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Talk about dumb people here

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1 Talk about dumb people here on Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:55 pm



(Fighters promote to Hero in FE5, not that it makes the class totally completely different)

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2 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:35 pm


Lol what a retard


3 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:50 am


Hey, gais, guess what? Fighters are now mercenaries and axes are now swords!!1!1

4 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:58 pm


Oh it gets funnier.

He claimed the new FE is hentai. I ask him to show a scene, he posts a pic of Liz confessing love to MU. Everyone's all "that's not porn!" and he's like "It's porn, trust me, I know from experience."

I tricked him into admitting to watching porn. I feel awesome.

5 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:27 pm


How did he not show Micaiah's OA?

6 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:12 pm


Is it just me or is this admittance to watching naked sparkly babes more of a very sad persons proud declaration of eternal forever loneliness


7 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:11 pm


I think it's more of a declaration that their brain is fried.

"I watch Hentai so I know shit"


8 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:49 pm


I guess we found Bladehero22's alt on GameFAQ's.


9 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:57 pm


Nah, BladeHero22 doesn't even pretend to be intelligent.

I'm not even sure why I frequent the GFAQs boards now. I guess if trolls succeed at anything it's giving me something to laugh at when they backfire.

10 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:08 am


How is he not a vegetable at this point?

11 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:23 am


Because tomatoes are fruits, even if rotten.

EDIT: Well as long as I'm here, here's a log of a chat between Marc, BladeHero22 and myself from a few days ago:

[14:18:55] <MarkyJoe1990> I'm still here
[14:19:04] <MarkyJoe1990> I'm just not streaming.
[14:19:10] <Ephraim225> oh er okay
[14:19:17] <Bladehero22> That's good.
[14:19:29] *** Tobix has quit (Client exited)
[14:20:14] <Bladehero22> So now what are you doing?
[14:20:24] <MarkyJoe1990> Watching AstraLunaSol.
[14:20:29] *** Ashblade has quit (Client exited)
[14:20:54] <Bladehero22> Oh, cool. I tried friending him on Skype, but he hasn't responded yet.
[14:22:10] <Bladehero22> But, anyway. What are you doing, now, Ephraim225?
[14:23:42] <Bladehero22> Hello? Am I the only one talking here?
[14:23:57] <MarkyJoe1990> Yes
[14:24:20] <Bladehero22> That pretty much kills the purpose of the chatroom.
[14:24:29] <MarkyJoe1990> Yes
[14:25:26] <Bladehero22> I came here to engage in conversations with people.
[14:25:36] <MarkyJoe1990> have fun
[14:25:48] <Bladehero22> Thank you. You too.
[14:26:16] <Bladehero22> Wait, that means the only person I probably talk to right now is Ephraim.
[14:27:10] <Bladehero22> forgot the can, my mistake.
[14:28:29] <Bladehero22> But anyway, what do you want to talk about, Ephraim225?
[14:30:26] <Bladehero22> Hello?
[14:30:39] <MarkyJoe1990> *echo*
[14:30:52] <Bladehero22> That's not funny, Marc.
[14:31:42] <Bladehero22> I feel like I'm being deliberately ignored at this point.
[14:31:59] <Ephraim225> Well there's a thread on GameFAQs about who the worst Mage/Sage ever is
[14:32:00] <MarkyJoe1990> What do you expect us to do?
[14:32:30] <Bladehero22> Converse with each other?
[14:32:44] <MarkyJoe1990> me and Ephraim can talk to each other via skype.
[14:32:51] <MarkyJoe1990> besides, what if we don't feel like talking?
[14:33:01] <Bladehero22> Never thought of that.
[14:33:02] <Ephraim225> Yeah and I don't get alerted when someone talks here
[14:33:45] <Bladehero22> Besides, I can't expect Skype to do the same since both of you removed me for reasons i don't know.
[14:34:58] <Bladehero22> Why did you remove me, by the way?
[14:35:17] <MarkyJoe1990> We never spoke to each other.
[14:35:30] <Bladehero22> Yeah, we did.
[14:35:53] <MarkyJoe1990> Not often enough for me to want to keep you.
[14:36:32] <Bladehero22> I thought, "Oh, maybe he's busy and I don't want to bug him." I was actually trying to be considerate.
[14:37:02] <MarkyJoe1990> That's not an argument in your favor, you know.
[14:37:21] <Bladehero22> I'm not trying to argue anyway.
[14:37:25] <MarkyJoe1990> If you don't know I'm busy, you can always just ask. Not like I'm going to rup your head off if you talk to me if I'm busy.
[14:37:44] <Bladehero22> Oh, I didn't know that.
[14:37:56] <MarkyJoe1990> Now you know.
[14:38:14] <Bladehero22> Thanks for the heads up.
[14:38:37] <MarkyJoe1990> You're welcome, but I don't really want to talk to you anyway. I find you a bit annoying.
[14:38:51] <Bladehero22> Oh, sorry.
[14:40:39] <Bladehero22> Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to prepare for Ragefest 4. And I promise you this, When you play my submission, you'll beg to drink out of the nastiest toilet in the King of England's palace!
[14:41:38] <Bladehero22> Once I find a new teacher. Since Ephraim removed me too.
[14:41:46] <MarkyJoe1990> Good luck with that.
[14:42:01] <Bladehero22> I thought you'd be intimidated.
[14:42:10] <MarkyJoe1990> I'm not. You don't scare me.
[14:42:25] <Bladehero22> I don't. But my submission will.
[14:42:44] <MarkyJoe1990> I doubt that.
[14:42:58] <Bladehero22> Really?
[14:43:00] <Ephraim225> I said those exact words. Sans the toilet thing.
[14:43:37] <Bladehero22> I told you that joke a few times, Ephraim.
[14:44:12] <Bladehero22> Oh, yeah. Ephraim, why'd you remove me?
[14:45:37] <Ephraim225> Let me count the reasons
[14:45:45] <Bladehero22> I'm listening.
[14:46:19] <Ephraim225> Always bugging me to solve your problems instead of looking at tutorials or examples,
[14:46:36] <Ephraim225> Begging me to put your Raven recolor in my hack with a pointless "reference",
[14:47:24] <Ephraim225> Oh, and trying to worm your way into a commentary when I told you it wasn't a good idea.
[14:48:28] <Bladehero22> OK, so maybe I WAS kind of unreasonable.
[14:49:25] <Bladehero22> But I had my reasons.
[14:50:03] <Bladehero22> 1. I'm not a hacking expert like you, Arch or even Marc. [To say the fucking least]
[14:50:42] <Bladehero22> 2. I suggested that you put the character in the hack. I didn't actually force you to under ransom. [He bugged me until I did and I fully regret it]
[14:52:06] <Bladehero22> 3. OK, I will admit. I had no place in the commentary. But if I couldn't stay for the WHOLE commentary, I would have been okay with that. I would've been fine if Marc had let me in on it for about say... 15 minutes. [He wanted to join me and Marc in the commentary on my hack. I TOLD him "no" but he kept bugging us]
[14:52:25] <Ephraim225> Oh please.
[14:53:12] <Bladehero22> No, really. I don't care that much for publicity in other peoples' videos. [pffft hahahaha]
[14:53:47] <MarkyJoe1990> Blade hero, you're acting like an entitled brat. We don't owe you any favors, and you shouldn't act like us not doing things for you is reason to be upset with us.
[14:54:04] <Bladehero22> I'm not upset with you.
[14:54:59] <Bladehero22> I'm not upset with either of you.
[14:55:20] <Bladehero22> I'm just trying to make reason and peace here.
[14:56:48] <MarkyJoe1990> Well it's not going to make us like you. If you want the reason why we don't talk to you, it's because you're an entitled, needy brat who nags people for help without looking at tutorials thoroughly enough.
[14:57:29] <Bladehero22> Do you need to be mean about it?
[14:57:31] <MarkyJoe1990> You also show an obsessive desire to be in a commentary with me, or do a commentary on something I've made, as if it'll somehow make it better.
[14:57:32] <MarkyJoe1990> And yes
[14:57:38] <MarkyJoe1990> I am being mean about it
[14:57:44] <MarkyJoe1990> Because niceness didn't get the point across
[14:57:52] <Bladehero22> Well, you don't need to be.
[14:58:02] <MarkyJoe1990> I SURE DO
[14:58:11] <MarkyJoe1990> Because niceness isn't getting the point across with you.
[14:58:23] <MarkyJoe1990> As such, being a dick is neccesary, or else you won't stop annoying the living fuck out of us.
[14:59:12] <Bladehero22> I don't want to annoy you in the first place.
[14:59:22] <MarkyJoe1990> And yet you do it anyway.
[14:59:33] <Bladehero22> It's something that I wind up doing accidentally.
[14:59:53] <MarkyJoe1990> Then learn how to NOT do it.
[15:00:09] <Ephraim225> Yeah. Think a little more before doing something.
[15:00:29] <Bladehero22> It's not that easy when I'm still trying to find a hacking teacher.
[15:01:28] <Ephraim225> ^this
[15:01:57] <Bladehero22> OK, maybe I should read the tutorials, but they never specify where anything goes specifically.
[15:02:20] *** Boomsickle (tiramisu@protectedhost-342CFC9E.sip.jan.bellsouth.net) has joined #markyjoe1990
[15:02:35] <MarkyJoe1990> From what I've noticed, that's because you fuck shit up anyway because you do shit the tutorials don't tell you.
[15:02:57] <MarkyJoe1990> Like moving the event assembler OUT of it's original folder despite needing the files within that folder to function.
[15:03:25] <Bladehero22> OK, I did not know I wasn't supposed to do that.
[15:03:34] <MarkyJoe1990> THEN WHY DID YOU DO IT?
[15:04:07] <Ephraim225> What'd you think those other files were for, flavor text?
[15:04:15] <Bladehero22> I told you I didn't know I wasn't supposed to take it out of the folder. I thought it wouldn't fuck anything up.
[15:04:36] <MarkyJoe1990> Quoting Ephraim: "What'd you think those other files were for, flavor text?"
[15:04:38] <Boomsickle> > my reaction to entering this chat http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif&newest=1
[15:04:42] <Boomsickle> http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif&newest=1
[15:04:49] <Boomsickle> shit did not mean to double post
[15:05:06] <Bladehero22> YOU ARE NOT HELPING!!!!!!!
[15:05:30] <MarkyJoe1990> A lot of your problems would be fixed if you used any common sense, BladeHero.
[15:06:03] <MarkyJoe1990> It's almost like you look at something, and fail to notice it's connection to other things.
[15:06:29] <Bladehero22> I don't how to use certain aspects of common sense. I can't help it. I have autism.
[15:06:40] <Ephraim225> Don't use that as an excuse
[15:06:47] <MarkyJoe1990> Autism isn't defined by lack of common sense.
[15:07:04] <MarkyJoe1990> It's defined by a stunting in the social growth of a person and their ability to interact with others.
[15:07:28] <Bladehero22> Oh, I just messed up.
[15:07:34] <Bladehero22> My mistake.
[15:07:49] <MarkyJoe1990> Pretty big fucking mistake, considering you have the fucking disorder.
[15:08:01] <Bladehero22> But do you even understand what I'm trying to say, do you?
[15:08:54] <MarkyJoe1990> You're trying to get us to understand you make mistakes. This would be understandable, since everyone does that, but you constantly make the SAME mistakes, and you usually nag other people because you do a poor job learning what the tutorials teach you.
[15:09:30] <MarkyJoe1990> And somehow you think having a hacking teacher will fix all of this. NO ONE is going to help you for that long, especially if you don't display the talent and motivation to put their teachings to good us.
[15:09:41] <MarkyJoe1990> *use
[15:09:52] <Bladehero22> Dude, all I'm asking for help on is event coding. THAT'S difficult work.
[15:10:22] <MarkyJoe1990> There are about FOUR TUTORIALS on how do it. One of them is a video tutorial no less. You have no excuse.
[15:10:55] <Bladehero22> Alright, fine. You don't need to yell at me anymore
[15:11:12] <Bladehero22> I just want us all to STOP ARGUING ABOUT THIS!!!!
[15:11:40] <Ephraim225> Then stop.
[15:11:57] <MarkyJoe1990> I will stop. I feel I made my point clear.
[15:12:16] <Bladehero22> Thank you. I'm glad that we've all reached an understanding.
[15:12:23] <Ephraim225> Sorry you had to see that, Boomsickle.
[15:12:34] <MarkyJoe1990> So are you going to look at the event coding tutorials, Bladehero22?
[15:12:52] <Boomsickle> god i am so traumatized
[15:12:52] <Bladehero22> I will. And I'll do my best to follow them.
[15:12:56] <MarkyJoe1990> Good.
[15:12:57] <Boomsickle> all i wanted was a stream
[15:13:16] <Boomsickle> Dear Diary: Today, everyone was mad
[15:13:16] <Bladehero22> The show ended 15 minutes ago, Boomsickle.
[15:13:20] <Ephraim225> Stream's over now, sadly, I walked in on the last 5 minutes
[15:13:34] <Bladehero22> It's fine.
[15:13:36] <Boomsickle> Damn, day ruined
[15:14:00] <MarkyJoe1990> If it makes you feel better, Boomy, I might be reviving the "Eliwood's the Fooker" series.
[15:14:13] <Boomsickle> Great, now im just going to kill myself

That was before he went on SF I think. Now I feel like I unleashed armageddon.

12 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:52 am

Mercenary Lord

Mercenary Lord
Dear god. Autism? That gives absolutely no excuse, whatsoever.

I have severe ADHD, and I manage perfectly.

And Bladehero is just plain stupid. That's all that must be said. I'll get my sniper on him as soon as I know his IP address.


13 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:07 am


After reading that chatlog....


14 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:41 pm











Goddamn this mother fucker right here...


15 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:10 am



Troll battle!

Round 1, FIGHT!

EDIT: crap the image shrunk

EDIT2: He asked me to name one hole in FE5's plot. Alright then...

16 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:12 am


He complains about story yet his name is KarthMoopa. FE1/11 had one of the most poorly written stories I've ever experienced.

17 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:57 am


^ well it was the Famicom era, and remakes can't really fix the plot completely

Too lazy to screencap more, but he's ignoring the point I made about the final boss of FE5 being a really lame villain.

18 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:03 am


Honestly, out of the three GBA games, I only disliked FE6. I didn't have the patience for its crap-ton of worthless units (only like 3 out of how many by the third chapter were worth anything), it's inferior soundtrack, and none of this was helped at all by the terrible translation patch that I got for it.

And I will agree, FE1/11 did not have a very good storyline.

19 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:31 pm


^ I liked FE6 but I see what you're saying. The throne bonuses for most bosses is infamous for obvious reasons, WAY too many units, Roy is slightly less lame than Leaf, etc.

KarthMoopa, however, seems to have this massive boner for FE5 - enough to SSS rank it without savestates. Anyone can claim that if they used a walkthrough. He also thinks IWBTG has BS traps that make no sense. It does, but FE5 doesn't? How in god's name does that work?

Anyone who's played FE5 is brought to tears by the word "Portcullis" because it represents a trap in which your team is locked in a room with two INDOOR BALLISTAE in either of the other rooms. Thieves can't get the doors down without being shot, only Karin with a Javelin can attack them THROUGH THE WALL...this shit wouldn't fly when the game came out. It wouldn't fly during the period in which notorious difficulty was EXPECTED. Anyways, I'm sick of talking to/about this guy, when I should be working on Ragefest hacking.

20 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:44 pm


Fuck riggedfest man, SCoTA is where it's at. Seph's Contest of The Ages is going to blow the fuck out of riggedfest and will be way funnier/bigger than riggedfest ever could be.


21 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:16 pm


SCoTA? Is that an actual thing?

22 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Sat Jul 07, 2012 1:21 am



23 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:18 am


Ephraim225 wrote:pfffffftHAHAHAHAHAHA

I'm dying. Too much. Way too much.

24 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:40 am


I lol'd when I noticed that earlier too. Goddamn he is so clueless. So utterly clueless...


25 Re: Talk about dumb people here on Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:04 pm


GFaqs just got worse.


The post was deleted, but I quoted it before that happened at the bottom of the page.

Maybe I should screencap it and erase my post...I think quoting a TOS violation also counts as a violation.

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