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1 Code Geass - Klok's Anime Reviews on Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:04 pm


Before I start this review, I would first like to mention how many animes I have seen since I last posted an anime review. Well over 40 animes, to be exact, and some of them were incredibly stellar. As of last year, my top animes were as follows:
1. Death Note
2. Fullmetal Alchemist (and Brotherhood)
3. Elfen Lied
4. Highschool of the Dead

But now, my tastes have significantly changed. Most of the animes I used to like, I now realize they had terrible endings and sometimes convoluted plots. Death Note is still an amazing anime, but it deviated fom the manga on the ending, and the manga really wasn't bad. They butchered the nding the original creaor had in mind, and I don't like that. Elfen Lied was ruined compared to the manga. Fullmetal Alchemist had a lot of filler and stupid potty humor too. Highschool of the dead is pretty awesome for action and titties but not for much else. With this in mind, the list is more like this now:
1. Clannad (and Afterstory)
2. Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)
3. Code Geass
4. Death Note and etc.

Clannad was the most moving sad anime I had ever seen. It brought me to tears more than a couple times, hopefully I can give it the review it deserves at some point in the future. Mirai Nikki had an incredible plot, intense plot twists especially those at the end, a memorable 2nd protagonist (I'm talking about Yuno, because Yuuki is a fag) and was overall a total blast to watch. Code Geass is really incredible though. I had heard comparisons to Death Note, and I must say those comparisons were spot on. It had the most memorable ending along with one of the greatest plot twists ever, and was a thrilling mental anime that always kept me guessing. Any negatives I point out are vastly overshadowed by how amazing it was overall, and it is definitely worth watching by anyone.

Code Geass
1. Story.
A young man is driving with his friend in their motorcyle, when suddenly they spot a truck that veers off the road and crashes into a building. The young man, Lelouch (pronounced LEH-LOOSH) hop out of the motorcycle and rushes down to help the people inside. When he gets there, he discovers that the vehicle was actually a terrorist transport, and they had some sort of weapon they were transporting. Suddenly, after climbing in the back of the truck, the vehicle slams its doors shut and backs out, taking off like a bullet.

The police in hot pursuit along with their Nightmares (Mobile fighting robots), they give chase for a while and eventually shoot out the tires on the truck, crashing it once again, this time for good. The police surround the vehicle and shoot down all the terrorists inside, spotting Lelouch at the last second. The driver of the truck, believing the capsule to contain powerful poison gas, activates it as he slumps over the steering wheel drawing his final breath. Lelouch gasps as a beautiful green haired girl falls out and lands on him, barely conscious.

Taking aim, the police fire on the girl, shooting her directly in the head. At the last second though, Lelouch feels something... a surge of incredible power, as an unknown entity gives him a godlike power that will allow him to survive, and make him an enemy of his country. What will happen? And how will it all play out?


Lelouch gains the ability to take total control of a persons mind, giving them any command that he desires. He can order them to kill themselves, become his ally, anything he desires. He uses this power for his own methods, to free the people of his country from their servitude to a ruthless dictator, the Emperor of Britannia. But is this power a blessing or a curse?

2. Technical aspects.
-There are 50 episodes total, spread over two seasons. The transition from season 1 to season 2 is rather jerky, but you get used to it and the story eventually cohesivies itself brilliantly.
-This anime is suspenseful, dramatic, it has many mental parts where you have to think hard about what's going on, and it also even has some humanitarian questions that you will have to ask yourself, when all is over.
-I watched this anime in 720p, and the art style is vibrant and beautiful. If you like watching flashy mech battles, this show is the boss.
-The HYIF is enthralling. There was literally never even a single dull episode, and with 50 episodes, that really says something.
-This show has no filler. At all.

3. Character development.
There are a lot of main characters in this show, it does a good job of giving each their own part in the story and not over-relying on just 2 or 3 mains. To be honest, there isn't really any unmemorable characters in this show, even a small single-episode side character seems to get a potlight without ignoring other side characters as well. Even when there are 5 large plot points being executed, you're never left wondering what happened to one particular character for very long, it always gets back to them at some point.

Lelouch is the main character in Code Geass. His power is that of taking control of people around him and giving them an absolute command(s) they must follow. More than that though, he's very charismatic and he has many dreams he wishes to follow. His beloved sister Nunnally is his main motivation for deciding to destroy the Britannian empire and overthrow his father, the emperor.

Suzaku is Lelouch's childhood friend who was seperated from him for 8 years. He too despises the corruption and hatred and racism running in the streets, but his methods of eliminating the badness in the world is to fight for Britannia as a knight of their order, and cleanse them from the inside. Is he an enemy of Lelouch, or is he truly a friend?

Nunnally is Lelouch's younger sister. Blind and crippled from a younger age due to a horrific attack on her mother, Nannally is a very sweet girl who always smiles and just wants to see everyone in the world be happy and smiling. Used as a pawn against Lelouch in order to control him and blackmail him, Nannally is another main character of the series, and presents a pivotal plot point in season 2.

Shirley is a girl who goes to the school Lelouch attends. She has always liked him romantically since a young age, but he seems to not notice her feelings. Cute and bouncy, she provides a little comedy relief and even some deep dramatic moments in the series. Will she get her lover to finally acknowledge her?

Colin is one of the leaders of the Black Knights, an organization Lelouch creates to overthrow the emperor. Colin is an experienced Nightmare pilot and excels in the field of combat. Despite often being at a disadvantage, she seems to always come out on top in every fight. She also posesses a deep love of Zero, Lelouch's alternate identity, but will her feelings ever be met?

Action is awesome, tons of fighting in this and lots of "naval warfare" for those of you who just like the mental part of the battles. That being sid, there are a lot of bullshit Deus Ex Machinas pulled constantly, where one side just HAPPENS to create a superweapon at some convenient time. This is my biggest criticism, but whatever, the show is still awesome.
Emotion isn't really the greatest. You probably won't cry if any characters die, but the characters themselves are extremely compelling so I have to give it props for that.
Humor isn't really existant, though there were a few kinda funny parts. It's not really a humor anime, it's a very adult anime.
Intrigue is where this show shines. You will always be on the edge of your seat.

5. Novelty factor.
This show has many good plot twists, especially the season 2 plot twists that make season 1 worth rewatching. I'll be rewatching it myself anyway.

6. Ending
The ending is very thrilling, and while a liiiiiittle bit sad, I liked how I didn't see it coming, so I'd give it a 10/10. Compared to the pathetic death note ending, this show shines in every way. I don't even want a season 3, that's how perfectly it wrapped everything up.

7. Final Score. This is divided into 6 categories:
Plot Speed: 10/10, never a slow moment.
Plot Originality: 10/10, a power to control people's minds used by a good guy? Damn straight.
Art Style: 10/10, gorgeous mech battles and pretty characters, along with just a little fanservice. (I remember you, S2 Ep 12)
Music Score: 8/10, it wasn't terribly memorable, and there was actually one scene that was a little awkward, but overall the OST for this show is quite good.
Character Execution: 10/10, all the characters are amazing, and their deaths have real meaning.
Japan Memes: 10/10, it avoids memes entirely.
Final Score: 10/10

Not watching this anime is a crime against humanity, you really need to watch it. Not even kidding.


2 Re: Code Geass - Klok's Anime Reviews on Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:11 pm

Mercenary Lord

Watched it already.

And too late, season three is in the works.


3 Re: Code Geass - Klok's Anime Reviews on Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:38 pm


I actually don't mind a season 3.

They better not fucking butcher it though.


4 Re: Code Geass - Klok's Anime Reviews on Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:02 pm

Mercenary Lord

Wait a minute, what about the green haired girl? Why is she not a main character?


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