass, the thrill of this anime and the pull of some emotional scenes meant more to me than a few tiny hiccups. (Code Geass didn't really make me feel a lot of emotion, it was just a better psychological thriller than Death Note IMO) This show is fucking amazing and even better if you love crazy killing girls with sad backstories. (Prime I know you're a sucker for those.)

Just watch this anime, do it.

Also, for those of you who have seen this anime and were wondering about the ending, this contains big spoilers.
When the anime ends, after the credits roll, you hear Yuno's voice saying "Yukki..." and then it ends. This is not explained very well, but in the manga after Yuno is killed, the Yuno of the third world is given the 1st Yuno's memories and it takes her a long time to know what to do. She eventually breaks through the space-time continuum and rejoins with Yuuki to live happily ever after. This is not Yuno coming back from the dead, it's just a memory transfer XD.

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2 Re: Mirai Nikki Review on Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:00 pm

Mercenary Lord

I always read these reviews, but I never actually take anything away from them. I just like seeing you describe animes. Heh.


3 Re: Mirai Nikki Review on Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:15 pm


Lol that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

Also added a link to the opening video. I'd add a flash video but the button doesn't work for this shitty job corps computer, so deal with a hyperlink instead.

Edit: Oh. I fixed the flash issue lol.


4 Re: Mirai Nikki Review on Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:06 pm


Yandere anime? It's been a while since I've watched one save Higurashi haha. Higurashi was actually decent in my head... Just the repeats and scenarios since it used to be a mystery detective game was a bit pissy.

I might restart watching Mirai Nikki... I mean, I've watched animes that I deemed bad at first, got back to it within a month or so and loved it so maybe I'll give it another shot. Just.. I hate animes where the girl might be cute but she's so DAMN CLINGY. Like 11eyes. Yuka is a fucking clingy shit. "oh, my friends might die? Hah! It's alright, as long as dear ol' boyfriend is alright"

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5 Re: Mirai Nikki Review on Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:16 pm


I read this as Minaj Nikki Review.


Greatest Prime quote in existence:

6 Re: Mirai Nikki Review on Tue Aug 14, 2012 1:29 pm


It's been a while since I've at he'd one save Higurashi
what the fuck


7 Re: Mirai Nikki Review on Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:08 pm


Up to chapter 8. Can't say I hate it now, and I actually really like it...despite the excessive yandere lol. Sometimes I want her to die, sometimes not. And I don't know why you hate Yuki that much...

If this happened to me, id be pretty scared the fuck out too... Realistic animes pop out of asses every now and then so

8 Re: Mirai Nikki Review on Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:36 pm


Episode 19, liking it so far... But Yuko really pisses me off XD and Yuuki had his epic moment as well

EDIT: Finished the anime! I LOVED IT. although it didn't appeal to me nearly as much as Elfen Lied, it still reminded me of it (pink haired yandere). I can see why you love this so much, Klok. Mirai Nikki officially shot itself up to number 4 of my top favorites:
1) Elfen Lied
2) Clannad & Clannad After Story
3) High School DxD
4) Mirai Nikki
5) [a lot of animes I can't decide: Hidan no Aria, Higurashi, HOTD, Kaichou wa Maid Sama...etc]

As you can tell, I'm all for romance XD

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