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Note to new members

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1Note to new members Empty Note to new members on Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:34 pm


Since we have a lot of new members, I thought I'd outline a few things.

We have a chatbox here, not to be confused with a shoutbox. You have to click the Sign In button and it'll log you into the current chat. If anyone is online, it'll say so on the left side before you even log on.

You will be timed out after 15 minutes of inactivity. To evade this (I would increase it to 30 if I could) type in a period every so often to keep yourself logged in. Of course, you COULD chat while you're in the chatbox, but that's optional.

If you want to chat and there's nobody online, just join the chatbox and idle for a while. Other people can see that you've logged in and will probably join to talk to you. 90% of our members are USA based time, and about half are located on the east coast. Most chatbox activity tends to occur during USA midday/nighttime so you're best off looking around then. Lately, since I've been out of job corps for a couple weeks, we've been getting online earlier, but once I go back this will shift to nigthtime again more than likely.

Our chatbox also has an archives function, displaying the last 300 or so messages, unless the chat was cleared because of spam or giant messages, or for privacy reasons. To be honest, 90% of forum activity is on the chatbox, including discussions of MoH and whatever else, so feel free to drop in!



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