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TRTR - Vex, the mercenary commander

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1 TRTR - Vex, the mercenary commander on Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:41 pm



Age: 21

The central character. A mercenary commander who once served in Bern's military. His father, a distinguished officer, pushed Vex to join the military in hopes of carrying on the family tradition. Vex was 16 when he joined.

Bern is a very military-minded country. It's difficult to gain any amount of respect without joining the military, or helping it in some way (like being an armorer). This type of thinking pushes most youth to join in hopes of obtaining fame or, in Vex's case, carrying on a long time family tradition.

However, Vex never wanted to be a soldier growing up and after 2 years as a common footman, he'd had enough and received a formal discharge from Bern's military. However, leaving the military for any reason other than injury or retirement is seen as shameful in Bern and as a result Vex was treated as a pariah. Not even his family could look at him without shame in their eyes and as a result, Vex left Bern entirely.

After wandering about for a few months he met Buck and the two became friends and decided to become mercenaries (See Buck's bio for further details about their meeting).

Having been a soldier and subsequent outcast, Vex is a rather serious individual who strives to do the best job he can as a mercenary. However, behind the somewhat cold exterior, Vex genuinely cares about his friends and co-workers. He tries to be friendly to people that are friendly themselves while taking up a very professional, non-emotional attitude when faced with a less than friendly person. If faced with a rather cruel individual, or a criminal, Vex has been known to have anger issues. This anger stems from his time as a soldier and seeing just how far some people will go in the name of greed (Think general bandit raping and pillaging).

In the back of his mind, Vex regrets letting his father down by leaving the military. However, at the same time he is resentful for how he was treated after his discharge. This causes him to be very cautious around any military officers he encounters in his travels.

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