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Ephraim's Ragefest 3 submission

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1 Ephraim's Ragefest 3 submission on Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:16 am


Ephraim's Ragefest 3 Submission (PATCH UP)

Download here

Are you ready to go absolutely crazy at the hands of a totally insane bunny lady?! How about some crazy cameo abuse and terrible in-jokes?! Just apply this patch to a clean FE7 US ROM, and get set for the CRAZY madness! (No sparta jokes allowed)


Ephraim's Ragefest 2 Submission

Download here

The winner of Ragefest 2 (although there were only 2 other entrants)! Contains the most random assortment of cameos, poorly recolored sprites, and useless treasures. Apply to a clean FE7 US ROM, and remember, never give up, trust your instincts...


Ephraim's Ragefest 1 Submission

Download here

Too lazy to beat FE7 again? Fear not! Apply this patch to a clean FE7 US ROM and you can fight every boss in the game at once with a team of every playable character! I can't think of a more lazily made idea!

Advance Wars 10th Anniversary Map Pack

Download here...and don't ask about the title screen.

17 and a half new War Room battles for AW1 await your patched US Advance Wars 1.1 ROM! Use the included save to unlock all COs and Maps! (It's 17.5 because 2 maps are from Famicom Wars and one of them's a modified Final Battle)

Advance Wars 2 Situation Room ROM Hack

This is the latest version of the patch.
This contains a save with all the maps and COs unlocked for you.

The Situation Room was a subplot in the Advance Wars fan-comic, "Totally Flaked". Unfortunately the subplot didn't last and was dropped pretty fast, but it still resulted in some pretty cool maps being made, 30 of which have been inserted into this patch, for the US version of AW2. Don't forget to give Campaign a try, too, hehehe...

AWDS War Room EX

Download here

I was bored one night and decided to turn every VS map in AWDS into a War Room map. The result is a crap ton of horrible new challenges for the AW veteran. I've also made CO powers fill half as fast as they did before, because I'm lame and don't like firing nukes every 5 minutes.

Notes and a screenshot:

Note that there are two patches. Both are for the US version of AWDS. The "For Emulator" patch works on emulators (or at least DeSmuMe) without issue; however, I noticed when playing it on my flash card (It's an Acekard 2.1) the game would lock up semi-randomly while selecting a 4P map; I suspect that's due to there being too many 4P maps on the list for the game to handle. Whether that's a problem that only applies to my flash cart or a limitation of the game itself, I'm not sure, but you're welcome to try the "For Emulator" patch on your flash card anyways. Otherwise, use the "For Flash Card" patch instead. This patch is the same as the other one except 9 of the 4P maps were taken out of the War Room; that seems to have solved the problem. Always wondered why there were so many 4P maps anyways.

Also note that if you select VS Mode, don't select a War Room map; there's so many maps in that category that the game is prone to locking up most of the time. Not that you would select VS Mode anyways. Campaign is still untouched, however. Finally, I wish I had a save with all the COs and maps unlocked so that you wouldn't need the 100%-complete save, but I don't. Couldn't find an "Unlock all COs" cheat. Ah well, hope you get some enjoyment out of this anyways!

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2 Re: Ephraim's Ragefest 3 submission on Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:31 pm


Am I terrible if I never beat Rondo of madness? It's not that I can't, I just didn't feel like it.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it


3 Re: Ephraim's Ragefest 3 submission on Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:36 am


If it makes you feel better, I never beat Matthew's Nightmare. But then, in both cases, Marc already did.

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