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Some SotV Storyline...

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1 Some SotV Storyline... on Thu May 05, 2011 11:33 pm


Princess Niko Kirutia is the main lord of the first chapter, and unlike all cannon Fire Emblem games is a magic wielder, specifically, she's meant to be a (Edit) special kind of lord with a Monk sprite base. Recently I added in the sprites for her to use staves, which will come in handy, a LOT. That dude better than Klok has recently revamped my original reference pic.

^ This is her new picture.

^Staff animation. <3
Makaro (My story adviser) and I usually develop story as we go, but I'll post what I've got so far.

Niko is a princess of Ikarah, the continent that SOV takes place on. However, the invasion of the Kurs, foreigners who are dependent on mass-scale domination through warfare for survival, forced her to retreat into hiding. At the beginning of the prologue, she lives in a castle her grandfather once owned before the war. She finds Atiua (A very major character) stranded upon a beach one day, which marks the beginning of the prologue.

Prologue: Invasion

Upon that same day, when she leaves her castle to explain to Atiua the war upon Ikarah, the Kurs, and how her younger brother and sister were kidnapped by them, Felix, one of her guardsmen, rushes out to inform her that the Kurs have occupied her castle and that he was the only one who managed to escape. Shortly after this, Kakao, a Kur commander, charges out of the castle with a few soldiers. It's at this time that you take control of Niko, Atiua, and Felix to reclaim the gate to her castle. But at that moment, the quest to reclaim has only begun.

Insert prologue battle...

After such, Niko's determination seems to be higher, and she charges inside. Felix is dumbstruck at Niko's burning hatred, and at the same time, Atiua is appalled at the actions of the Kurs, so she summons her pet Cerberus, whose nickname is Cerby, to help her in eradicating the Kurs. Of course, at seeing a three-headed hell hound appear, Felix immediately freaks out with "WH-WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!"

Of course, Atiua attempts to calm Felix down by telling him that Cerby doesn't bite, but when he comes closer to say hi, Felix screams to get it away. Cerby crawls back to Atiua with his tail between his legs, and Atiua immediately bursts out calling Felix a jerk because he made her "poor little puppy" cry.

End Prologue.

Chapter 1: Quest to Reclaim

Felix rushes in, catching up with Niko. He asks her one last time if she thinks it's really a good idea, but she brushes him off, telling him not to question her actions, telling him that the Kurs will suffer at her hand.

The screen then moves over to a jail cell, where the sniper (May demote) Alia is trapped. She musses about her predicament a bit, but then, from nowhere, a thief runs out, running up to Alia. He tells her that he can get her out, but instead of immediately going with the idea, she jumps from surprise and asks him who he is and how he got inside. (Thief magic? XD) He calls himself a "small-time thief" (You might remember another FE char saying such, but his/her name doesn't come to mind to me immediately... Lolz.) and tells Alia that his name is Leymore. (I hijacked that name from a certain popular MMO.... Google it and you'll find out. xD)

Alia regrets working with a thief, but she's so sick of being trapped and eager for revenge against the Kurs that she agrees. Leymore runs over to the door and breaks the lock, and Alia is rather impressed, having never seen a lock being picked/destroyed before with masterful skills like those Leymore possesses. ...Of course, he didn't come just to break Alia out.

After he cracks the lock, he walks out of the room and talks to himself a little, saying how there must be a whole lot of good stuff here, but the Kurs are guarding it. Alia runs up to him telling him that he can't just steal from Niko's castle, but Leymore tells her not to be like that. He then notices her bow that she hid, (She has a Killer bow in one of the many chests in this chapter, and if you manage to get them all, by the time chapter 2 rolls around, you'll have enough money to support you for quite a while.) telling him that she's an archer/sniper. He asks her if she could help him take out the Kurs. Alia says the smart thing, "I guess I do owe you."

A soldier runs up to Niko from a short mission to investigate the area with news. After receiving the command to tell her, the soldier begins explaining the situation. The soldier tells Niko that the enemy seem to be taking firm posts, not even moving from their position when he came close to them. (This makes the chapter ridiculously easy, since only two units actually move. xDD) The soldier then explains that every door in the castle has been locked, even the emergency funds room. Niko says "This is bad... If only Felix knew how to pick locks." and he responds with "Don't taunt me." (Bit of an inside joke, you'll only get it if you read Felix's small char info back story.)

Thankfully, the soldier gives Niko a door key, which you can use on the door to the throne room or any other room. Although, the others don't hold anything important other than chests, and since Leymore WILL use his lockpick here at one point or another, you may as well have him pick his way out rather than wasting the key on that door.

Atiua and Cerby rush in from another entrance, Atiua telling Cerby that they'll teach the Kurs not to mess with a Demon Summoner and her friends. Cerby agrees, and the battle begins. (planning to have a talk option with Niko and Alia/Leymore.)

Insert Chapter 1 battle...
(Since Atiua is so slow movement-wise, one idea to get her to move farther and faster is to have Cerby rescue her. I mean, isn't that half of what he's there for? Also, one thing I find funny about the battle quotes I put here, is that if you happen to fight Mecirus (Boss) with Cerby, he'll freak out. XD)

After the battle, Niko tells everyone to get some rest. Leymore asks where he should sleep, but Niko tells him he can sleep anywhere he pleases that's not occupied, as most of the people who once lived in her castle were taken captive or killed.


DarkHaze makes a short entrance, saying that the group has absolutely no idea what they're getting into, then vanishes...

End Chapter 1.

I'll update this as I go and write/review my story.

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Hardly a wall of text, and just remember to seperate every 3-4 sentences into a new paragraph.


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Updated with Chapter 1 Information.

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Wow it's actually interesting, once I sit down to read the whole thing. Still a bit small and not too comprehensive, but this IS only the first couple of chapters.


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