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Magix's Sprites... Sorta

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1 Magix's Sprites... Sorta on Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:38 pm


Since I suck so fucking bad at paint and spriting in that nature...
I decided to work on a full custom sprite on...guess what... Minecraft.
I made a couple sprites already on minecraft, which I might showcase hehe.

But this is a 35 pixel (block) high full custom...warrior spearman thingie.
Its WIP, and I'm trying the blocking technique from looking at BwdYeti's tutorial that Merc was so kind to send me. So.


The brown spots you see next to it is the grass that failed to grow. I'll fix it up when the sprite is done. hehe
Then there comes the point where I instead take pictures of the minimap for clarity >.<

Heh. It's done. Whaddya think

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