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We've gotten quite a few new members, some of who might not understand how a forum runs, let alone our forum. These are the simple rules of our forum.

1. Don't be a dick. This applies to everyone including even me, just try to treat others the way you want to be treated. Unless you want to be treated badly. I'm going to assume you want good treatment of yourself?

2. Don't be annoying. I really don't like absolutely pointless posts. I'm not big on "lets eat cookies!" memes and dumb stuff like that. I don't care if a post is only one word or whatever, just so long as that post actually... accomplishes something?

3. I don't care about offtopic. If a topic goes way off base, I really don't care as long as those people are enjoying their discussion. If it needs to get back on topic, a mod, me, or the original topic poster can post something relevant to the topic to get us back on track. But if the original poster or a mod asks you to get back on topic, please do.

That's it. Basically don't be a dick, don't be annoying, and that's really it.


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I think i can manage that.

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