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Fire Emblem: Realm of Flame

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1 Fire Emblem: Realm of Flame on Sat May 07, 2011 12:18 pm

Mercenary Lord


This is a game that I have been developing storyline and mechanic ideas for almost a year. What I have so far:
Game takes place on a brand new continent.

Features a new type of setup screen: THE SQUAD BUILDER SCREEN! (Or team builder, or force builder, still havent decided.)
This screen is one of the things that makes this game unique.

It contains: (And each will be covered in detail later)
mission hub page
unit recruitment page
unit modifier page
armory page
shop page
forge page
travel page (Maybe)
unit equip page
Support page
save page
scout page

Thats probably it.

NOTE: Page stands for something you can open.

So, now to explain them.

Mission Hub:
This is an important page. It's where all of the missions appear, are accepted or refused, and different storylines take place. The choices for selections are; update missions(computer will randomly add new missions to a "waiting list", and when you push this button, they'll appear on the select mission tab), select mission, and cancel mission. Normal missions would have be white, storyline missions would glow green.

Unit Recruitment:
This is where you can recruit most of the 100-125 characters that are recruitable. About 20-30 or so would be recruited through alignment choices, houses, missions, and other normal FE recruitment methods. The rest would be hired by paying gold, items, or any of the other things I can think of. they might refuse to be recruited if you have a conflicting alignment, not high enough level, etc.
It would be a scrolling list with their name, a picture of them, their class and level, and, depending on whether space allows, their base stats.

Unit Modifier:
This is the page where you can modify your units, from leveling them up with bonus experience, to raising their chance of them gaining a certain stat by varying amounts.
2 ways of bonus exp:
1. Gold: This is slightly complicated. Tier 0 classes will receive 1 xp point for each 10 Gold portion spent. That means that 100 gold gives you 10 xp points. Tier 1 and 2 units are divided. Level 1-10 of Tier 1 take 15 G per xp point, and Tier 1 levels 11-20 take 20 G per point. Tier 2 units, from levels 1-10, take 25 G per point, and levels 11-20 take 25 G per point. (If tier threes are included, levels 1-10 take 30 per point, and levels 11-20 take 35 points.)
~Thanks to Darkblade for his "Gold Levels" system.

2. You can also earn bonus xp naturally during missions, then at this page, just select a unit, select this option, and pour as much bonus xp as you want/can into a character to level them up.

Oh boy, this is the complicated part.
Ok, say you had a soldier, level 13, with a chance of gaining a strength point of 40%. Now, with this system, you can add the chance of them gaining a point upon leveling up FROM COMBAT! Bonus Exp. only levels up 3 stats, no matter what. Anyway, it works like this; units base level X 1000. That means, using the lv 13 soldier with a 40% str gain, If I paid 13000 Gold, I could change it from 40 to 41, or 45, or whatever makes sense. While it might seem like a lot, it would actually be pretty easy to get the gold, seeing as this game allows you to go on random missions at any time.

Pretty self explanatory, this is where you buy any weapons that your units need, as well as selling any unneeded weapons. Not much to say here, but if you require further explanation, just ask.

Again, Pretty self explanatory, this is where you buy any items or miscellaneous things that you or your units need, as well as selling any unneeded things. Not much to say here either, but again, if you require further explanation, just ask.

This idea has been in the Fire Emblem games since FE 9. Its where you pick a weapon that you have, and you can modify the stats, like its mt, crit, hit, and weight. You can modify each up or down 20 places. So if I had a sword with 8 mt, I could make it 28 mt. The price to move a stat up 1 is 50 G, and it double every place after that. Works with any weapon except for named weapons, I.E. Ragnell.
So, basically, you'd select any weapon you possess from any unit, and the base price for editing would be 0. As you add modifications to an item/weapon, the price would increase according to the Bolded rule above.

Travel (Maybe)
This is an unknown factor. I think it might have something to do with that when you move, since your a group of mercs, you get different missions, and maybe different classes, I.E. Nomads instead of archers at a plains. Or wyverns instead of pegasi at a different place...not sure how this would work. This might even open up the possibilities of many storylines.

Unit Equipment
Simple, this is where you store items in a convoy/storage, and where you use class changing devices, and all that stuff, like the items tab in FE7

This is going to be tough, becasue there'll be 125 some characters with 5-8 supports each, but it will be essentially the same as the support page in all the other FE games.
Alignment may or may not affect a units affinity. Might also affect the Units support convos. (These are both assuming that Alignment is caculated differently for each unit.

Save Page
This is where you can save the game between levels! Rolling Eyes

Pretty cool, this is where, after accepting a mission, if you have a unit equipped with the skill SCOUT, or the unit is on horseback, or of the Archer Tiers, Or of anything else that I might think of, you can send ONE unit on a kind of mini chapter, where the unit can scout the battlefield that you're about to preform a mission on (At night.)
The idea is, if you start from one side of the map, then using FOW, if you make to the other side of the map without spotting an enemy unit, you'll gain all sorts of knowledge about the troop numbers, based on the footprints and stuff you see, and other miscellaneous info, Maybe even how many of what weapon users are in this mission.
These ideas are still in progress.


2 ALIGNMENT!! on Sat May 07, 2011 12:20 pm

Mercenary Lord

This is a style of Alignment that Allows you to change a characters alignment based on what he/she does.
This means that there would be nine alignments for nine types of affinities.
This would be extremely complex, but it would open up brand new possibilities, such as making it possible for two of your favorite characters to have the best support for each other.
Using the Lawful-Chaotic, Good-Evil Alignment System, which conviently has 9 alignment types, This will be very simple to assign things. So:
LG: Heaven (White Circle)
NG: Light
CG: Thunder
LN: Earth
N : Anima
CN: Wind
LE: Fire
NE: Ice
CE: Dark
(Note, these are not the real affinities for each sprite, just the ones in my game

These are what each affinity would give a bonus to:

Heaven: Gives a huge boost to Hit. Nothing else.
Light: The Light affinity grants offensive and defensive bonuses, and it gives a secondary boost to Hit.
Thunder: Gives a boost to defense, evasion, and critical hits
Earth: Gives a high evasion boost, thats all.
Anima: As a neutral thing should dictate, it gives a fair bonus to all 5 types of boosts.
Wind: Gives a bonus to Power, Hit, and Critical
Fire: Gives a slightly above-anima boost to Power, Hit, Critical, and Evasion
Ice: Boosts hit, defense and evasion well.
Dark: Gives a good boost to hit, evade, and critical.

Now, the Alignment of your main character is what would influence the games story, and all your other characters can be any alignment you wish. *Might affect support conversations, unknown*

Throughout the story, there will be random ways to change your alignment, like burning, saving, or stealing from villages(Kloks idea), to letting enemy soldiers escape if they start to flee, instead of killing or capturing them. If they had less than 10% HP left, then you could "rescue" and enemy, effectively capturing him.

This will affect only the character(s) it involves.

For the main character, the alignment your in, primarily good-evil, will affect the storyline, and you change your main characters alignment by choices in the story.

This is a good place for God's alignment idea to be shown.

Almighty Klock(you know who):
Lets say you did something "Evil" in the sense of alignment. Assuming this is the first chapter of the game, it would alter your ingame alignment -1.

However, What if after playing through the evil chapter, you choose a GOOD option? This increases your -1 alignment to 0 alignment. This means the next chapter will be a neutral. If you do another good thing on the next chapter, your alignment becomes +1, and you load a good chapter from the next three possible chapters.

And again, you might go evil after playing the good chapter, so you can see how the storylines might be dramatically different as you play. (Hideously complicated? Yes, but when the kit is released this is MY idea, and I intend to try and make it happen.)

Towards the end of the game, your accumulated alignment points are added up, and decide the final chapter of the game. (Let's not forget that the entire game could be changed chapter by chapter as you play by constantly choosing conflicting alignments, if you're one of those players who just wants to play i however and doesn' give a rat about evil or good.)

Assume your alignment is good. You arrive at the evil bad man ________'s fortress, where you tell him you are tired of him running the nation into the ground, and so a final battle takes place, where once you've won, you eradicate evil and feel all goody goody about yourself.

Assume that your alignment points tell the opposite story. Let's say you chose a mostly evil route, killed villagers, etc etc. At some point in the game you are confronting the King himself, who has also (Conveniently) decided to eradicate evil. At the end of the game you have to fight the kings army instead, and then AFTER that, you fight the evil bad guy, and TAKE HIS PLACE, setting yourself up as the new mercenary commander.

Throughout the game, I would have three possible chapters for every chapter advancement. A good chapter, an evil, and a neutral. Assume you played through the entire game chapter by chapter. The starting chapter, (Let's call it CH. Zero) CH. Zero, is a neutral chapter. There is a village in this chapter, and if you chose the evil option, your alignment is set to -1. When you finish the chapter, the game selects from the next three possible chapters, and loads the evil chapter. Assume you again choose evil, it continues loading only the evil.

Now, I know Klock(again, YKW) said it was his idea, but I hope he won't mind leting me use it in my game.
Its such a good idea!


3 Re: Fire Emblem: Realm of Flame on Sat May 07, 2011 12:53 pm


I'll probably not end up using the alignment system in Shattered Phoenix anyway so IDC.

Even if I do, idc. However nobody is allowed to steal my Thunder Bow or Maelstrom Sword ideas until I've used them in a game.

The Gate Troll would actually go better in Darkblade's game than it would my game.


4 Re: Fire Emblem: Realm of Flame on Sat May 07, 2011 1:22 pm

Mercenary Lord

Ok, cool.


5 SETTING! on Sat May 07, 2011 2:08 pm

Mercenary Lord

Heres my main idea:

The game will take place on a brand new world. The back story idea is this:

The world of Attulion was a prosperous, high-tech world. Everyone was well fed, there was no war, in essence, it was a near-perfect utopia. The alchemists of the planet worked side by side with magic, using it to further the planets power.

Their greatest accomplishment was the creation of the Fire Emblem. This perfect ruby sphere, a foot in radius (2 feet in diameter), had the ability to create fire with not energy, just boom, start a fire.
The wielder could use telepathy to choose what he wanted to light, and it would only start that thing on fire.

The orb also had the ability to speed up or slow down time, and only the holder, or all people up to a 10 mile diameter would be affected, depending on the wielders need. The fusion of all the other five magics imbued the Emblem with Time magic, the most useful of all.

The inhabitants recognized the orbs ability to corrupt, and in response, fused all five types of magic into a human body as well, creating a magical demigod-like creation. This creation was devoid of evil thoughts such as corruption, but it was quite capable of wiping out the entire human race without remorse if it so chose.

However, seeing it was a benevolent creation, the inhabitants felt no fear. They gave the Fire Emblem to this new being, Rivelt, and told it that this orb would allow him and his subjects (since they made him the nations ruler) to thrive even more.
This came to be, and Rivelt used the Fire Emblem only to help improve his peoples lives.

Through the years, no one bothered to question where the orbs power came from. Nobody thought about it, until the truth came crashing down, literally.
Rivelt was a kind ruler. And as he became more and more skilled with the Fire Emblem, He used it more and more.

The Fire Emblem was powered by the magic energy in a distant meteorite, the size of half the Attulion itself. As Rivelt used more and more of the orbs power, the Fire Emblem dragged the meteorite closer and closer to Attulion, until it entered the planets atmosphere.

The massive asteroid struck the capitol city of the nation first, the point crushing directly down onto Rivelt.

The entire world was annihilated, everything wiped of the face of it. The massive asteroid seemed to be all that remained. Except for Rivelt.

As a being of magic, he could not die. (unless he was attacked with all five magics simultaneously. Random information.)

He still clasped the Fire Emblem, and he was able to escape the crushing meteoroid, which poured its power into the ruler of the destroyed nation.

Using all of his power, Rivelt fracture the meteoroid into seven pieces, and the magic of the rock fled out into Rivelt himself, flooding him with strength. Using this power, Rivelt created a tiny tribal village, struggling on one of the meteors fragments, and flooded with human life.

Rivelt's magic left his body then, forming into five orbs, red, gold, blue-green, white, and black, which shot away from him in different directions.

The Fire Emblem lay before the dying Rivelt, and with the last of his strength, he activated it, speeding up time, five hundred years into the future, where the seven tectonic plates of the meteoroid are teeming with life of every kind. The Fire Emblem, touched by Rivelt, shattered into five pieces, and each one attached itself to one of the five magic orbs of Rivelt.

When this happened, time reverted to its original state, leaving a mysterious decomposing body lying on a side street in a small city of the new world, renamed Varius (because of its many different climates that VARY.)

Now, some technical things:

Nearly all of the creatures of the ancient age survived, because for an unknown reason, only the creatures with human like intelligence were destroyed. All other creatures survived, going about their businesses, even plants.
However, many animals died because their some of their food supplies were buried under five-hundred thousand tons of rock.

Many magic weapons and tools survived the apocalypse, and they can be discovered in almost any level.

There are rumors that others survived what was dubbed, 'The Shattering'. These people may or may
not play a part in this game.

The planet is slowly crushing together, as a result of the Fire Emblems pieces wanting to come back together, but being stuck in impossible places, so they are pulling the entire planet together to do so. This means that internal friction is slowly heating up the planet, like 'global warming' does, only this is not fake or a mistake.

The Fire Emblem has developed a will of its own, and each piece has its own consciousness. They have decided to grant whoever restores it the power to do whatever the user wants. This is possible because each piece is attached to the manifestation of a type of magic, meaning that the person who reunites the pieces will gain control of the Fire Emblem, and complete control over all five types of magic.

The main conflict will be a military officers of Raltiar, the "noblest" of the nations, being corrupted by the Orbs innocent and generous offer of power, after finding the Piece connected to the Dark magic orb. He Raltiar, and uses the Piece's power to corrupt thousands of soldiers to fight under his command, to find the rest of the Fire Emblem Pieces, each one commonly just refereed to as a Piece.
Name is unknown.

Varius has eight different kingdoms:

Raltiar: The most noble of the nations, Raltiar is the name that conjures up images of knights, paladins, order, law, and goodness. Ironically, it is also where the main antagonist comes from.
Nationality: Raltian

Hxun-yi: The 'oriental' nation of the game, where many amazing sword-fighters and bowmen come from. A very neutral nation, rarely fights with others. (may have 'ninja' and 'samurai' classes '3')
Nationality: Hxuain

Maijon: The most religious, they are the champions of Varius's religions and produce more powerful light magic users. They almost always fight for the side of good.
Nationality: Maijonar

Eblest: The aerial masters of the planet, they have the best pegasi and wyvern forces known in history, are aggressive raiders that sometimes forge alliances with Therintor. Although they have good hearts, they are simply militarian, so they have to raid to have enough food to survive. When cities of any nation need a powerful military for battle, and the nation can't provide, Eblestians are hired to fight for them. They are extremely loyal to their patrons.
Nationality: Eblestian

Therintor: The raiders of the planet, Therintorites are pirates, brigands, fighters, pretty much any unit with a big axe. They raid for life, to survive, for fun, they just like to raid, Unlike Eblest, who must. If you like berserkers, this is where most of them are.
Nationality: Therintorites

Nalytin: The most mysterious nation, they speak with an unknown accent and are masters of magic of any kind, but the niceties of light magic make lightmasters rare. They hardly ever ally themselves with anyone, but they do recognize the importance of working together.
Nationality: Nalytian

Geris: The secluded nation, they live on an island protected by storms almost twenty-four seven, and they back up their defenses with an almost perfect phalanx strategy. Their military is mostly lance wielders.
Nationality: Gerar

That wraps up another two parts of Fire Emblem: Realm of Flame.

I'm slowing down, so what would you people like to hear about next?

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