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That game you want...

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1That game you want... Empty That game you want... on Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:54 pm


So I'm really bored and I was talking with some friends on Ventrilo about what kind of beast of a game we would like to see that hasn't been made.

It was fun what everyone had in mind so that's why I've decided to make this topic. Here a few questions:

- What genres would you like to see mixed into one game?
- What kind of gameplay elements you would like to see in that game?
- What would you like to see done in a game that's isn't used that much or hasn't been used yet?
- If you want online multiplayer, what would you like to see implemented or different from other multiplayer games?
- Anything else you want to add?

Feel free to answer each question individually or make a wall of text expressing your ideas. Also feel free to add more questions so I can update the OP and add more to the discussion.

For me I'd like to see an Action open-worlded RPG with co-op. You can either tag along with your friends to do story quests, sidequests, explore dungeons, friendly competitive quests (like killing a monster before your friends, finding a lost item for an npc before the other player does, etc.) all this while being able to explore the entire world with them. I'd like to see not only focus on battle but a lot of "sims" elements too. Maybe have a 'realistic' mode for those who want stuff like hunger, thirst, need to sleep, stamina that requires the character to rest when walking for too long, a limit on items you can carry, etc.

Or maybe the same online idea but for a tactical RPG. Imagine a tactical RPG like Fire Emblem, FF Tactics or Disgaea (of course way more balanced for the online) you with your team and your friend with his. Each with a different turn on the co-op modes.

The typical Kill the boss fights, kill all enemies, defend modes are classic but I wouldn't like to see just that. Maybe some modes like capturing something from overpowered enemies and strategy requires a team to steal it and return to safety while the other team works as a decoy and tries to survive until the item is stolen successfully. Each should have a leader character to make it that if he falls in battle then that team is eliminated for good. This could add to the strategy.

It could work as a competitive mode too. Team A will have to steal this item from Team B and Team B gets help from NPCs.

I can think of more stuff but I written a lot already, lol. Share your ideas.

2That game you want... Empty Re: That game you want... on Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:30 pm


I agree with pretty much everything you said. More co-op options are fun (But seriously, please, don't make the game online only.)

Another thing I like to see in games (PC games, really) is an editor. Something that let's you tinker with the game to make something of your own.

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It's called, "I like Toast."

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