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How to share maps with FEXP

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1How to share maps with FEXP Empty How to share maps with FEXP on Tue Sep 13, 2011 2:35 am


Hey guys, Klok here with another genius tutorial for FEXP: Sharing maps. (Somewhat genius anyway, it works the same way it always has in RM)

Let me tell you, there are some huge things that make FEXP better than romhacking in many ways, but probably the biggest is making maps, and sharing them, along with any events on them. With ROMhacking, you gotta make a map in mappy, tell the person the size of the map, then they have to insert it, then add offsets to their rom, and GOD FORBID there's some horrible mapping error you don't find until later.

With FEXP, the process is so simple it's worth a facepalm.

Step 1. Make a map. (WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS ONE OF THOSE "SHITTY" FEPS MAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!)
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Okay so here we have a map. What now? You can either put events on it or whatever you want (Making it ideal for a forum game where everyone makes their own individual chapter, hint hint.) then you need to copy the map.

Now you have two options. If you have two FEXP games on your PC and you just want to copy one of the maps from one of those projects to the other one, easy peasy. If you want to send a map to someone else over the net, also easy, but just a little less.

Step 2. Find your map number in the editor. Right click on the map name in the column on the left, and go to map properties.
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This brings up the above window. See this?
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In the top left of the window you see ID: 015. That's your map ID number. If this is being sent to someone else on the net, you need to go into the folder where maps are stored. That's Project_Name/Data/Map015.rxdata (Or whatever your map ID number is)

Copy that file and send it to someone. Congrats, you've sent a map.

BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!! THERE'S MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now we go to the person recieving the map file. How do you put it in your game? Simple. Download the map file, and place it in the Data folder. If there's a map in that folder already, WARNING! You will overwrite and replace that map, so rename the downloaded file temporarily.

Go into FEXP, and look at your maps on the left column again.
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The folder at the top probably has your game title as the folder name. Right click on it, and make a new map. Using the steps mentioned earlier to find the map id, save your game (So the new mapfile is written to the hard drive) go into the data folder, DELETE the newly created map, and rename your downloaded map file to the deleted file's filename.

To elaborate, I make a new map and its' number is ID: 023 for example. I go into the data folder, delete the 023 mapfile, and rename my Map015.rxdata to Map023.rxdata.

Congrats, you have just learned how to transfer maps. But wait, remember that easier method I mentioned earlier?

Go into FEXP, right click on the map you want to transfer, and click Copy. Go into your other FEXP project, and on the big folder name at the top, click Paste. You don't need to remember map ID's or anything. This is great for if, say, Yeti releases a FEXP update and you want to transfer your maps to the newer version of the editor.

Also, if the other person happens to have moved tilesets around or anything like that, you will either have a blank map or a weirdly distorted one. If this happens, be sure and select the appropriate tileset by right clicking on the map in the left column, and going to map properties, then changing the tileset as needed.

Happy game making! Questions are welcomed.


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