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Fire Emblem XP Save System

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1 Fire Emblem XP Save System on Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:02 pm

Resource Dragon

Okey doke, i've gotten some things done, I need a few answers to some questions to continue. (99% of this topic is directed at klok.)


1. Download the new version of the project HERE. (Insta download with no ads for your convenience XD)

2. Extract, and open up the project file, and immediately start a playtest. Don't look at anything else yet.

3. The title screen opens, and the command window pops up. Time for the first set of questions;

Q1. Does the main command window look ok? State in detail what you want different or not. It should have, (in this order);

New Game, <---| This I haven't changed.
Continue, <---| To continue from the suspend. If no suspend, it beeps at you and doesn't do anything.
Frame Rate, <---| This I haven't changed.
Input Change, <---| This I haven't changed.
Load Game <---| clicking this will result in another pop up window.

Q2. Click 'Load Game' and the window comes up. It should have 2 slots that say 'NO DATA'. It's just what I decided to name them for the time being.
Do you like this popup windows' setup? Would you like each slot to say the name of the map it was last saved on?

4. Go ahead and click on the first 'NO DATA' slot. It should load a game that has a round already played. (1 player turn, 1 enemy turn).

5. Move a couple characters and remember where you moved them too.

6. Click 'x' to open the menu, and click 'Save Slot 1'. This will save the game to the slot one file, then revert you back to the title screen.

7. Click 'Load Game', then the first 'NO DATA' slot again. It should load the game just saved, (Your characters are still moved.)
This means the game is saving and loading correctly.

I know the in-game menu and such are not done yet, i've still got to do the script call and such, but I'm on halt until I know what you like/want changed
on the title screen. I need it out of the way.

2 Re: Fire Emblem XP Save System on Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:37 pm


Okay. If possible, I would like for it to remember the map name (And date too, if possible).

Also, I already revised one thing a tiny little bit with the original (V1.5 SS) ingame A button menu. The "End turn" needs to be below the save slots (I did that with the original SS version) and hell, if you can condense the save slots into one window in the A button menu, that'd be even better. (Call it "Btl Save 1", 2, 3, etc etc to not stretch the window much.

As for the positioning of the windows themselves on the title screen... I like what you've done, and I can easily move them around and shrink/expand them as needed. (I'm not a TOTAL RGSS noob, just a person who knows little beyond the bare basics)

Yeti himself told me he plans to code his own save system and a new title screen for XNA, and he'll be porting it to FEXP, but who KNOWS how many months that'll take?

One last thing. Are all of your changes confined to the script rewrites at the bottom of the scripts, or have you modified anything else in the upper levels?


3 Re: Fire Emblem XP Save System on Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:53 pm

Resource Dragon

When i started scripting it, they were all over the place, but now they are confined to the scripts that start with [IWS] down at the bottom. Thus you can port it into your project by just copying all the scripts. Very Happy If/When I modify another script that isn't down there, I add it in with the rest of them.

And ya, I plan on putting the in-game menu slots in there own window, I just haven't made it that far yet. Wanted to get the Title script out of the way first.

Oh, BTW, I understand where you were coming from, about going to x-m-o for help. I'm completely with you on that, it's just, for future reference, if you have any problems with me, i'd be glad to work them out. I sincerely didn't realize I had hurt you the way I did, and i'm sorry for that.

4 Re: Fire Emblem XP Save System on Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:31 pm


It's fine, we're past that. I'm sorry I jumped to the wrong conclusion too. *koffs, punches you* NOW UH ACT MANLY... DAMMIT.

I got a lot to do today like shopping for groceries and etc, might not be online much.


5 Re: Fire Emblem XP Save System on Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:45 pm

Resource Dragon

That's fine, I know what I needed to know now, so on with part 2. >:[)

EDIT: LOLOLOL you tell me to act manly and your getting groceries LOLOLOL

sorry, I had too. Razz

6 Re: Fire Emblem XP Save System on Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:56 pm


I will slap the fuck out of you.


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