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TRTR - Jorin, the protective cavalier

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1 TRTR - Jorin, the protective cavalier on Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:28 am



Age: 19

Jorin is a cavalier from Etruria (In game he'll either be a sword knight or
lance knight, haven't decided).
He joined the army in hopes of earning fame and recognition. Unfortunately, the army wasn't
what he thought it would be. Grueling training sessions and harsh commanders caused
Jorin to desert the army.

He and Silvia (A cleric also from Etruria) left the country in search of a different life
and new beginnings. At least that's what they about their journey. In reality they're running
away from their responsibilities in the army and church, respectively.

Jorin is very protective of Silvia and often becomes aggressive with anyone who he sees
as a threat to Silvia. Aside from that, Jorin is a fairly relaxed person with a bit of
a serious streak (Yay contradictions).

And uh, that's it for now. I may add more to this character but for now: meh.

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