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Using GBAGE to rip map sprites

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1Using GBAGE to rip map sprites Empty Using GBAGE to rip map sprites on Fri Aug 19, 2011 2:47 am


So there's a specific map sprite from one of the GBA games you want but Google and FEP
aren't helping. Luckily, the tool known as GBAGE exists that can rip map sprites (And other images)
for you. This tutorial is going to show you an easy way to get map sprites using GBAGE.

You'll need:

1) A ROM (One for each GBA FE, if you need all 3)

2) GBAGE, getting it here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=26913

Just scroll down til you find GBA Graphics Editor

Alright, so you open GBAGE and pick the ROM you want to work with. In this tutorial
I'm going to work with FE7.

When you first open the ROM you'll see this:

Using GBAGE to rip map sprites Fhkjf

And you'll probably go O_o

No worries. First go to window and open both the image control and palette control

Using GBAGE to rip map sprites OndX4

Now, see in the image control window that there's a field labeled "Image" and that
it has arrows going up and down?

In there go to image 621. You'll probably see a long line of garbage. This
is where the width and height fields come into play. Set the width of the
image to 2

Using GBAGE to rip map sprites GIZ5z

But the sprite is still colored oddly right?
This is where the palette control window comes into play.

In the ROM Palette offset field type in 194594 and hit enter

You should get this:

Using GBAGE to rip map sprites JtnvF

Bingo! A sprite with proper coloring. If you wanted to rip the Eliwood Lord standing
sprite (pictured) you'd go to "Save as Bitmap" and save it.

But let's try out a different map sprite. Let's go to image 685.

Now you probably noticed the image lost it's coloring again. That's the one
inconvenience of GBAGE, you'll need to type in the palette offset again (or copy/pasta).

Anyway, type in the palette and you'll see:

Using GBAGE to rip map sprites XXWVn

Brammimond. YESZ. Scroll through the images some more and check out the other sprites.
Sometimes the width might need to be adjusted but that's easy.

But that's just simple standing sprites, let's find the moving sprites. Got to
image 709 and type in the proper palette. You'll also need to set the width to 4
and the height to 64.

Here we have Eliwood Lord's moving sprites. Keep cycling through to see the other classes.
At image 773 we have:

Using GBAGE to rip map sprites WvwFw

Brammimond's moving sprites. You can save those if you want or find the sprite you want
and save that instead. Note that the standing (Focused) frames are here as well.

One last thing. In the palette control window there's a field labeled Palette Index.
If you're at the proper palette offset you can cycle through the different indexes
to see the enemy palette, NPC palette, and more.

Using GBAGE to rip map sprites KHfVy

Enemy Brammimond FFFFFFFFFF-

The indexes are in this order:

0) Ally
1) Enemy
2) NPC
3) Greyed Out
4) Player 4 (Link Arena)
5) Garbage
6) Flashback
7-15) Garbage

And that's all there is to ripping map sprites with GBAGE!

Here's the quick n' dirty info for each GBAFE

Palette: 100968
Standing Sprites: 353
Moving Sprites: 424

Palette: 194594
Standing Sprites: 621
Moving Sprites: 709

Palette: 59EE20
Standing Sprites: 48
Moving Sprites: 156

If you're interested in fiddling with GBAGE some more here's my FE7 and FE8 image notes:



Standing Map Sprites start at 621
Moving Map Sprites start at 709
Palette Offset: 194594

Battle Animations start at 1745

Weapon Icon Related:
FE7 Weapon Icon Graphics (Uncompressed): Offset C5EA4
FE7 Weapon Icon Palette: Offset CBEA4

FE7 Weapon Icon Graphics Pointers at Offsets: 4E20 and 4EF4

Other Images (Credit to Blazer)
800 - Levelup
802 - Numbers
805+ - Map Effects, Staff Anims?
825 - "To Be Continued"
826 - "Game Over"
835 - Statsheet Related Stuff
836 - " "
839 - Arrows
846 - Chapter Title Bar? (Menu?)
847 - Chapter Title Bar (When Starting Capter)
848 - "Game Over" again
849 - Letters
854 - "Help"
855 - Misc. Graphics
857 - Arena Menu Stuff?
860 - Weapon Type Icons
861-862 - ^Same, but scrunched up and split apart
865 - Another background
866 - Vertical Arrow in statsheet (not sure)
867 - Above, but horizontal
868 - More Text
874 - Star
879 - Main Menu Graphics
880 - ^Same
883 - Sound Room Graphics
884 - Mode Select Stuff
898 - "Personal Information" Scroll
900 - Main Menu BG, Statsheet BG
904 - Class Roll Primary Weapons Graphics
906 - Another Text Font
907 - Another Text Font
(CGs between here)
1099 - "Fin" Text
1100 - Player Ranking Text
1101+ - Credits
1135 - Intro Text
1153 - 2003 Nintendo Presents///Palette:5ECDF4
1154 - Various Weapons that circle around in opening
1156+ - Water Droplet Animation
1187+ - Opening "CG" Backgrounds (broken up into many pieces...)
1273+ - Misc. Opening Effects (I'm guessing, anyway)
1368 - "Fire Emblem" Shadow
1370 - Sword, "Fire Emblem", "Press Start", and Copyright Graphics
1371+ - More
Misc. Effects? Thunder sparks are here...
1376+ - Beginning of Portraits/Chibis.

Arena Dialog Background:
Image Data at 0x3EFA3C
Image #797 in GBAGE, data is LZ77 compressed
TSA at 0x3F2618, uncompressed
Palette at 0x3F2ACC, uncompressed

Battle Preps/Miscellaneous Background:
Image at 0x407440
Image #865
Palette at 0x40D130

Menu & Statsheet Background:
Image #900
Palette at 0x41E2D8
Palette when at Save Menu: 403A08

Start at around image 922, first broken up into 240x16 pieces, then total CGs, TSA and battle
palettes can be found at CG table, please see CG editor or other doc for more information.

Opening Text
Starts around image #1135 offset 0x5E9D4C

Fire Emblem Shadow
Image #1368 0x66AB48

Title Screen Background:
Image #1369 0x66AF8C palette at 0x66AF6C
Armads at 0x66F294 Image #1370
"Fire Emblem", Shadow, Sword, misc.
stuff at Image 1371 offset 0x66FD80
^Palette at 66FCE0 (note: multiple palettes for different parts, change the palette index appropriately)
TSA- Offset 0x66EDC0

66F274 Armads Palette
66F294 Armads Graphics
66FB1C Armads TSA


Stat Screen
Image: 1398
Offset: A06460

Palette offset: A064C0 (4 Indices used, though overwriting
with one 16 color palette 4 times works fine.)

Weapon Icons:
FE8 Weapon Icon Palette: 5996F4
FE8 Weapon Icon Graphics (Uncompressed): 5926F4
Graphics end 5996F4

23+ - Map Tilesets
48+ - Standing Map Sprites
156+ - Moving Map Sprites
263 - Various Symbols (Poison, Berserk, etc. as well as weapon triangle arrows)
266 - "Wings" (Menu related?)
267-269 - Player/Enemy/Other Phase
272-273 - Gas Traps?
289 - Link Arena Text
307 - FE6 Box art (Why?)
320 - No Damage/Miss letters (In Battle)
324 - Level Up Letters (In Battle)
354+ - Projectile Weapon graphics
366+ - Spell Graphics
854 - Draco Zombie Entrance (I think, it's TSA)
1044-1045 - Demon King (Floating Head)
1059+ - Generic Enemy Cards and Demon King
1116+ - Chibis (? Chibis for a few images)
1201 - Backgrounds (Cut up)
1252 - Tower/Ruins Text
1258 - No Damage text (Again?)
1259 - Level Up text (Again?)
1263 - Numbers
1265 - Map Sprite Item effects
1278+ - More spell graphics
1385 - Statscreen text
1396 - Movement arrow
1398 - Statscreen
1400 - Configuration Text
1401 - Configuration Symbols
1404 - Menu Graphics (I think?)
1406 - Game Over
1407+ - Chapter Number Images
1472 - More Statscreen text
1473 - More numbers
1476 - Weapon level icons
1477-1478 - Weapon level icons (Smaller and cut up)
1479 - Misc. Text
1489 - More Statscreen Text
1499 - Save Screen options text
1500 - Main Menu options text
1501 - Difficulty text
1502-1503 - Japanese Text
1506 - Song room text
1509 - Status Screen text
1512 - Class Roll weapon icons
1517 - Letters
1518+ - Each letter cut up
1584 - Credits
1699+ - World map location icons
1709+ - Highlighted countries
1720 - Skirmish flash
1721 - Prologue opening text
1731+ - Title Screen related
1805+ - Portraits
1984 - Health Warning screen
1990 - Title screen related? (Not sure)
1995 - " "
1996+ - Battle animations
2765+ - Battle platforms

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2Using GBAGE to rip map sprites Empty Re: Using GBAGE to rip map sprites on Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:27 pm

Mercenary Lord

Mercenary Lord
Klok...you wanted to rip stuff. Here.


3Using GBAGE to rip map sprites Empty Re: Using GBAGE to rip map sprites on Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:30 pm


Dude, IRC. Klok was very much aware of this tutorial's making.

4Using GBAGE to rip map sprites Empty Re: Using GBAGE to rip map sprites on Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:53 pm


lmfao liam


5Using GBAGE to rip map sprites Empty Re: Using GBAGE to rip map sprites on Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:57 pm

Mercenary Lord

Mercenary Lord


6Using GBAGE to rip map sprites Empty Re: Using GBAGE to rip map sprites on Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:13 pm


Abit,maybe. I wasn't here. >:

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