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Making events recruitable, and giving items/gold.

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[19:04] megadker: I was wondering if you'd programmed a code into THAT AWESOME GAME ENGINE THINGY yet that changes a unit/actor's team
[19:04] BwdYeti: SHould be is_team(<new team>, true)
[19:04] BwdYeti: OR so
[19:04] megadker: So that in a cutscene or in a mid-map you could have a talk event that allows that unit to become allied/enemy/whatever
[19:04] BwdYeti: $game_map.events[id].is_team(1, true)
[19:05] megadker: Dude you're awesome lol (resend)
[19:05] Meebo Message: Could not IM buddy
[19:05] megadker: I really suck with trying to figure out how to make a script get called on the map man
[19:05] BwdYeti: YUp that should be the right script
[19:05] BwdYeti: THat would switch event id to team 1
[19:05] megadker: It's all basic syntax but I have a barely elementary grasp of it
[19:05] BwdYeti: JUst hard code in the event id there
[19:06] BwdYeti: SO event 20 should join the player, $game_map.events[20].is_team(1, true)

[19:06] megadker: All right woooot
[19:06] BwdYeti: FOr actor you have to figure out which event has that actor
[19:06] BwdYeti: BUt you should be able to get it from the event
[19:06] BwdYeti: UNless the unit doesn't start on the map
[19:06] megadker: I wanted to include that with my next THAT AWESOME GAME ENGINE THINGY release and I';ll give credit for you contributing that since I had no idea what I was doing
[19:07] BwdYeti: :I
[19:07] megadker: And yeah, that should work fine for 99% of the time IMO
[19:07] megadker: Events > Actors usually
[19:07] BwdYeti: BEsides that I already coded it so that's nothing new, I should have some credit all the time anyway because I still made it
[19:08] BwdYeti: OBviously it wouldn't work for
[19:08] BwdYeti: SAy VAida
[19:08] megadker: I give credit to myself pretty much only if I miraculously piece together an event from scratch, and I've only ever done it... twice.
[19:08] BwdYeti: IN 7, when she shows up halfway through the chapter
[19:08] BwdYeti: THen you'd have to iterate through events to figure out which one has her id, or save her event id to a variable when she appears on the map
[19:08] megadker: Yeah
[19:08] megadker: That would be a pain
[19:09] megadker: Reinforcement events would also be a bother I think
[19:09] megadker: Because if you make the unit show up, fly over to the lord, talk, then change teams, how're you going to know what the event ID is?
[19:10] megadker: Oh this reminds me, what about making other things pop up with boxes saying you got items/gold/whatever?
[19:10] BwdYeti: BY saving the value when you create the unit or iterating over events to find it
[19:10] BwdYeti: ie exactly the situation I described with VAida
[19:11] megadker: What if I wanted a unit to show up, fly over to the lord and say "Here's some gold" then make a box appear that says "You got ____ gold!"?
[19:12] BwdYeti: I do not actually know if this would work but
[19:12] BwdYeti: $game_map.gold_gain_calling = true
$game_system.received_gold = 4000
[19:12] megadker: Hmm
[19:12] BwdYeti: TRy it
[19:12] megadker: I might try testing that right now
[19:13] BwdYeti: I don't know if it would properly hold up the map while you gain money
[19:13] BwdYeti: BEcause it might normally rely on visiting/chests for that part
[19:13] BwdYeti: BUt it should at least give you money and a window
[19:13] BwdYeti: ACtually since it's during an event it might still work
[19:14] BwdYeti: IF it doesn't work at first try putting a wait after that script command
[19:14] BwdYeti: BUt try without the wait first
[19:15] megadker: Okay gimme a sec
[19:16] megadker: Lol I just pasted it right into the "Johnny" recruit event
[19:16] megadker: Now to wait for turn 1 start...
[19:16] megadker: Well it definitely needs a wait command
[19:17] BwdYeti: lol
[19:17] BwdYeti: DId it give you money at least
[19:17] megadker: But bamzo it gave 4000 gold!
[19:17] megadker: Just adding a wait till move's completion should work
[19:17] megadker: Wow that is extraordinarily helpful
[19:18] megadker: $game_map.item_gain_calling = true
$game_system.received_gold = [0, 1, -1]
[19:18] megadker: You think that'd work for getting a bronze sword or whatevs?
[19:18] BwdYeti: SHould be received_item
[19:18] BwdYeti: ANd you need the person getting it
[19:19] megadker: Oops haha I should have noticed that
[19:19] BwdYeti: $game_system.item_receiver =
[19:19] BwdYeti: oops
[19:19] BwdYeti:
$game_system.item_receiver =
[19:21] megadker: Okay sweet
[19:21] megadker: Thanks a brazillion lol
[19:21] megadker: So we've tackled items, weapons, gold, and recruitment
[19:22] megadker: ...
[19:22] megadker: That's a good start
[19:22] megadker: XD
[19:22] megadker: I'm releasing the next updates on Tuesday btw, when I finally get my own net at my apartment.


Anyone wanna see if $game_map.events[id].is_team(1, true) is interchangeable with $game_map.actor[id].is_team(1, true) ? If a simple swap of actor and events worked, that'd be awesome Very Happy

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Cant. sorry.



Here's another short chat with Yeti. Could be helpful for other people Very Happy

[18:17] megadker: I have a question: Is it possible to disable the class reel, and replace it with an autoplaying SCENE map?
[18:17] megadker: The kind of map like they have I think in FE6, and FE4
[18:17] Bwd Yeti: YEah probably
[18:17] megadker: Something that would play at a set speed and let you tell a bit of backstory for would be aweeeeesome
[18:18] Bwd Yeti: YOu'd change the $scene = Class_Reel.new call to a $scene = Scene_Map.new, and then set it to load the proper map
[18:18] Bwd Yeti: BAsed on the title code that goes into the main game
[18:18] megadker: That's right in the Title script?
[18:19] megadker: The class reel really isn't gonna work for FEPS and I definitely need to replace it lol
[18:20] megadker: If I could, I'd take a recording of a scene, disable the music and sounds entirely, then have the title screen play while the recording is running
[18:20] megadker: This way it keeps the consistency of the title screen music and still gives you backstory
[18:21] megadker: On the other hand, I might go the FE7 route and have CG images with a text overlay spelling out the backstory too, it all depends


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