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Statistics: And rules.

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1Statistics: And rules. Empty Statistics: And rules. on Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:43 pm


Down at the bottom of the forum, there's a handy little thing you can click called "Statistics" which leads to this page.

Statistics: And rules. Cy7U
I'll be discussing this section here for now.

So let us examine our posting patterns since this forum first opened up. As you can see, we have a very steady 300-600 average varying based on school months and etc. The two important months though are August and November. In august we hit what appears to be our most number of posts in a single month, 700+. (More on that in a minute) And in November we hit a staggeringly low 194 posts for the entire month.

But let's take a look at this section here a bit more closely.

Statistics: And rules. Cyai
This is the last 5 months (We're only 5 days into January so that doesn't count, but more on that in a bit) of our posting habits, and it paints a clear tale. Firstly, you see a steady and sharp drop from August to November, then a sudden spike - nearly double the posts from November in December!

But take a good long look at January. Think about that for a second. 195 posts. We are only 5 days into january and we already have more posts than the whole of november. Do you know what that means? We're 4 times more active than SoS was during November, and 50 times more active than Yeti's forum was. In addition, if that posting trend held up for the rest of the month, we would have 6X as many as shown. That's almost 1,200 posts in a single month, shattering the previous record by 500 fucking points!

Now I personally know that of the December posts, more than 200 of those were in the last week of the month, meaning that if not for that last week, our current trend would have dipped our posting numbers even lower than previously thought!

Therefore, this all leads up to the inevitable point: My changes to the forum are a huge success, and activity is sky high through the roof, so no bitching about how the forum looks. When we're beating out SoS in activity (Hell, SoS combined with the IS forums!) we can't complain about being slow.

However, this garbage spam just has to stop. Of course it's no secret that I'm pointing the finger at ML, but I mean also myself and everyone else. Think about what you've contributed to the forum in the last 2 months. Other than single or double sentence posts, have you posted anything interesting recently? A piece of writing, something arty that's interesting in itself, maybe contributed to a cool project that would pique everyone's interest but you haven't posted here?

I personally have done a lot for the forum in the last month. Think about how many posts I've made that weren't terrible, that contributed to the community. How many thought provoking (Or just WoT posts if you wanna get technical) posts with lots of content have I posted? I like to use this ratio - 1:5. For every 5 garbage posts I make, I try to make 1 really good post that puts some effort into it.

NO, not just a bunch of words just to fill up space! Something that's interesting to read that doesn't suck! See this post here? This post contributes to the community! It tells people that I think of everyone else and hey, wanna hear something interesting about us?

Now then, another thing. If you're not a mod, don't fucking backseat mod. Yes ML, I'm looking at you, and anyone else who does it. Lemme tell you what that is:
-Correcting other people's grammar in a dickish way.
-Telling the mods how to do their jobs. I think 4 admins, all 19+ and one competant mod can handle anything on this tiny forum. We don't need you telling us to "lock this topic". I USED to not want to lock any topics at all, but from now on I'm gonna get a bit stingier with it. If a topic starts up as garbage, lock. If a topic starts smart and goes to garbage, lock. The exception is if I delete posts to clean it up. Point being, we know how to do our jobs, I've just tried to keep this forum casual and I can't do it anymore with people suddenly getting uptight and getting pushy with other people.

PLUS, since the Terra incident, I'm a lot less likely to appreciate fully crap topics. I'm tired of reading emote heavy posts and for that reason alone I was very glad he's gone.

Point being: Let's stop being a spammy shit forum and be a better forum. Trolling is fine, if done tastefully and actually funny, but spammy trolling won't be accepted. If you can't even make it worth reading, don't post it.

Unless your name is yoshi because he's exempted from all rules
I said nothing.


2Statistics: And rules. Empty Re: Statistics: And rules. on Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:27 am


of course yoshi is. he rules.

but I'm quite surprised about how high our post count has been. however, stricter rules on spam will likely lead to a decrease in the number of posts. bad for post count, good for getting rid of clutter, so w/e.

though, yeah, I think it's time for a lot of us to grow up. myself included. you may want to make sure Paran sees this topic as well. he may not post entirely spam, but a good portion of what he does is. also, why not just disable most of the emote buttons? most are pointless, and very few people use them anyway.

3Statistics: And rules. Empty Re: Statistics: And rules. on Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:43 pm


I can't disable emotes, and everyone types them out anyway. It's not emotes that are bad, but people like Terra used posts comprised almost entirely of owo .__. ;w; and etc. It was annoying as hell. Just as I don't have to read through a post like...

";w; the new forum looks soooo bad .__. you thought this was a gud idear?????? omg fail :X"

Then I won't really be bugged by it.


4Statistics: And rules. Empty Re: Statistics: And rules. on Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:00 pm

Mercenary Lord

Mercenary Lord
I understand completely.

I'm truly sorry I was such a dick. I'm gonna be super productive from now on.
And I WILL stop spamming so much. It's annoying me too.

I DO like the new color scheme. It's still dark, but it seems a bit more 'energetically' so, if that makes any sense.


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